Music: GONZO Reunion Compilation Disc 2! Not too Good..

I shall move on to Disc 2 of the GONZO Reunion Compilation Disc. As we have seen, disc 1 wasn’t too good but it had gems like Gatekeepers’ Asu no Egao no Tame ni and Vandread’s Trust and Justice. What about Disc 2?

I’ve only ever seen half of Disc 2′s anime. And for those I’ve seen, the OPs and EDs didn’t particularly strike me as anything special, except for ONE. But nevertheless, on with the review.

1. Haoto by Watanabe Junko – ED of Gatekeepers 21
This was the OP for 2 episodes I think. Then it got switched. As an OP it was horrible, but as an ED, hauntingly bitter-sweet. Much like how GK 21 was dark and painful at first but gained hope and light, this song fits it perfectly with its really eerie start. Some people panned GK21 for not following the style of the original. However, to me, it made the original 200x greater, with the revelation that AEGIS was destroyed and the Invaders turned out to be unstoppable.

2. Ima, Egao ga Areba by Nogawa Sakura – OP of Gatekeepers 21
This is a high-tempo OP in the mold of the originial GK OP. The chorus is pretty catchy too. The animation isn’t as inspiring as the original, but it’s not too bad.

3. Engage by Mitsuba Satoshi – OP of Sentou Yousei Yukikaze
I have only watched the first episode of this -  on hiatus for it’s totally gay main characters. This song is instrumental. The dogfights are very cool though. I saw segments of it on TV and I was so impressed that I just had to get it. Pity my version has horrible encoding and you can’t see much.

4. RTB by Kamayatsu Musshu – ED of Sentou Yousei Yukikaze
Not seen much of this.

5. Nageki no Rosario by JAM Project – OP of Gravion
I like JAM Project. But I have not watched this show. Apparently people have hated it but I don’t trust people. I’ll watch this sometime next year.

6. WISH by Yuria – ED of Gravion
I haven’t watched this. Doesn’t sound beyond average.

7. Mirai no Kioku by Yuria  – OP of Kiddy Grade
Ok I did watch Kiddy Grade. I skipped most of the OPs. I think I didn’t like the OP animation but the song itself isn’t too bad. What made me watch this was the Goto Keiji character designs that I first discovered when the BOME version of Eclaire and Luminere figurines came out. I bought the figurines first, and then watched the show. In truth, the show was pretty bad.

8. Future by Little Viking – ED of Kiddy Grade
I skip this all the time. Not a bad song, but it takes a lot for an ED of a marathoned show to capture any attention.

9. Koi Suru Kimochi by Yato Yuria – OP of Saikano
I only watched one episode of Saikano. Can’t remember if this song was even played. This is another polar reaction show. Some have panned it for the melodrama and "offensive portrayal of war" while on the other hand, there are those who praise it as a tear-jerker.

10. Sayonara by Yato Yuria – ED of Saikano
 No impression of this.

11. Take it Shake it by Sugar – OP1 of Kaleido Star
I need to watch this. My friend has been recommending it fervently but I never got down to getting it. Pretty catchy  OP.

12. Real Identity by Sugar – ED1 of Kaleido Star
This is GONZO’s only 4 season production I think. Real Identity reminds me a bit of the Eureka seveN ED Tip Tap Tips. Not bad at all.

13. Yakusoku no Basho e by Yonekura Chihiro – OP2 of Kaleido Star
Yonekura is a pretty big name for me. She sang a lot of good songs for various anime. This seems to be one of them. Ok I need to watch this series.

14. -Boku wa Koko ni Iru- by Sophia – ED2 of Kaleido Star
Yeah it comes with the dashes. Even though it’s by "Sophia" the vocalist is a male. Probably the name of the band. This song is quite good! Adding it to my mp3 playlist.

15. Cloud Age Symphony by  Okino Shuntarou – OP of LAST EXILE
LE is in caps because it deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Anyway CAS is a love it or hate it song. I don’t like the song on its own but it’s pretty in sync with the OP animation, which is very nice. It scores points for closely tying in with the show as well. CAS is electronic music with a distorted male vocalist.

16. Over the Sky by Hitomi – ED of LAST EXILE
This is the best ED. THE ED ever. There are quite a few variants of this song, the best being the Angel Feather version which has a long instrumental introduction. Over the Sky is used as an insert song quite often in the anime, so this contributes to its greatness. I’m reminded of the 2 days I spent without sleep when I marathoned Last Exile.

17. Boomerang Boogie – Nanpuudo no Ojisan – by PE’Z – OP of Gad Guard
Never watched this series, though I do have it. This song’s a bluesy quick song with lots of trumpets and bass.

18. Song for my Buffalo by PE’Z – ED of Gad Guard
Bass-line heavy piece, instrumental as well. The trumpet is the melody.

So sadly, for Disc 2, I only really know GK21, Kiddy Grade and Last Exile. Looks like for the 2002-2003 period I wasn’t too into anime. I slacked off since it was the O level examinations I think.

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  • Although the plot is pretty much predictable, I still enjoyed Kaleido Star to a great extent. It’s one of the few 4-kur shows that got me addicted and I just couldn’t stop watching on after I have started on it. I would say that it’s one of my 2 favorite shows from Gonzo, the other being Last Exile. (but I must admit that I haven’t been watching that many recent Gonzo series)

    my 2 cents

  • TIKCHAN! What about NHK?

  • While I don’t actually own a copy of GONZO Reunion, Real Identity is the biggest reason why I will very, very soon. It is incredibly a pain in the ass to get a copy of that song since the only CD that has the song AFAIK, a maxi album by “Sugar,” went out of print uber fast. Well, at least when I tried to get a copy anyways.

    And also, I rather like the song with its funky rhymes~

  • “TIKCHAN! What about NHK?”

    I have watched 2 ep of NHK (haven’t got hte time to watch ep 3 yet) and I think it’s pretty good imho. However, I can’t say for the whole series now since I have only watched 2 ep, I have to watch more, maybe at least half to even the whole of the series before I can say whether I will place it along Kaleido Star and Last Exile, but I guess that’s just me and my 2 cents.

    Anyway, I think “13. Yakusoku no Basho e by Yonekura Chihiro – OP2 of Kaleido Star” really suits the theme of Kaleido Star very well.

  • What! No Solty Rei?! That series had one of the better OP and ED songs for last year.

  • It’s too recent. I’ve not covered disc 3 yet though.I haven’t even looked at the contents of disc 3.

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