I was expecting the twin-tailed goddess to be next in line, after Good Smile Company’s successful releases of Tenma and Yakumo and true enough, news of Eri’s figurine surfaced during the Wonderfest period. Now, there are even photos to show!

Click on the pics for a larger version.

To be honest, I’m rather disappointed. Eri is my favourite School Rumble girl and I was really looking forward to getting her. I still will, but this surely could have been done better. My main gripe is the face and hair. It’s neither in the anime nor manga style, but made in a rather generic blond AVG heroine way. Her fringe seems too chunky, it’s supposed to be really fine. The hair colour’s too dark as well.

That said, I like her pose very much. Her trademark twin tails, along with her uniform, is gently tossed to the side by the wind. She’s in the black bikini pose seen in the manga/anime. Eri’s really slim and elegant body is portrayed well here. Knowing GSC, the finished product will be a high quality one. So c’mon all SR fans, let’s pre-order!

Here are the vital stats:

Sculptor: 安部匠 (who did the SIF Ex Spike and various Hellsing busts too)

Maker: Good Smile Company

Scale: 1/8

Height: 210 mm (tall, thanks to her hands)

Release date: June 2006

Price: 4200 yen (with tax)

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