I Went Out: Maria’s Koubu, Suikoden and other News…

I went out. Lol. It was for a gathering of old classmates, but I headed over to the usual anime stores first.

There was a lot of new stock. Eri, Lain and many others were all proudly displayed. Eri looks EXACTLY like the promo pics and I don’t mean that in a good way. In other words, she looks nothing like either the anime or manga Eri. Lain looks horrible. Man, I can’t believe that is going for over 6000 yen. I’m still getting it for the character though. The Apron vampire from Akuma is getting a lot of attention. I saw 5-6 people buying it or asking about it. One pretty girl even clutched the box and asked to be allowed to open it, "to see what’s under the apron". Good job girl! She was refused though. Peace@pieces’ Hikaru (Shinigami version) was the best looking one of the bunch.

Latendo brought in a new set of the Suikoden trading figures. I have them save for the Suikoden 3 tribal boy and Nash, from almost six months back. The guys at Latendo were nice enough to sell just these two to me. But they couldn’t find the box and option parts, so I hung out at the store while they scoured the whole place for it. While there, I noticed a few interesting points.

The new store at CSC is a wholesaler. They are the ones providing stock for most of the other stores here. And they are severely undercutting the market, resulting in a loss of business for everyone else. Naturally, it’s good for us the consumers.

The new mecha store at Sunshine is quite good. They have ample stock of very old kits. And by old, I mean ranging from the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, to Gundam X, to the non-HGUC Gundam Z and many more. They also have all of the Sakura Taisen Koubu except Sakura’s. These are going for 45% discount. I purchased Maria’s black one for 33 bucks. It was purely an impulse buy and I know I will probably never build it since it’s a very hard kit to paint. Maria’s and Sumire’s are slightly more expensive than the rest. There are some old Gundam kits going at 50% off too. Such as the supposedly rare Heavy Arms and Wing Zero 1/100 kits. While I was there, there was this loser kid who was the brattiest beast ever. He was there with his mum and looking for Gundam Wing and Strike Freedom kits. LOL from this you can telll he’s an idiot but let’s not be too judgemental. Kid was asking about the differences between the HG 1/100 Gundam Wing Zero Custom and MG Gundam Wing KA version. The storekeeper was a temp worker and didn’t know much. Kid was convinced that the 2 kits are more or less the same. That itself isn’t stupid, because for n00bs, this is understandable. It was what happened next that really irked me.

Kid pointed to the box of 1/100 non-grade Strike Freedom and ordered his mum to bring that over. His mum being a bigger n00b couldn’t pick out the right one, and chose Force Impulse instead. The kid just started ranting about how stupid she was, in spite of the fact that she was the one paying. Ok so they had the Gundam WIng Zero Custom, Heavy Arms (also 1/100) and Strike Freedom at the counter. All this while I was queuing behind them to pay for my Maria Koubu. They then start BARGAINING.The two Gundam Wing kits were already at 50% (!!) discount dammit! They cost 20 dollars each!! Others paid 40-50 for them. Yet they weren’t satisfied and wanted the Strike Freedom to be the same price as well. The counter guy gave a 15% discount but they weren’t happy. The mum threatened to go to other stores, saying, "How can you sell it for such a price when others are selling it cheaper?" At this point, the counter guy gave up and just told them that he doesn’t care if she buys it elsewhere. All this while I was still in the queue.

Finally, I couldn’t be bothered to wait (actually I was pleased to have caught this little scene) and cut them off, to pay for my Koubu. Stupid cheapskate Singaporeans.

For those unfamiliar with figure/model stores, they tend to bargain like it’s a night market. It’s retarded to do that even if they do give you a few dollars off. Basically, building a good rapport with the store guys will get you much further in the long run. Also, threatening to buy from other stores is also retarded. Most of these guys know each other and their prices. Finally, try not to go to each store and ask about their prices without buying. It’s far better to pick one store and just frequent it. Repeated asking without buying just pisses people off and they won’t give you the extra "service".

Bought Ouran 6 finally too. So I now have 1-8 and can start reading. The shoujo art style still gives me nightmares though.

As for my class gathering, man… they saw my Maria Koubu and one of them looked at it with disdain and said, "Why do you waste your money on toys? What will your future wife think when she sees your room full of this kid stuff?" to which I replied, "You care about what others think too much. Everyone’s life belongs to themselves and by overly caring about others, you aren’t living yours to the fullest. As long as you are enjoying what you do, it’s meaningful and you don’t have to answer to anyone."

Luckily it wasn’t any girly figurines. I would’ve a bit more work if it was the naked figurine of the Apron vampire. Lol.


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  • Be careful with Nash… mine started leaning forwards as the ankle slowly bent under the upper body’s weight after months of display T__T

  • “You care about what others think too much. Everyone’s life belongs to themselves and by overly caring about others, you aren’t living yours to the fullest. As long as you are enjoying what you do, it’s meaningful and you don’t have to answer to anyone.”

    Very well said. Someone famous (I can’t remember who…) said something similar along the lines of “you’re only truly an adult when you stop worrying about if things are childish.”

  • Luckily it wasn’t any girly figurines. I would’ve a bit more work if it was the naked figurine of the Apron vampire. Lol.

    If I had to attend a gathering like that carrying my Hikaru and Dengeki Moeh, I’ll probably be labeled a pedo. Lol.

    And I cannot believe those fags (mom) have the cheek to bargin with the shopkeepers when there’s already such a huge discount going on there. tsk tsk tsk. Singaporeans.

  • So you’re the one in the cap and bought the Sakura Taisen kit…

  • Suguru: CS Lewis.

  • ?

    That box with the robot in the foreground. Which anime is it from?

    I remember, long ago, seeing a trailer of ‘chibi’ mechas( not really chibi, just short and stout) duking it out in France, but I failed to get the title. Ever since then, I have been trying to find out what anime series it is.


  • It’s from one of the Sakura Taisen shows.

  • Bridge Bunny! Which one were you? The brat or the mom? Haha. Otherwise, possibly someone in the Latendo store?

    Skane: Yeah its Sakura Taisen. Pretty famous game series, with anime, movie and manga spinoffs.

  • Just a curious passerby, no one significant.

  • You are a shopkeeper’s dream customer!

  • singaporeans are all cheapskate and a lot of them take things for granted. when transformers started going cheap for a long time.. when it reverted back to yen price… people were complaining … as if expecting it to be the standrad price.

  • It’s sad that kids nowadays are so spoilt.
    They should be forced to watch Grave of the Fireflies five times.

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