Before this, let’s look a bit at the old poll, as boring as it was. 50% voted for the burning method. Looks like there is one industry profiteering off the download boom eh? Moving on, we have a new poll.

Which is better for you, asymmetrical objects or symmetrical objects? "Dochira no hou ga sekushii" would mean "Which one is sexier?". I just wanted to use the word "chira" in a sentence lol.

Queen of Asymmetry - LAIN. Ok I just wanted to use her pic. Lain rocks.

Remember that Conan movie where the bad guy was an architect who went around blowing up asymmetrical buildings cos he thought they were defective? Well, he’s an idiot because some people do it their shapes unbalanced. Be it mecha, girls or whatever, the asym and sym test can be applied to see which one you prefer. Take a quick scroll through the following pictures and decide which one you like best.

Asym Chika has a sidetail.

Sym Miu has twintails.

Now which is cuter?
Moving along now, onto Coyote!

Asym June’s side-parted hair.

Sym Jan’s total symmetry.

Who is hotter?

Now we have angels.

Whoever this is, she has an organic side and bionic side. Totally Asym.

Whoever this is, totally Sym.

Which angel wins?
Asym Angel
Sym Angel

And now for everyone’s favourite dolls, the Rozen series.

Asym Suiseiseki, with her red and green eyes.

Sym Shinkuu.

Which doll’s prettier?

Mecha musume time.

Asym planegirl.

Sym plane girl.

Which plane girl rocks more?
Asym Plangirl
Sym Planegirl

Second last question will be Ship girls.

Asym ship girl with cannons on one side?

Or Sym shipgirl with dual turrets?

Which ship girl is the win?
Asym Ship Girl
Sym Ship GIrl

Finally, we have everyone’s favourite (at least in recent times) Gundam.

Asym Sword Strike Gundam.

Totally Sym Freedom Gundam. Sorry Cody for the image theft.

Which Gundam is cooler?
Sword Strike

Ok now tabulate your score and vote on the right!



18 Responses to “Asymmetry or Symmetry? Dochira no Hou ga Sekushii?”  

  1. 1 T_T|||

    I rock. I’m the first voter.

  2. 2 corydorf

    Sym FTW.
    As a sidenote, get more plane and ship girls on here, ASAP!

  3. 3 Zero-Hour

    Symmetry all the way. The only one I didn’t vote symmetry on was for Suiseiseki. DESU!

    And yes, I concur, more plane/ship girls!

  4. 4 tj_han

    For me, it’ll be symmetry when I’m going for neatness but asym when it’s time to be cool. So in general, anime is cool hence it needs asym stuff.

  5. 5 Skane

    B-but form is only one factor in determining what is cool. In your ‘poll’ above, I was more or less 50/50 in my choices because I found other endearing factors besides the form. As an Engineer however, I tend towards more to symmetry because it is ‘neat’. I am not adverse to asymmetry however.


  6. 6 moetics

    Wait sword strike is cooler than Freedom?!?

  7. 7 Boulayman

    Wymetry but a very close call : 4 vs 3. Therefore my vote is hardly representative of any trend. I enjoyed the pictures though. Freedom rocks ! ( The asymetric angel was amazing too :) )

  8. 8 Hopeless

    Asym, by 4:3. Like Skane says, the other aesthetics of the image in question factor in more for me.

  9. 9 wyred

    I voted asymmetry for the first 4 and symmetry for the last 3.

    Seems like for mecha stuff, I prefer symmetry.
    Asymmetry makes women more unique, special, moe!

  10. 10 Tsubaki

    I can’t believe my score tally up to symmetry even though i prefered asymmetry.
    Oh noes, teh pictures are haxed.

    *submit null vote*

  11. 11 Dareus

    Asym but not for much. But it depends too much on the subject of the picture i think…

  12. 12 homeless_homo

    i think mech girls are better when they have sym. they just dont look right when asym…..

    but i think regular characters look more original and standout when they have asym.

  13. 13 Xak

    4v3 for symmetry too…

  14. 14 melange

    The moment you threw Lain into the picture Asymmetry won it for me.

  15. 15 mbacarra

    hmm… interesting blog. first time to drop by. not much of an anime person, but i watch some as well. for the poll, not all applies, but then i’ll choose asym just for the sake of taking sides. hehe.

  16. 16 TAmeka

    nice pictures

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