In case everyone here doesn’t know yet, I’m a sucker for Rei. For far too long I have been resisting the urge to pick up all these cheap SEGA 1500 yen reasonably large figures of Rei, citing the excessive commercialisation and milking as plain evil. Silly me. I have sinced embraced this symbiotic relationship - they get money, I get more Rei.

There will be one new Rei (and Asuka the bitch but who cares) figurine by SEGA every month, featuring the silent temptress in an array of costumes ranging from biker to policewoman. I am getting them all, except the Poyon Rock version which looks like monkey balls.

On the left is obviously Kanaria, who looks surprisingly good for a Yujin production. No wonder the out of stock Suiseiseki is going for 200 US$ on the black market. Btw that frame thingy is an actual RUNNER. For the gundam noobs, a runner is a frame on which plastic is injection-molded. So it seems I’ll have to cut it from the runner, trim it a bit and fit it in myself. As Moetron complained, what’s the damn point?

And finally, here’s a picture from my soon to be completed Saya + Hagi figurine review.

It’s very hard to get a shot with both of their faces.

4 Responses to “New Goods: Rei Mermaid Version, SR DX Kanaria and … Surprise.”  

  1. 1 kokanaden

    Rei herself is a fetish.

    Mermaids is also a fetish.

    Add both together, and, and we have a winner: SEGA.

  2. 2 Cyberpukish

    Hey TJ, i am very tempted to get the christmas one with Asuka and Rei in ’santa’ clothing. Do you think it is worth it? i saw it at the new shop at sunshine. As for the Saya Hagi figurine, i am hesistating becos it looks kinda small and i would prefer a full size hagi. well i cant ask for more with that sort of price tag i suppose. Is there any shop that sell Carmen 99 of gunxsword? I amlooking for it. Oh and Burst Angel Meg?

  3. 3 tj_han

    Those two suck right. They may be big and cheap but I don’t like them. New store at sunshine? You must mean Aniplay, which was What!Comics. They seem to also have the Burst Angel Meg you’re looking for.

    Carmen 99 is set for an August release. It is not out yet. Probably all stores will stock it.

  4. 4 Cyberpukish

    Eh.. i thought aniplay is opposite the big comic stall where suzuka is? the so called new store.. might have been an old store which has renovated. Its near the exit. opposite the shop where they sell PS game posters. Sorry i am bad with shop names.

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