Alter are releasing a set of 10 keychains, of the School Rumble season 2 characters in September. This is interesting because being all compulsively obsessed about School Rumble, I will buy the whole set. But these are like, worthless keychains that you can’t use since they’ll get all black and dirty. I have like.. 30 keychains of various anime lying around, they can’t even be displayed nicely.

Anyway, it’s 400 yen each. Click on the picture and the one on the bottom right is the actual size.

Well, I like most of the characters featured save for Mikoto, who’s too much like my own sister. Btw Happy Birthday sis.

Everyone should get at least one of these.

11 Responses to “Figure(sortof) News: School Rumble Keychains!”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki

    It’s missing a Yakumo Meido mode, Eri tsundere mode and DUWA! Tenma mode.

  2. 2 T_T|||

    Shit. I haven’t even bought the Pani Poni Dash mascots…. So much to buy…

  3. 3 kokanaden

    jiahan, when are you going to intro your sister to me?

    Don’t worry I won’t tell her about tripeman.

  4. 4 Pip

    Tsubaki: No, what this is really missing is Lala! Perhaps I’m strange, but Lala is my favorite.

  5. 5 Hopeless

    I’m amazed at how minor Sara is in the anime and yet how much prominance she has in merchandise. Perhaps it’s because she looks sort of like Saber.

    I’m starting to like Lala a lot more now, although before I never really liked her. Still, we need some Lala merchandise, and some Ikoto. Lots of Ikoto, in fact.

    If I only end up with one of these, I’d go with uniform Eri.

  6. 6 Randall Fitzgerald

    Haha, I called them trading figures. Ah well, I was in a hurry. They can kiss my ass. :D

  7. 7 Tsubaki

    You’re right. It’s missing a Lala.

  8. 8 helspectre

    are you like siscon. you lucky prick why come your sister so hot one? why issit always you!

  9. 9 tj_han

    Er no I’m not siscon. If you read properly, I said I did not like Mikoto cos she’s too much like my sis. And my sis isn’t that hot, if at all. It’s just the vibe.

  10. 10 puppeteer

    I wanna!I wanna!I wanna!

    Sigh~guess I’ll just have to make a visit to Singapore soon?

    Btw,Eri has two keychains based on her,Yakumo has two,but why does Mikoto has two too?Totally unfair.

  11. 11 Lupus

    Looks okay, but I would prefer some 3D chibi characters. I never like flat keychains for some reason.

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