The Ignis dilemma strikes again. The previous one was pretty simple with most settling on the more attractive Max Fac version. but now Orchid Seed (it’s sold through Good Smile Company though) is releasing yet another version of the Guardian of Mankind, Ignis. This time, there’s nipples.

Everyone loves nipples. But sometimes, they aren’t appropriate for more formal occasions, perhaps like a party of non-anime fans. The great thing about the OS version is that it comes with an interchangeable chest piece that allows her puppies to be hidden. This means I can purchase this, since the only requirement I have for nude figurines is that they have some sort of cover.

However, I’m not too sure what kind of changeable part it is, as the promo pictures did not show anything besides the titties. One possible issue could be an ill-fitting part compared to Max Fac’s seamless bosom.

Click for a special treat.

The pose for both are different too. While not as dynamic as the Amazonic Alter figurine, the OS one has more emphasis on her katana than the Max Fac version. Ignis is unsheathing the red sword in a very womanly "closed" legged pose. Let’s not talk about Alter’s barbaric pose but Max Fac’s has Ignis open-legged in a more lively open posture. Max Fac has the edge of both dynamicism and classiness compared to OS which has elegance alone.

Max version: Niceeee hair and clothes.

Both figurines are loyal to the design, with more or less the exact same clothes. As stated above,  Maxfac’s has the added windy and swingy effect so her clothes and hair look far more interesting than OS’s. This is probably the biggest factor besides the titties. Maxfac has a huge ahoge that’s really cool too.

OS version: Not too impressive at all from the back, since the beauty lies in what’s up front.

Max is wow from the back as well, look at the better sword.

While the OS version comes with a spare breast set, Maxfac’s comes with an accessory pair of spectacles for the pwnage mature lady look.

Both faces are similar, showing the more happy-womanly side of Ignis. Max’fac’s seems to be a bit chubbier but that’s ok.

Max version is a bit healthier.

The hilt of Maxfac’s katana is silver while OS’s is black.

OS will probably have a normal uniform coloured base, while the Maxfac version is already confirmed to have a mirror base with the emblem. The underwear of the Max version is also a lot more obvious and detailed.

If only everyone had mirror bases. Max version.

Although both are 1/7, the Maxfac’s Ignis stands at 24 cm due to her spread-legged posture while the OS version is 27 cm tall with her straight pose and raised arm.

Another factor we want to look at is the price - OS’s version is 1000 yen cheaper. But Max Fac has a pretty impeccable track record. Since GSC is handling part of the OS one, I don’t expect low quality too. So either way, both will probably rock.

The OS version is set to be released in December this year while the Maxfac one is coming out in August, which leaves us with just a week or so to decide. I will surely not be getting both, so it’s one or the other.

Ok after this post, I have decided to stick with the Max version. Nudity is tempting but it’s the character that counts after all lol.

3 Responses to “Dilemma: Detailed Comparison of the Orchid Seed and Max Fac Ignises”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki

    I didn’t know the maxfac one was coming with a mirror base. omfg. yay.
    thank god i pre-ordered her.

  2. 2 omo

    the only real advantage the OS one has is the pose. maxfac hands down, IMO

  3. 3 muhootsaver

    I say go for max fig. It looks beautiful.

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