Ouran: Who should Haruhi Date?

My vote goes to Kyouya. For him I would turn gay.

But let’s step back and take a more neutral stand. Who should Fujioka Haruhi date, out of all the Ouran High School Host Club members?

We’ll examine the compatibility of the couple.

Tamaki x Haruhi?

The King is a halfie, with French blood. Haruhi is 100% Japanese. With Tamaki’s perfect height and build and Haruhi’s skinny body, it looks pretty strange too. The King is also way too flashy for Haruhi. No go.

Tamaki behaves like an idiot. But sometimes, he does selfless and righteous things that impress Haruhi. Tamaki is also a lot like Haruhi’s dad. We all know the girls love men that are like their fathers.

Tamaki fawns over Haruhi a lot. Haruhi doesn’t really think highly of his over-protectiveness. She does see that he’s kind and selfless at times. He always tries very hard to help her but half the time he just pisses her off. But I don’t see much romance occuring ever, between these two.

The Beach, when Tamaki scolded her for being all gung-ho and she later jumped into his arms to avoid the thunder. But later he does some SM on her unwittingly, destroying any good impression she gained of her.

Tamaki plays the piano and does rich men things. Haruhi doesn’t.

Being the son of Ouran’s director, Tamaki is pretty rich and powerful. While he doesn’t flaunt it as much as Kyouya, he still lives lavishly. Tamaki does show that he’s very friendly and approachable too, hanging out with his maids like they’re friends.

Hikaru x Haruhi?

Hikaru is taller than Haruhi yet the height gap is still reasonable. His mum’s a designer so naturally he dresses well. Much better than Haruhi too. Guys that dress more flashily than their girls? A turnoff I would say.

Possessive and jealous, Hikaru pisses off Haruhi often, especially in ep 16. He also loves pranks and tortures Haruhi everyday. Much like a primary school kid unable to show his affection for the girl he likes and then resorting to silly tricks. The most self-centred member of the host club too.

They do go on a date, and it turned out pretty well. Haruhi knows about his imperfections and changes him for the better, successfully. He also offers her security when she needed it.

The most significant would be the date and the resulting thunderstorm, where Hikaru hugged Haruhi. Through this incident, Hikaru became less self-centred and Haruhi knows he can be dependable when she needs it.

Headphones FTW!!

Hikaru loves toying with Haruhi. It does get her attention though.

One part of twins, and everyone loves twins. Not as rich as Kyouya and Tamaki probably, and what their family has to offer is nice clothes for Haruhi, which she isn’t interested in at all.

Kaoru x Haruhi?

Same as Hikaru, but mirror-imaged.

When not with Hikaru, he’s pretty normal and level-headed. Otherwise, see above.

Gets along better with Haruhi than his brother, but it’s more of a friendship than romance. Because he is gay. Gays do not date girls. The End.

Can’t remember any but he does arrange for a date rather easily and naturally with Haruhi.

Loving his brother.

Same as Hikaru.

Honey x Haruhi?

One’s a shouta, the other’s a boyish girl. Shoutas are for viewing and gushing at, not for relationships.

Artificially adorable. He actually goes to great lengths to increase his cuteness. Sticks to Mori a lot and generally acts like a clueless good-natured kid.

None. Haruhi doesn’t think much of cuteness.

None in particular, but generally, Haruhi treats Honey-sempai kindly like a sibling.

Haruhi’ll mostly give in to Honey-sempai’s requests.

King of Martial Arts. It’s more disturbing than reassuring for Haruhi though.

His family is like some legendary fighting clan and is not as rich as the other host club members.

Mori x Haruhi?

It’s no secret that Haruhi finds Mori attractive, since he’s the one true man of the group. With his muscular hot bod, silent but stoic actions, he oozes dependability.

Impossibly loyal to Honey, Mori disregards his own safety to protect his master. Mori doesn’t participate in the Haruhi-pranks at all too. In fact, he doesn’t really care about anything other than Honey. But he doesn’t spoil Honey as well, preferring to take a more balanced attitude for Honey’s own good.

Haruhi obviously admires his dedication and the security he offers. Mori’s like a safe haven where she can avoid the silly behaviour of the other host club members.Both aren’t talkers so they get along fine even if there’s nothing to say. Haruhi’s one weakness besides thunder is her lack of physical strength and Mori provides it for her, making her feel secure. But he really doesn’t think of her much, focusing on Honey alone. Haruhi never did get much attention as a child and this led to her becoming a very independant and strong girl. However, deep down, she’s still very happy when people care and caring for someone is Mori’s best skill.
When Honey got lost in the theme park, Mori went all worried. Haruhi likes to observe people and see beyond their exteriors and this was one good opportunity she used to know Mori better. When she got hurt, Mori also took perfect care of her and even protected Haruhi from the armed guards. Handsomely I might add.


Honey and Kendo.

Being a vassal family of Honey’s, he is probably the least rich of the Host club members. Fitting with his kendo interest, Mori seems to be the most down-to-earth member of the club as well. Such a lack of interest in luxuries could make him stand out from the rest of the guys.

Kyouya x Haruhi?

Devilishly handsome, he’s the true bad boy of the group. His wicked stares and fake smiles frighten Haruhi. Tall and slenderly muscular.

The only person that can stand up to Haruhi intellectually. He plans everything and he does only most self-serving things. A control freak who gathers as much information and material as possible, for creating more fiendish schemes or blackmail. Deep down, he does has some kindness and righteousness too.

Surprisingly, he’s gone alot further than Tamaki. He takes the manly, in-control role in the relationship with Haruhi and this isn’t something that she’s used to. She also thinks he has no interest romantically in her, which is a plus because when girls think that way, they get more interested. Both being very smart, they can read alot more into situations where others can’t and so this gives them common ground for conversation. When they talk, it’s more like a fencing duel, where one side attacks and the other defends and then switches over. Such always leads to love!

At the beach house, Kyouya pushes Haruhi over and threatens to rape her. While Haruhi sees through his true objectives – to teach her about her naviety when facing difficult situations, Kyouya scores manly points for his incisive and selflessless. As Haruhi said, he’s a nice guy cos he actually doesn’t mind if he’s thought of as a bad person, as long as good comes out from the situation.

Conversations with Kyouya prove to be exciting for Haruhi

The good ol’s push never fails to inject passion too

More significant is when Kyouya, without his wallet and phone, meets Haruhi at a shopping mall. They go on a sort of date, with plenty of conversation. Here, you can see the typical shoujo plot – a domineering manly cool guy and a plain girl, with the plain girl being all afraid and pressured by the cool guy. Haruhi sees through Kyouya’s facade of evil and tells him that he’s actually just like Tamaki. She also gets to hear some of his backstory.


3rd son of the uber financial group Ootori, which does everything from hospitals to theme parks, he has immense pressure to perform better than his two brothers. He’s rich and uses it to his advantage, not for physical enjoyment but to further his motives.

Having seen all the guys (except Arai.. who cares), I feel Kyouya should be the most compatible, followed by Mori. If only Honey would die, then Mori x Haruhi would work. Btw I’m starting a "Become Kyouya in 5 months" project. I’ll post about it next time.


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  • Fujioka Haruhi x Suzumiya Haruhi les-fest!

    The reasoning is that SOS-dan has
    * busty moe loli Mikuru
    * quiey Rei-type Yuki
    * mysterious transfer student Itsuki

    So the next logical choice is…..
    Androgynous student! Like Fujioka Haruhi!

  • I support KyouyaxHaruhi, but ironically, in ep 17 they cut out every little indication for the pairing that was present in the manga (not that I mind, my inner fujoshi enjoyed the episode very much). I also think they’re the most compatible with each other, but alas, the anime pretty much killed all possibilities of it ever occurring by removing the “avenge Haruhi’s honor” and “don’t think I like you” scenes from ep 17, and I don’t think it will happen in the manga.

    Ah well. If Haruhi ends up with anyone, it’ll be Tamaki, both in manga and in anime… at least I think it was obvious even at the start and has been hinted at heavily ever since. (I don’t mind, though, they’re cute together. I’d enjoy a KyouyaxHaruhixTamaki threesome, tough. :D )

  • Neohybrid_kai

    my vote goes to Hikaru, ouran eps 16 is the best episode so far for me. I think Hikaru is like a tsundere type for bishounen (I like that kind of chemistry) ^^ not to mention that he looks so cool on the scene when he’s standing in the rain under the tree with his headphone.

  • Kyouya? No way. He’s in love with money. And that’s all he does care for. As long as there’s a hint of money involve, he’ll be there to help. He’s much cooler as a lone wolf than someone attached.

    I still prefer Tamaki XX Haruhi, despite Tamaki constantly screwing up whenever he has the chance.

  • Kyouya is my favourite character in Ouran, but… I support Tamaki&Haruhi.

  • Tsubaki: I dont think Kyouya works for money. In fact, I think money is of no concern to him at all. Watch episode 17 first. Anyway, I’m reading the manga as well.

  • >Tsubaki
    You haven’t seen ep 17 yet, have you. :)

  • Heh….TamakiXXHaruhi is the best. Dude height is not the prob man!You see…..haruhi and kyouya is like both is noncare much type of person…if both go together…..like no love exist in between of them….One side of it need to be happy go lucky type..

  • I dunno. I get sexual predator vibes from Kyoya. Maybe not as many as I get from say, Kururu, but he still creeps me out.

  • Kyouga and Tamaki are enough to turn me gay. I’d vote Tamaki because he is the obvious choice and seems the direction the series is heading even if the manga gives more development to the relationship between Haruhi and other characters while leaving Tamaki in a more comedic role. Kyouga is my personal favourite, firstly because I’ve been compared to him twice and secondly because, his taste in clothes aside, he’s just cool. The scenes about him, such as the whole chapter covered in ep. 17, generally progress his character and relationship with Haruhi more than those about other characters, and show more of his character. That said, I like all other members of the Host Club too, and I think Mori would make a good match for Haruhi, as would Kaoru.

    I’ve read that Kyouga was a last minute addition to the cast, and thank Urd for that.

  • I think Haruhi should date Renge.

  • I’ve never seen Ouran, but the idea of MorixHaruhi sounds like they’re the couple I’d support. :(

    • nah, Mori only really cares about Honey :P
      well, not totally, but, Haruhi doesnt really see him like a “buff/hot character” anyway :x
      you should watch it, though :D its a good one

  • My choice is KyouaxHaruhi, but both the canon is obviously pro-TamakixHaruhi, so my natural choice is a KyouyaxTamakixHaruhi OT3… Although above all, I guess I’d prefer it if Haruhi wouldn’t choose anyone at all, or someone completely unexpected, like… Renge!

  • I’d have to say my first choice is Hikaru, followed closely by Kyouya. Both are uber cool and the possibilities are pretty high. Hikaru, after all, needs someone to help him mature (besides his brother) and its pretty much one of the top hinted pairings so far. Kyouya, though manipulative, is at least intellectual and has a nice side to him as well. However, even if he paired with Haruhi, it wouldnt be very possible, since he’s very loyal to Tamaki anyway. (not to mention i gave up on kaoruxharuhi because even if there were any hinting between him and haruhi, he’d prolly give in to his brother.. i think.)

    still, you cant ignore the fact that every single damn evidence in the series points to TamakixHaruhi..
    me? i think hes a nice guy but mostly acts plain gay XD hehe.

    the rest.. meh. not much possibilities, but mori is smexy and hunny is so kawaii.

    heh..good luck on becoming Kyouya! >

  • All the characters are so likeable, I find myself torn about that topic most of the time. i would have to say i support Tamaki. I love the thought of Mori and Haruhi together, but Mori’s always with Hunny and he rarely ever talks–I don’t know how a strong relationship could ever develop? And plus he has the baggage…Hunny and Mori are always together, how can you get between that..same with Hikaru and Kaoru–unless they start to grow into being more individualistic…which might be a possibility since seeing episode 16.

    Tamaki seems to be really good with girls…getting 70% of the clients…but it’s really endearing how he always fawns over Haruhi, and bungles things up when it comes to her. Also, even though he may act like an idiot, I find his innocence very sweet. PLUS, judging from that Haruhi in Wonderland episode, it seems that Haruhi might want to follow in the footsteps of her mother and become a lawyer (just my guess)…AND Tamaki acts just like Haruhi’s father…so it could be one of those “full circle” sort of things…

    but then that might just be too predictable, ahh i don’t know it’s killing me (in a very good way)…i really want to know.

  • Although I support Tamaki and Haruhi the most, the show is relatively new…so more development and new twists can always change the outcome. But the creators of the anime seem pretty competent, so, I’m sure that I’ll be happy whoever Haruhi ends up with.

  • The only real options are Kyouya, Tamaki or Hikaru, for the reason you listed. Honey isn’t the type Haruhi would be attracted to and Mori is overly loyal to Honey and not interested in girls. Is Kaoru really gay? I haven’t been reading the manga.

    Out of K, T or H, I think K would be the best. T is too stupid, and while H provides limitless threesome oppurtunities, Kyouya is just a more dependable person.

  • galen (a different one)

    Well, if you read the last chapter of vol 8 of the manga, Honey mostly sums up the competition to that point. =P

    Although i’m a MorixHaruhi fan, it seems pretty certain it’s never going to happen. Well, at least the field (in the manga) has been narrowed down to 4…

  • I have the manga but have yet to read it. I dont feel like ruining my anime experience, that’s why.

  • I think I like the HaruhixHikaru coupling best. I don’t know why, but I’m just not into the KyouyaxHaruhi coupling. I think that Kyouya is to preocupied with money and trying to stay at the level of his two older brothers to have time to care about a relationship or anything like that. I think Hikaru would be able to have the best time with her and have that bestfriend/boyfriend kind of relationship with her. Those are always the best. The other only coupling that would work for me would be with koaru because I refuse to believe HE IS GAY!!!! The TamakixHaruhi one is to cliche fo rme and he tries way to hard to be taken seriously.

  • HitachiinLoverGirl

    Even though absolutley LOVE Hikaru and Kaoru, I thin Haruhi would have the most sucsessful date with Kyouya. I wouldn’t say Tamaki becuz he’s an idiot, not Mori be cause he’s too busy focusing on Honey, not honey because Haruhi and honey are like siblings,and not the twins because they’re busy focusing on each other.even though Kyouya attempted to rape haruhi, it makes him him. and it gave a rush to the show.

  • I agree with you, Kyouya and Haruhi are the most likely pair to get together, and maybe even to last, mainly because of the reasons you stated above (and not just because I’m a Kyouya fan and I’m biased). Tamaki is just too foolish fo Haruhi to take seriously most of the time, and it seems as if their relationship wouldn’t survive outside of a high school environment. Second most likely candidate I’d say is Hikaru, but I don’t think he can come to have a relationship that even rivals that of which he has with Kaoru. BTW, I dont’ believe Kaoru is gay, but at the moment I don’t think he has any romantic feelings for Haruhi, especially since he obviously knows that his brother does. I think that as Kaoru and Hikaru gain more independence from each other, and Kaoru comes to know Haruhi away from Hikaru, some romantic feelings might develop. Mori is too involved with Honey, and there’s obviously no romantic chemsitry between Honey and Haruhi.

    Some people seem to think Kyouya is only calculating and sneaky, but to me he’s just hyper-aware of his surroundings and the people around him. Take a look at volume 7 chapter 1 (it’s not as apparent in episode 17 of the anime I think). That’s what Kyouya and Haruhi have in common, and they’re both driven and serious people who can put up a lot with the somewhat ridiculous behavior of their friends. I also think the Kyouya and Haruhi relationship is the only one that can be passionate in any way, because with any of the other characters it’d just be sweet or goofy.

  • I forgot to add this, but Kyouya is only doing things the way he is because he finds it amusing and fun – he’d never do anything that’d actually hurt his friends in any way.

    However, with the way the anime has been going, it seems they plan to pair her up with Tamaki, which is far to cliche for me. The manga hints at several relationships, but to me, it’s the type of manga where no one will end up with anyone.

  • !!!!HaruhixHikaru!!!!

  • BrokenDeathAngel

    Despite the cliche-ness of it all, I’d have to say Tamaki x Haruhi. They seem to be hinted more and despite Tamaki’s idiocy, how he helps people without hesitation interests her. Kyouya is too busy trying to keep at the level of his brothers and is keeping profits of the club at a reasonable budget. Hikaru is interested in Haruhi but he probably isn’t used to opening up to other people too much yet. I’ll need to see more character development before I truly judge the couples, but for now, I’d say the verdict is:

    Tamaki x Haruhi.

    Mori-senpai seems to be a good choice for her also but he’s too busy taking care of Hunny and by how he silently rejected that one girl, he’s not going to go into a relationship anytime soon. Hunny has way too much of the adorable factor to be with Haruhi and, they’re like siblings. So it’d be wrong that way O.o’. Kaoru…he doesn’t seem interested in Haruhi that way, since he sees that his brother has feelings for her and if he fell for Haruhi, that would cause complications between the two. So the most possible choice is Tamaki. It could be Kyouya…maybe Hikaru. But Tamaki is the number one choice for her, I’d say.

  • well i think that tamaki and haruhi would make the best couple and kyouya would make a really good friend however i dont think that tamaki is really that stupid i think he just acts it but thats my opinion and by the way kyouya is mine no touchy lol hahahaha anyway :p

  • mori! mori! mori! mori!

  • i know tamakixharuhi is the main couple, but i refuse to think that it will happen,
    i prefer hikaruxharuhi or kyouyaxharuhi instead but i doubt kyouyaxharuhi will happen

  • I think the only logical choice is HaruhixMori.
    He doesn’t freak her out, she takes him seriously,
    and his feelings for her are defnitiely present(though he
    hides them. He’s quiet and maybe a bit shy).
    You can rule everyone else out:
    Tamaki: Of course she doesn’t take him seriously
    in the least.
    Kyouya: Scares Haruhi with his evilness. Besides, I love Kyouya
    most. He needs to be single or I will cry. XD
    Hunny: She doesn’t take him seriously either.
    Hikaru: He’s too stubborn and closed-minded, and I think he scares
    her a bit. Besides, can you even imagine him without Kaoru? O.o
    Kaoru: This is the coupld for which there is the absolute least evidence.
    I guess it COULD happen, if you take Kaoru’s caring personality into
    account. Haruhi needs someone to care for her. But like I said, there’s next
    to no evidence of anything developing between these two. And again,
    can you imagine him without Hikaru?

    Sooo… isn’t Mori the only logical choice? And wouldn’t those two make
    a beyond adorable couple?

    That’s what I think.

  • I like how you took the time to write out the pros and cons of each character and the Kyouya/Haruhi coupling has always been on my mind. The thing is compatability doesn’t always mean love and I think you’ve forgotten to take interest into Haruhi’s personality as well.

    Tamaki: While yes he is loud, obnoxious, and immature you can tell Haruhi finds him extremely amusing or at least intriguing. “Who knows what he’ll do next?” And she’s moved by his compassion to help others (I think so anyway)…as well height has absolutely nothing to do with this as Kyouya is roughly the same height or taller than Tamaki.

    Hitachiin: Aww. Really my favorite coupling: HikaruxHaruhi. Except that’s just on a whim really. Like you mentioned, Haruhi is changing Hikaru and Kaoru is all for that because he knows eventually that their relationship (brotherly not twincest) has to part somewhere. I honestly think Kaoru likes Haruhi too (where in the world does it mention he’s gay? It’s not in the anime anyways) but with his level headed compassion he’s all for making Hikaru happy. Actually…a KaoruxHaruhi coupling doesn’t sound too bad anymore.

    Honey: Nuff said, I don’t believe in their relationship either. It’s more of a sibling cutsy fluff thing.

    Mori: Aww. I would say this is my second favorite coupling, but my hopes were crushed when I found the possibility of a relationship between him and Honey. Not that I mind terribly. Egh…semi so-so. Possible relationship. Will it go far? Not as long as Honey’s around.

    Kyouya: What you say goes, I don’t mind this coupling, save for the “Shadow King” creepy voodoo vibes he gives out.

    And as Haruhi has already proved by just ENTERING Ouran High, money is of no importance. She’s intelligent and coupled with her stubbornness she’s pretty much capable of taking care of herself. Clothing line? Money? Psh.

  • Hiroko Von Weller

    i think that haruhi should date is tamaki cause they are relly fit to be together and if you would look at the opening song closely and examine it the song is saying that tamaki and haruhi are the ones who are going to end up togther

  • Heck. What in the world… if Ouran has a couple with Haruhi, then it must be Tamaki and Haruhi. I just don’t see ANY chemistry between Kyouya or Mori and Haruhi.. what the hell? :s Where did that come from? and Hikaru and Haruhi would just be..what would be right word… wrong. I support Hikaru and Kaoru all the way and Tamaki and Haruhi, so HikaHaru and KyoHaru is a NO NO for me. I agree with Kay. I think Tamaki is the best. What? He may be such an idiot, but he’s a lovable idiot and knows what is best for his host club. Watch more Ouran, people. (And Kaoru being gay.. well, doesn’t it say somewhere in the manga – the character introductions or something – that Kaoru is a “handsome homosexual.” And no, I don’t see any other than sibling-kind of love between Kaoru and Haruhi.) Hmph.

    TamaHaru or nothing. I would agree with either. Ouran is such a good series and it doesn’t need relationships to ruin it. (Like… Fruits Basket.. *coughcough* ugh.) But I wouldn’t scream if Tamaki and Haruhi would became a couple.)

  • Hikaru X Haruhi

    Although she does seem a bit jealous of Tamaki’s “friend” in ep.25, realistically I don’t think she would EVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS date him. His personality clashes too much with hers for them ever to work. I don’t think he’s as stupid as he seems either, but seriously… Just try and picture what Haruhi and Tamaki’s dates would be like, or their household if they married. She’s way too practical for him. The only thing they have in common is the lack of a mother figure, and really Tamaki grew up with his, so there’s still a vast difference. The only reason I could see her ending up with him would be because it’s expected. Although there could be some chemistry between Haruhi and Kyouya (like when he thought it was an “interesting opinion” that she thought he would get nothing from sleeping with her,) they have had very little interaction in both the manga and the anime. Mori is very reliable, but he’s occupied with Honey. He has the least interaction with her of any of the Host members. Honey, of course, has taken on a sort of little brother role, despite the fact that he’s Haruhi’s elder. There is no romantic connection at all. I don’t think Kaoru is gay. It says that the brothers are homo, but obviously Hikaru isn’t, and Kaoru always gets excited when there’s an opportunity to see Haruhi in a more femeinine way (ex. when he freaked out about the pictures of her from middle school being the prize for the “scare Haruhi” contest,) and gets protective of her too (he freaks out with Tamaki and Hikaru about a guy walking in on her while she’s changing. This wasn’t just because it might put her club membership at risk, as Kyouya, Mori, and Honey weren’t worried.) He is almost definately attracted to Haruhi too, but is aware of Hikaru’s feelings, and he feels that Hikaru needs her more. Still, one must keep in mind that she agreed to go on a date with him. That brings us at last to Hikaru. He and Kaoru have WAY more interaction with Haruhi than the others, as they’re class members, and they’re clearly the closest with her. They were the only ones she had listed as Buddies in her cell phone (even though it was theres,) and they always know almost as much about what’s going on with her as Kyuya without having to get outside info. Hikaru obviously cares more for her than Kaoru, but has more trouble showing his affections. However, he and Haruhi seem to talk more than the other members do with her. When the characters split up, it’s always Tamaki and Haruhi or Hikaru and Haruhi. I think Kaoru’s pushing them forward together at the end of the halloween episode was a bit of a foreshadowing. Also, in both manga and anime there are more chapters that follow just the twins with Haruhi than Tamaki with Haruhi, and for reasons already stated, she won’t end up with Kaoru. She seems to have had the biggest impact on Hikaru’s life (although she opened the world more for both of them, Hikaru was the one having the most trouble.) She’s the only one Hikaru really depends on besides Kaoru. Everyone else has someone.

    I could be biased, as Hikaru’s my favorite, but it really comes down to TYamaki and Hikaru, and Tamaki is actually very VERY unlikely. Oh god, that’s really long. SORRY! But if it’s not Hikaru, I may cry. He needs her!

  • Great! Why Kaoru is gay? :P yes… Mori is sooooo manly… *O*

  • I believe that Haruhi would have to be with Tamaki… I believe that they make a good pair, and that to her it likes Tamaki!

    With Honey it does not make a good pair, I believe that he is too much “kawai” for Haruhi. In addition to only they interest the pies him!

    With the twins Hikaru is but a “egoistic love” and an occasional whim that like something serious.

    Kaoru never I have seen sentimental interest him in Haruhi, I believe that only it wants to be its friend.

    Mori… In the sleeve it is suggested like pair, but I continue thinking (yaoi fan) that it would have to be with Honey… In addition, who can leave with which it is all the pending day of a boy?

  • I love the HikaruxHaruhi pairing! Their just so cute together – plus they have some ‘moments’

  • i think it should be hikaruxharuhi its cuter that way! and he got jealous of tamaki before too in the manga.its obvious he liks her.and haruhi’s part i nono but it would be so cute^^.i noe the story line pulls towards the tamaki pairing but….tamaki is so darn ANNOYING!next inline would be kyoya for me.Hes so cool!

  • I so disagree w/sadlilgrl tamaxharuhi is the perfect match. hikaru is just so boring . he’s lik a “everybody is just a toy” faw he make me piss off!!! >:( i hate him so much

  • What Kaoru isn’t gay is he?… did the creators state this anywhere…. ANYWAYS my fav is HikaruXHaruhi^^

  • Although I haven’t seen very much of the series, I would still say that the only obvious pairing I ever see possibly happening in Ouran Host Club is Tamaki/Haruhi.

    Yes, it is a fact that both’s personalities are so dramatically different, but let’s be realistic here: in the anime toonverse, if one shows deep romantic interest in the main character then it is more likely a chance that those two will wind up together. Now, I am not saying that this happens EVERY time, but for the most part, it’s a safe bet I am right.

    Tamaki is not as idiotic as he acts, and there is certainly more beneath his playboy exterior. Just in the second episode alone I caught a glimpse of his selfless nature-he is actually not as narcissitic (sp?) as he appears. Plus, just look at how he constantly is assuring Haruhi he’ll “protect her”. Despite any protests she may have,eventually, reluctantly, she’ll come to realize that relying on herself isn’t always going to get her along in life. If any of you have seen Gravitation, one of the main characters, Eiri Yuki announces on T.V. he does not need love when in fact, later on, when he meets the main character Shuichi, he sees his life is better with it.

    I am not saying that all of you do not have good points. By logic, some of the other “hosts” seem better suited for Haruhi. However, I still say if any couple comes to be, it’s Haruhi and Tamaki.

    (Okay, so I might be a little biased-TAMAKI IS SO HOT!)

  • Karou’s not gay…….trust me on that one lol idk about the pairings it think there is potential in all of them but hunny sorry hunny!! lol but anyways i personally like

    Tamaki and Haruhi-
    They obviously have had their moments and I do think they look wonderful together. I actually think they are progressing more in the manga than they did in the anime. Tamaki is much more than a pretty boy and I think Haruhi likes that about him. The only turn down is the fact that Tamaki won’t confess his love about her to anyone. I think he is actually confused about his realtionship with her. He thinks she is his daughter but yet he still has the urge to kiss her. Tamaki just needs to tell someone his feelings or something because he’s killing me!! He obviously likes her but he’s too dense to say it! This relationship is most promising though I think.

    Hikaru and Haurhi-
    These two would make a very interesting couple. I like the idea of a boy who is all fun and games and is extremely stubborn paired with an obidient (most of the time ;]) smart, and mature girl. It kind of is that unusual love that you look for. If Hikaru would just mature a little and try to understand her more I think it would be very promising. But until then I think Haruhi gets fed up with him every once and a while ^-^’. I hope they progress because I love Hikaru! ^-^ lol

    Kyoya and Haruhi-
    Now this, THIS is a VERY interesting pair. I extremely like this pair but I don’t think that they should end up together. For some reason I almost think it should be some kind of ‘secret’ love between the two of them because I don’t htink the rest of the host memebers can see through Kyoya or Haruhi much. I also believe Haruhi is finding that Kyoya is also a very interesting person and she is always curious to learn more about him.

    it’s beginning to get interesting i’m filled with anxiety over what is happening!!! lets see about the other three:

    Karou and Haruhi-
    Hmmmmm…well I didn’t think much of them to begin with but Hatori now has me convinced she wants them to advance a bit.. I still don’t know about it because there hasn’t been too much progree between them. Who knows I might end up liking this pairing if it happens. This will be interesting to watch.

    Mori and Haruhi-
    Well I find that these two kind of fit together…somewhat. I kind of like how Mori really is the only one is isn’t infatuated with Haruhi (well taht’s a lie Kyoya isn’t infatuated although I do think he is interested). I really do believe he cares for her though. Those moments they do have a very VERY cute and touching. The only thing is he is a little more concerned with protecting Hunny than Haruhi sometimes. I think they might progress more during the manga at least I hope!

    Hunny and Haruhi-
    I don’t think there is going to be much of a realtionship here. I do think Hunny cares and loves Haruhi but not in the same way. I think their realtionship is more sister brother kind of thing. But who knows! It would be funny if Hatori decides to put them together at the end for a twist! lol

    So yup I’m excited to see their progress throughout the manga now! ^0^

  • I… no longer have any opinion on this subject. Or at least, I have no opinion of WHO she should be with, so much as I have an opinion on whether there is a possibility for her to be with aforementioned peeps. Let’s see:

    Hunny: I adore Hunny, really, I do, but no, there’s not a coupling there. Hunny is clearly playing the lovely “looks and acts younger than his years and wisdom really equate” role in this storyline. I do not see that changing… ever. I am pretty certain, though, that he is generally the one MOST aware of where everyone stands. After all, he looks like a child, and people ALWAYS let their guard down around children/childlike people. Not to mention, his awareness has occasionally surfaced in a few of his comments and questions (usually in an address to a single person. I am thinking of three instances. Haruhi, Mori, and Kaoru.)

    Mori: He seems to get almost as much enjoyment out of Haruhi being dressed cutesy as everyone else–in his own taciturn way. Not to mention the Oh-So-Amusing surprise that is Mori when he is drowsy. He honestly cares for her, and in terms of straight-up compatibility, he would be the obvious choice. Haruhi respects him, comes closest to understanding his thoughts (aside from perhaps Hunny?), and seems to find him attractive. However, he is awfully attached to Hunny, and his care for Haruhi may be as much an “older brother” approach as Hunny’s seems to be a “younger brother” approach.

    Kyouya: I could die from the enjoyment of observing Kyouya. Besides the fact that hot guys with brains, guts, and glasses are a major turn-on for me, there has definitely been some chemistry there with Haruhi. There is the beach, as well as the shopping mall. In the manga, both instances positively scream “hot!!,” and although the manga does not confirm it the way the anime does, he seems to know immediately that he is dealing with a female. (Either becauseof his never-ending research or from his strong Sherlock-style observational skills). One anime episode with Hunny’s comments bring to light a strong possibility, but since the manga is the one with the continuing plot, I’d like to know what is said in the manga version of the events *waits patiently for a chance to purchase Ouran 8*

    Tamaki: Ambivalence abounds when it comes to this blondie. I am a living contradiction and find Tamaki every inch as thrilling as I find Kyouya, for completely different reasons. Darker hair usually thrills me, but blond charmers are nice in their own way. Actually, Tamaki has an individual charm (partly relying on his more selfless actions, but not completely) that draws people (fictional and otherwise) to his character, but Hunny explained it best when he mentioned that Tamaki is oblivious when it comes to matters that concern Tamaki. The guy can actually be lightening quick (ironically enough) to deduce the emotional issues another person might be dealing with (WHEN he takes the time to THINK), but more than that can be sympathetic and helpful even before the puzzle-pieces click for him. He and Haruhi have been inundated in sweet moments. And Tamaki CLEARLY likes Haruhi. (clearly, clearly, oh-so-clearly), but as to whether it can grow beyond that depends on both Haruhi’s feelings and on Tamaki’s ability (or lack thereof) to recognize some things about himself.

    Hikaru: Is as attached to his brother (in some ways) as his brother is to him. He seems like he could be the one to let go first–overtly at least–in terms of possibly developing interests that extend outside of his twin-set. Has shown a high level of possessiveness towards Haruhi–though as of episode 16, Kaoru had, for the time being written it off as possessiveness over a friend. (Entirely possible in my opinion) What’s more, in the Halloween episode, Hikaru panics, not knowing where Kaoru is, but Kaoru is–at least– quite a bit more controlled. Hikaru definitely has a thing for Haruhi, and has learned things from her. Not to mention, Haruhi seems to be the only person to REALLY have come inside their circle. (Tamaki has come pretty close, making him one of their favorite toys, and someone they’ll occasionally protect, but not allowing them to completely trust him)

    Kaoru: Here is where my opinion has frequently shifted the most. I agree that Kaoru has frequently done just as much flirting with, freaking over (when she’s cute), and freaking over (when she’s in danger) Haruhi as Tamaki and–more notably–his brother. Although not as overt a show of emotions as Hikaru’s can be–Kaoru’s emotions are clearly pretty… jarringly strong… when it comes to Hikaru and Haruhi, but we usually only get to see these emotions in reference to the two as a possible unit, leaving deep swathes of ambiguity stretched over the situation. If I am not incorrect, it was Kaoru who licked from Haruhi’s face when Hikaru took a bite from near her mouth. (Making his behavior no less intimate than Hikaru’s). He also invited Haruhi to share the bed with both he and his brother (which was an awesome line. I need to write it down somewhere). And of course, he effortlessly asked Haruhi on a date (which she accepted). I wonder, though, whether that was “date” in the “dating” sense of date or date in the “let’s make a date of it” sense. Those lines across languages are not always clear. (Just like “suki” is not always clear as “LIKE” or just “like” in Japanese). Recently Hunny has raised some questions in my mind about it all; Kaoru’s answer to a question left as many new questions open. (Yes… I’m very cliche… so sorry. T_T)

    Well, anyway, even if Kaoru DOES have feelings (which would be, to me, the biggest surprise of all) for Haruhi, he IS the type to try and give something else up for his older brother. (He does it frequently, even with small things) It should be kept in mind, though, that Hikaru’s no moron, and he probably knows Kaoru as well as Kaoru knows him (even though he CAN be insensitive and dense sometimes). And~ he does not always like Kaoru giving up things for him. He’d rather they share. *snickers*

    Overall, I’ve been rather vague (because I’ve read some raws and don’t like to spoil people to death), and have answered no questions (because I’ve far less a solid opinion than anyone else), but I hope my rant doesn’t result in someone dying of boredom… In the end, Haruhi does not currently want to belong to anyone, and has yelled as much at the top of her lungs, which makes her awesome. (But maybe it will turn into a massive orgy ^_^)


  • WAAAAAH. Kyouya-sama wa bishounen desu!!!

    ok ok ok. so. Haruhi x Kyouya is good but there’s just no closure on episode 26! Fans still have to wait for the 2nd season to know who would be Haruhi’s love interest. Apparently, only Hani-senpai is the one who doesn’t have any romantic relationship with Haruhi.

    Heeheee. I think there’s something fishy about kyouya-sama. Me likey.

  • Both Kaoru and Hikaru seem gay if you ask me…But…there does seem to be more chemistry between the two of them. Like…when they were alone at Halloween after they got scared by Tamaki in that ‘The ring’ costume. (forgot the name of that creepy girl…)
    I don’t like the TamakiXHaruhi pairing. When I first started to watch the show, I thought they’d look cute, but Tamaki is really…well…stupid.
    I’d love it if Kaoru and Haruhi would get together because I think Kaoru is just sad :( .
    If there’s going to be a 2nd season I will definatly watch it!
    Can’t wait ^^

  • for some reason i relli lik it if hikaru got haruhi in the end.the pairing is pretty cute.
    tamaki-the whole story seems to lean towards the pairing of him and haruhi since it is obvious he liks her but misreads the emotion as a fatherly love.tamaki is rather silly most of the time but he is cool wen serious.
    hikaru-he is slow in noeing that he liks haruhi too.kaurou was the first to find out and noticed.in the manga hikaru gets jealous over haruhi once.hikaru is very childlike in a way and doesnt noe how to control his feelings or understand them very well.he is possesive towards haruhi.
    kaoru-the manga reveals later on that kaoru does have feelings for haruhi and showed it by giving haruhi the last piece of cookie instead of hikaru.but at the same time he cares for hikaru so he decides he would not tell hikaru about his feelings towards harhi.he is rather mature and controlled compared to hikaru.
    kyoya-he would also be a nice match for haruhi since they are both quite smart.he may be interested in her as the manga hints but not so deep as hikaru’s or tamaki’s yet.he is rather cool and intelligent in manyways.
    mori and hunny- they could like haruhi but mostly the manga hints they are more lik brothers to her only.

  • ColourfulKyouya-SenpaiMaybeNot

    I think Haruhi and Kyouya makes a very good couple then Tamaki and Haruhi or Hikaru and Haruhi because Kyouya, he understands Haruhi and Haruhi can see through Kyouya’s barrier…yeah if you want more proof then read the manga

  • don’t be like that…. Honey-senpai is a great character now why would you wish him to die just for Mori and Haruhi??????

  • to be honest, i think that tamaki haruhi is my fav couple and most likely outcome. i’ve just barely started the anime and have never even seen the manga, but i looked up ouran on wikipedia (a girl’s got to get SOME spoilers). the season(series?) finale said that HARUHI with help from the other Host Club members had to stop a wedding between Tamaki and whats-her-face? considering they mention Haruhi apart from the rest, i think she was leading the whole “stop-the-wedding” thing because of romantic feeling toward Tamaki. heck, that’s what i think, dont listen to me, just a thought xD.

    urs sincerely,

    P.S. who the f*** said kaoru is gay????? o.O

  • Here’s my take on this…

    –Tamaki x Haruhi–
    –Cliche Couple?–

    The most… well, obvious… pairing. Tamaki’s slightly eccentric, a little overly-protective and rather dense. However, he does have his charming, cute, or selfless moments where Haruhi actually acknowledges him. Tamaki can promptly ruin a good moment just for the sake of comic-relief, but he likes Haruhi very much, apparently. Several times, he’s watched out for her and protected her from danger. Still, Haruhi seems to be more annoyed with his attentions half the time than pleased. It does always seem to point to the fact that Tamaki x Haruhi is the most likely, but…eh…they gave too many big hints to make it seem realistic for me.

    –Kyouya x Haruhi–
    –Intellectual Couple–

    Kyouya is a shrewd guy, and knows the value of money. Despite his outer-appearance, he admires Tamaki for his optimism and selflessness. Kyouya doesn’t look like he gets attached to things to easily. Certainly, he’s the type of, “you break it, you buy it” kind of person. He’s the brains behind the club and frequently sells member merchandise to get profit. Haruhi seems to think most of the time that Kyouya’s a bit frightening, but she recognizes his own kindness. Kyouya just isn’t as obvious as Tamaki in that respect. Most likely, Haruhi and Kyouya are the two smartest members of the Host Club, so they can actually have some decent conversations. They had a few moments where a pairing definitely looked possible in the near future. H’es probably one of the most likely to get into the “finals”, so to speak. But can Tamaki and Kyouya really go head-to-head? Over a girl? He doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy…

    –Honey x Haruhi–
    –A Cute, but Completely Impossible Couple–

    Well, this is probably one of the few you can definitely count out. Honey is very attached to Mori, so the possibility of him dragging Mori around to go anywhere with Haruhi would be…um…Besides, Honey is a visually appealing “childish” character. He’s not there for romantic possibilites, no sir. Honey’s love of sweets, bunnies, and flowers makes it impossibly hard to picture him and Haruhi ever being more than just friends.

    –Mori x Haruhi–
    –Quiet Couple–

    This one is interesting pairing. Mori is a pretty silent guy, only talking when necessary, and he’s pretty mono-syllabic most of the time. However, he’s obviously a nice, protecting kind of guy. Even when he knows that Honey can take care of himself, he’s always by his side to help. Mori is completely dependab;e and responsible. At first glance, this couple doesn’t seem so bad, but I think that Mori is kind of too attached to Honey to let anyone else into his life. This was seen in the manga/anime. So, to think of Haruhi and Mori like that is kind of far-fetched. It would look cute, but I doubt it’ll happen.

    –Hikaru x Haruhi–
    –Protective Couple–

    I’m a fan of this pairing, so I may be a little biased. Hehe…
    Hikaru is one of the Hitachiin brothers, and is later distinguished as the more hot-headed one. He loves to play pranks, but dislikes being separated from his twin, even for short periods of time (as seen in the Halloween episode). However, for some reason, it seems easier for me to picture Hikaru letting go of his hold on Kaoru to look after Haruhi. There were instances in the Halloween epsiode and in episode 16 where Hikaru has expreiences with Haruhi. This is definitely a probable pairing, and since Hikaru seems to emotionally need her, I think it would make the most since. However, he can be a bit over-protective and develops fierce jealousy issues sometimes. Hopefully Haruhi is changing him for the better.

    –Kaoru x Haruhi–
    –Understanding Couple–

    Kaoru is one of the twins that’s distinguished as the calmer one (when he’s on his own). He doesn’t like being separated from Hikaru either, but he’s not completely dependant on his brother. Kaoru will play pranks along with his brother, but tends to tone it down a bit more than Hikaru. He also good-naturedly set up a date with Hikaru and Haruhi, proving that loyalty to his brother may be stronger than loyalty to his own feelings. Honey hinted that Kaoru may also have to discover his feelings (as well as Kyouya), but so far, there haven’t been many romantic moments between them. Kaoru may decide to give up on Haruhi because of his brother’s possible relationship with her in the future.

  • HaruhixHikaru all the way. :)
    Tamaki cares for her just like a father – chemistry isn’t really there.
    (and I don’t really like him :P )

  • i so0o0o go for HaruhixKyouya! he is so cute. anyway, i follow it up with Mori than Hikari, than Kaoru. honey’s out of the picture because they seem like brother and sister to me. i hate tamaki. no offence to tamaki lovers. oh yeah! Kaoru isnt gay. it says in the manga that both the twins have a romantic taste for Haruhi but Kaoru backs down for he is scared he might hurt Hikaru’s feelings. Honey is the only one that knows.

  • Definetly TamakixHaruhi. they hav WAY mor of a chance than anyone, cuz Tamaki is so totaly obsessed. And i think Haruhi must hav sum feelings for him, cuz everyone kept sayin she wuz jelous wen she saw Tama-chan and Lady Eclair together. And cmon, even if the chemistry isn’t great, it’s just so ADORABLE how much Tamrua-chan likes Haru-chan and won’t leev her alone… plus tama-chan’s cyoot.

    I wudnt mind KyouyaxHaruhi either, I just can’t see them together. Well, I gess I really can’t see anyone going out with him. Kyou-chan with a girlfrend? Sounds kinda akwerd to me. I’d probly only see that in a crazy OOC fanfic (I write Ouran fanfic too! I write a Kaoru story on Quizilla, tho I’m jus’ startin it. I’m mmmchingawa on quizilla. To get to my fanfic menu (I also wqrite a Gaara fanfic from Naruto) go to quizilla.com/users/mmmchingawa/stuff) But anyway, it’s practical enuff, and it wud be pretty cyoot, but it just isnt as likely as Tamaharu.

    I can picture HikaruxHaruhi too, just as much as KyouyaxHaru. It’d actually werk out pretty well, but I’d still rather hav Tama-chan go outr with her. Tho Tama-chan will be annoyingly protectiv, Hika-chan will be just as bad, plus he has sum teribl jelusy issues. Tama-chan wud get jelus sumtimes, yes, but Hika-chan wud be MUCH werse.

    And we can definetly take out Honey-chan, Mori-chan and Kao-chan. Haru-chan is in no way attracted to Honey-chan. And I doubt Honey-chan really likes her that much either. They are probably fairly good frends, but we can be sure that there won’t be any romance btween them. Tho Haru-chan isnt attracted to Mori-chan, I’m sure she considers him a close frend, even if it doesnt sho in the anime very much. But, Mori-chan may hav sum feelings for Haru-chan, I doubt he’d ever admit it. Yes, Kao-chan is definetly attracted to her, but he isnt the type to take her away from Hika-chan. He likes her, but thinks that Haruhi can change Hikaru to become a better person, and knos about Hika-chan’s feelings for her.

    Kao-chan is NOT GAY! He’s just a mor considerate version of Hika-chan, and they’re bi, if not straight! Notice how they only act really gay when customers are around?

  • Haruhi x Kyon isn’t it obvious?? lol just kidding. Kyouya is really dam cool but I cant imagine him with Haruhi……… He will keep making fun of her being poor unlike Tamaki but Tamaki too father-like….. So maybe Kyon would be OK afterall

  • Tamaki and Haruhi all the way!

  • i want Kyouya and haruhi to go out together cause they are both smart and omg i just think they btoh look good together

  • i say tamaki and haruhi all the way..isn’t it obvious that they’re going to make them get together? i think that haruhi finally finds romantic interest in tamaki, especially at the end

  • tamakiXharuhi 4 eva!!

  • I think it’s pretty obvious, the plot would bring Haruhi and Tamaki together – which is quite sad since i’m a fan of the Hitachiin brothers. But i guess it’s pretty impossible for either of them to end up with Haruhi since, well, this /is/ a shojo manga.. And shojo manga /always/ lead to the main male character and the main female character ending up together..

    Anyway, for the record, Kaoru isnt gay, he likes Haruhi, it’s in the manga, he confessed it to Hunny. It’s just that, being the more considerate twin, he would rather let Hikaru end up with her [ Poor Kaoru ): ].

  • cherrybubblegum

    Though I respect your opinion on all the other characters, blatently calling Kaoru “gay” for one thing is unproven, and is also fairly immature. For starters, he is NOT gay (as Yun has said, he told Hani that he liked Haruhi. Chapter 45 FTW), and even if you don’t read the manga, saying he shows absalutly no feelings for Haruhi is a bit harsh. Minus the events of episode 16, Kaoru has done pretty much the same things as Hikaru towards Haruhi. (actually, if there is one adorable chapter that didn’t make it into the anime, it’s 45. Read it!)

    And as for all the Tamaki and Haruhi shippers, I’ll admit, the anime does seem to definetly lead towards that pairing. However, the manga spreads it out a bit, and makes Tamaki less of a “main character” and more of an equal amongst the other guys.

    And now after I said all that, I’m going to admit that I don’t have a ‘favourite pairing’ and that I was just rambling on :P

    they have very nice chemistry!
    I hate TAMAKI!!!!(he is in the way of Kyo/HAru relationship)
    Always goes after her!(grrrrr)
    I’m acting like Ranka-san(Haruhi’s father) who hates Tamaki)!!!
    I don’t care if the author or the main character is based on getting Tamaki and Haruhi together! I’m totally againts it!!!
    Kyouya’s father rocks!!!at the last episode when Kyouya’s father wants haruhi to make her Kyouya’s bride in the future!
    I hate Tamaki!!!
    I don’t care if everyone here wants him to end up with her! I’m going to kill him!!!(I’ll find a way)
    I like the twins too but….(hikaru)
    It might be possible but no…
    coz of Kaoru!
    What happens to Kaoru when Hikaru ends up with her then?!
    on some way I feel like Kaoru is in the way of their relationship….
    Although he is nice and is so selfless that he is willing to give up his love for haruhi for the sake of his brother….I feel kinda sad for him…..sad for him if he would be alone so it’s better not to end up with Hika and Haru?!
    Mori is just difficult…if haruhi and hi is going to date it’s pretty hard coz of Honny!
    We all know Mori can’t leave Honny behind!!!


    Hikaru can’t leave Kaouru behind!
    Mori can’t leave Honney behind for a relationship!
    Tamaki is ok ti leave behind!
    SO Kyouya wins!

  • I agree with you on the pairings… only, as long as Honey is around, Mori’s not an opition. We all know what to do about that!

    But I can’t see Tamaki and Haruhi getting together. There might be a lot of hints that he likes her beyond what a father would feel… but his daydreams of her are pretty unlike what she’d really be like. The girl he daydreams about isn’t anything like her at all. :/

    And I don’t agree that Kyouya only works for money. He only does things that he or others can benifit from, and emotional benifits count highly!

  • when i started the anime, i like tamaki and haruhi but after watched the date Haruhi/Hikaru…i really love that couple! is the best! The way that Hikaru acted, omg! it was so amazing!!! They are the best couple ever!

  • You know, at the beginning, I supported TamakixHaruhi. But, after seeing all of Tamaki’s daydreams–Haruhi really isn’t anything like that all. What Tamaki wants is the “damsel in distress” cliche of a girl. Haruhi is a strong individual; when Tamaki searched so hard for her weakness, it was only to make himself feel better. Selfish. The fact that she is innocent is probably what made him like her in the first place (coupled with her looks, which is a stupid reason for a romance). And while she may be innocent, she’s not weak–a weak girl being what he wants. TamakixHaruhi is completely improbable.

    Then I considered HikaruxHaruhi, but, really think about it. He’s always felt lonely, trapped in his own small world, and now that Haruhi has breached the walls he put up, he’s mistaking his feelings of friendship for something more. Hikaru doesn’t really love Haruhi. He loves the IDEA of her.

    KyouyaxHaruhi, I think is most likely pairing–for pretty much every reason listed. Plus, Kyouya is incredible. (insert drool here.)

  • well to tell you the truth i like the part that they are pairing together tamaki and haruhi simply because tamaki is caring and we all know that he reaslly likes haruhi and he act’s as if he is willing to give haruhi the world but the only thing i hate about him is wen he sometimes dont make sense(“.)…..
    kyoya(cool type)
    i also like kyoya cause he act’s as a strong and independent person but he need some one who can actually stand up for him like wen haruhi stand up agaist kyoya’s father…he is smart good w/ bussiness and is very good at making decions for the group and beside’s from his lonely backround haruhi can see through kyoya w/c make them an interesting couple

    hmmm hikaru is kind of a child who’s road is sooo narrow
    he is sensitive but cute he can be mean but sweet besides from that he is soooo handsome and the reason that he fell for her is because of she was the only person that can differetiate between him and kaoru so he fell for her bec she can tell that he is a different person she can tell that he could be more than a duo w/ his bro

    mori senpai is also cute and is really good at martial art’s he can protect haruhi and i like that in a guy

    i alweiz thought that honey was like a small older bro

    kaouru is a great bro he let go of haruhi for his bro hikaru

  • I personally think that either Tamaki, Kyouya, or Mori will win her heart.

    1) TAMAKI- sure, he acts like an idiot at times, but he is sweet and selfless at heart. Really, he’s a good guy. The only problem is that he constantly pisses Haruhi off without even trying to.

    This cannon is probably the most likely, since they got the most romantic screen-time in the anime; I need to read more of the manga to see what’s going on in there.

    2) Kyouya- well…its true he comes off as an egoistic, cold-hearted jerk, but inside he’s really a warmer person than you think (see the ‘rape’ threat during the beach episode). He does think of the members of the host club as friends…but a romance with Haruhi? Hmm…again, the anime says Tamaki, and I’m not sure of the manga. He does scare her, though, with his cold smile and threats of debt. ^^;;

    3) Mori- this is personally my favorite couple. Okay, I know he’s pretty much stuck to Hunny, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see Haruhi! For example: remember the physical exam? Mori’s the one who remembers she’s never had otorro, which continues her standing in the club. Secondly, the resort episode, where he carries her so she doesn’t get hurt. And she had a good reaction to when he said her name! Third, if you read the manga, when haruhi is doing something “cute”, like cooking with Renge, Mori is right behind the others, blushing (kawaii!!!). Finally, remember the first episode of the anime? When he lifts her up, STOP THE PICTURE!!! He is BLUSHING!

    For Haruhi’s part, she calls to him for help when Tamaki is threatening to cut off her breath. She also is able to deter that he is punishing himself during the no-sweets-for-hunny episode. She blushes when he picks her up in the resort (“He never said my name before… /////). In any case, they both depend on each other for stability and sanity in the otherwise insane host club.

    4) Hikaru- he obviously has a crush on her, BUT he does tend to annoy her and piss her off along with Kaoru. He IS a lot like a kid, but he has the ability to mature and care for her. They do have some screen time together, but sometimes I wonder if he doesnt’ view her as more of a sister.

    5) Kaoru- it is known he has a crush on her, but he tends to defer to Hikaru. So unless 1) he looks out for himself or 2) hikaru gives up, there’s really not a big chance, at least in my opinion.

    6) Hunny- well. He thinks haruhi is cute, that much is clear, but in my view, he doesn’t have an important person right now, except for mori. And with mori, its more like a brotherhood, or a fellowship. A cannon pairing would have to have some serious changes in the way honey treats her.

  • Mori and Haruhi. The end.

  • I support Kyouya x Haruhi too. But Tamaki will probably get the girl in the end.

  • Ouran Lover: Haruhi X ???


    Very interesting subject.
    Well, I HAVE to throw in my own opinion or I just won’t feel right.

    Honey X Haruhi:
    Well, frankly I think it’s totally out of the question. He’s too childish to really be taken seriously in a relationship with her… Not that that’s a bad thing. He’s so cute! Anyways, Just don’t think so.

    Mori X Haruhi:
    I suppose it is possible, although I think I have to say I just don’t think it’d be a great pairing. Most couples need SOME sort of chemistry, and Mori and Haruhi are just… TOO alike! Both are quiet and usually not even smiling. Not to mention Honey-Sempai; he probably cares too much for him to actually even want any sort of relationship.

    Kaoru X Haruhi:
    Well, I honestly think this would be a sweet couple, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Kaoru is quiet and calm(unless he’s being mischeivious with his brother), but not in the boring sort of way that Mori is. Not to mention very kind, seeing as he set up Haruhi and Hikaru on a date.

    Hikaru X Haruhi:
    This is actually very possible. They went on a date, it went well… BUT- the downside of the him is that he gets jealous so easily. Due to that flaw, he even left Haruhi to have to find somewhere to hide during the storm. That would be a total turn-off from me: in my own opinion at least. Though, he did make up for it by looking for her diligently when Tamaki called him. Still, as possilbe as it is, I’m not much for it.

    Kyouya X Haruhi:
    Hm… I’d have to say this is the most hilarious pairing ever. They are so alike yet different, it sometimes makes me want to laugh whenever I picture them together. Sure, Kyouya is obviously the richest and most powerful of the members, I don’t really think that would be something Haruhi’s attracted to. He can also be soooo evil when it comes to Haruhi’s debt- but I think he’s just trying to keep her closer to the club by adding more to it. Not to mention on the beach episode, some people would see that as a sign for a KyouyaXHaruhi pairing, but frankly I see it more as an “older brother looking out for his sis and brother” sort of thing because, if you noticed, Haruhi said he was taking Tamaki’s side; trying to protect her. Obviously though, Tamaki cared for her in a much different way than a ‘father’ would. So, I must say, this pairing is possible, but most likely they will just end up as good friends.

    Tamaki X Haruhi:
    Ah, my favorite pairing, and what I believe to be the most probable. As to the height matter: What The Heck? I mean, you were saying okay to Mori X Haruhi, and he’s even taller than Tamaki!!! Anyways, although he can be annoying and childish, he’s also sweet and caring. And even though it is true almost every time he tries to ‘help’ Haruhi, it ends up in disaster- no one’s perfect. Besides, his intentions are good and even Haruhi (sometimes) manages to see that. Also, as a TamaXHaru moment, you forgot the episode they were lost in the rose garden maze… thing. Sure it wasn’t an obvious lovey dovey moment, but it seemed like one to me. Also, if you read the manga, it’s even funnier because they are in a very small space. ;D Not to mention he IS a lot like Ranka-san, so frankly the saying “Women marry men who are like their father” MIGHT actually apply here; well, if that ever COULD happen. Even at the end of the manga, it wouldn’t show them getting married: pfft. Sadly. Anyways: I think this is the most likely pairing, and funniest/cutest as well! So, as much as I love my dear Tamaki; I vote for Tamaki X Haruhi as the best suited couple.

    Well- that was fun!!! Thanks for givin’ me something to do!!!

  • OC and Haruhi

    i wouldnt say tamaki and haruhi because it doesnt really look all that good kyouya and hikaru mori would be the bests for haruhi xD

    damnit, they should have him talk more, and they should have a test date or something. D:
    the two need more interaction…
    this pairing will probably never happen, but i support it

  • Confused Little Puppy

    Not to be rude, but what the wolfbane does height, blood type, hiar color, or anything have to do with anything -.- and kaoru is most likely not gay, since in the manga he tells hunny that he loves haruhi. Plus you left out lot of info and added soem false info about the characters to support your favorite pairing (like kaoru). I don’t mind the kyouya haruhi pairing much, but please try and understand haruhi more before you try and have a talk about who she goes best with. *sighs* please let me remind you, I really not meaning to upset anyone, but I am truely confuse to how people go by what they think is the cutest, or what characters they like more, using math for love, or something like that. v.v

    random note: I found this looking for the lyrics to bobobo-bo-bo-bobo openign song on google o.0

  • angry confunsed little monkey

    Im sorry (not really, but sorta!) your OPINION of who is right for haruhi is kinda not go with the facts. i respect opinions and i sorta like kyouyaxharuhi,but hair, blood, or manlyness has nothing to do with love!
    |(time for the facts…and stuff)
    KAORU IS NOT GAY!!!!!!! im sorry, but it isnt true! i get how you can get the impression he is, but he is not gay! HECK! why doesnt haruhi just go off and date one of her fangirls! their both girls, the have boobs (even though haruhis is small) they have certain parts guys dont have!!! So why dont they go out!?!?!? BECAUSE HARUHI DOES NOT LOVE THEM LIKE THAT!!! (not yet atleast, Not sayin shes gay, but she might be!)
    i am restraining (sp?) myself from yelling certain words because im nice like that! (half opinion)Hunny does not go to more lengths to make himslef cute, HE JUST IS SUPER ADORABLE!!! (half opinion) maybe haruhi should go out with herself!!!!!!!!!! SHE HAS WAY MORE IN COMMEN WITH HERSELF THAN ANYONE ELSE!!! AND THAT IS A FACT!!!!!!!! PEOPLE DO DATE THEMSELFS YOU KNOW!!!answer me this! huh? huh? huh? twist this anime into whatever you want, but let me tell you… I DO NOT AGREE!!!!!!!… thank you… goodbye… ( I LOVE CHEESE!!! ) (fact)

  • There’s a change for Kaoru x Haruhi, too. Chapter 52 he kissed her and confessed. But then he backed off for Hikaru. Darn.

  • Kaoru’s NOT gay! I think u might only think that becuz of the twin’s “brotherly act”
    Anyway, I’m most into HikaruXHaruhi =DD
    I guess Kyouya’s ok…but i luv Hikaru the most!! and sorry to tamaki fans..but I dunno about him ..hehe

  • i dun think kyouya really like haruhi really [no offence to kyouya fans x.x]
    well, i prefer tamaki x haruhi
    they can be a sweet couple if they get love each other =)

  • I really like the HikaruxHaruhi cuz I think it balances well and it would really help Hikaru to not be self-centered , cuz haruhi acts calm like Kaoru. But if that dont work then I vote for KaoruxHaruhi.

    Im sorry to Tamaki fans but I dont think he has a chance at all, I mean Haruhi’s dad might not approve.But they might pull through.

  • okok, kyouya and haruhi need to go out at some stage! hes so bad, that shes bound to have something with him! You can tell he likes her *duh* and she probably finds him interesting. (but is unnerved at the shadow king). They need to give it a go!

    tamaki and haruhi, thats just so obvioous sin’t it? he evidently likes her, but like hikaru, wont say. unlike hikaru, he doesnt know. on the episode wen the family setting was taken away he couldnt figure out his feelings. as haruhi finds im a good friend, id say the chances are it’ll develope.. NO!

    Hikaru, i know this sounds horrible, bt to me they’re not meant to be together, they opened up their world because she acts differently. for hikaru he could be mistaking like feelings for something stronger, and acting on them coz its basically the first time thats happened

    Mori! ok, this guy is way too taciturn, and he has hunny around all the time. there could be something, he can protect and care for haruhi, and you cant say she doesnt like him. But unless he developes over the next volumes, i doubt it

    theres also this to consider:
    Tamaki: his grandmother wouldnt let him go out with a nobody*sorry haruhi*. if it went further he could be severly oppressed by his grandma. , and like ME said, Haruhis dad doont like him, but likes all the other host members(but in my view this means he ikes Tamaki more)

    kyouya: he works and works and works and works and you get the picture, but on epi 26 did his father not say he wanted to engage them? scandalous

    Hikaru: the only problem with him is his connection to his bro, in the end, he might not be able to let go after all. and get confused in what he wants

    Mori: Hunny will be an interference in this, always around, they are never far from each other. so from this perspective a nogo

    If you havnt fropped off yet by reading this good for you!


  • oh, i forgot to mention this… but im sorry, that redhaired dude has no chance! hes… so… gay! i know he likes haruhi nd everything but i swear hes gay

  • I love Tamaki and the twins. They are my absolute favorite characters, and they’re the ones who have the biggest chances with Haruhi. But who should she end up with? Hmmm… Well, relationship-wise, I think either one of the twins would be best suited for Haruhi, but it makes me so sad how the other twin would end up alone. So Tamaki is my top choice, though Hikaru and Kaoru are very, very close.
    Hikaru shouldn’t have dyed his hair. That made me think that he and Kaoru were getting farther apart, which sucks. I kind of liked how they were so close (no, I’m not into the whole twincest thing, I just like how they’re so close as brothers). That’s why I want Haruhi to end up with Tamaki, so that the twins aren’t seperated.

  • o yh, i 4gt to mention 2. but kaoru confesses to haruhi, its manga chapter 52 if you wan proof! so sweet!

  • I would go with KaoruxHaruhi XD
    The twinsXHaruhi is the best lol

  • SPOILERS!!…..In the most recent manga chapters it seems that Haruhi is slowly but surely falling for Tamaki.
    Even the twins are noticing it: Hikaru realizes his own feelings basically because he’s constantly jealous of Haruhi’s growing attentions towards Tamaki. And Kaoru (after being unconsciously rejected by her, sigh) tells his brother that he’s in deep trouble, for indeed it seems that she has a soft spot for Tono.
    Maybe I’m personally biased, but unless in the next chapters Bisco-san makes Haruhi develop similar conflicting feelings for another guy the outcome seems pretty obvious to me XD

  • this is a very interesting topic

    although.. juz what the others said, i don’t think haruhi would be the type of girl to think about dating in a romantic sense and even go as far as having a relationship. Notice in episode one that… she mentioned that she’s in Ouran for its quality education to help her in her dreams with the thought of socializing at the very back of her mind..

    ahmm… if you look at the manga in the relationship-wise sense, all of them have equal chances with her…

    in the anime.. there are many hints but contary to what other say that the major is on Tamaki and haruhi…
    tamaki’s inner mind theater portrays haruhi as a weak, blushy and giggly girl.. which evidently she’s not… a strong contradiction to her independent, serious and observant character…

    this may seem biased but kyouya and haruhi pairing have a huge possibility… and come on! kyouya needs her… very obvious that he’s interested in her in some ways – intrigued even… haruhi can see past his facade and was able to see the kindness buried deep within… and Yoshio Ootori (he scares me) actually approve and wants her as a bride for kyouya which is surprising since he just met her on that occassion and had a session of sharp tongues… His opinion of females were one sided as depicted with the way he treated his own daughter, Fuyumi and Haruhi’s character and courage to stand up against him must have shaken his belief and turned into an admiration to a female outside the Ootori family… Kyoya’s reaction to haruhi’s words were priceless! Shock and amazement.. i tell u! As a father, he can see haruhi as someone good for kyoya and can stand up against him and see past his mask….
    hahahaha….. oh yeah! Kyoya is always relaxed around haruhi, can have intelligent conversations with her and seem to display more emotions other than his polite host smile…!!! waaahhh!!!! please dun blame me for fangirling!!!! but i can just see them together in the future!!!! Kinda remind me of Fruits Basket, you know… I actually though that the calm, composed and princelike Yuki Sohma will end with tohru but it’s actually the dark Kyo Sohma.. i hope that K AND H will go!!!! bwaahahaha..

    ahmm…. next to kyouya would be hikaru and kaoru… i can see potential for this.. hehe.. i actually dun mind HikaruXHaruhiXKaoru relationship however not in the sexual way…. both of them need haruhi…. it’s obvious

    Mori? ahmm… in the artificial resort episode.. i rememeber a blushing and a lil bit haruhi when he carried her and called her name… well… i’m not really against this.. has potential… and those people who said that honey has to die for this pairing to happen are harsh! Mori just needs to learn that he can’t live forever under his cousin’s shadow and discover his own individuality.. Mori and Honey’s closeness are somewhat similar to the twins

    Honey and haruhi? cute pairing… i like to see it happen.. hehe… i mean… Honey can still grow up! he can’t be that short forever… he’s mature and childlike… adorable i must say…

    haahha.. well.. that’s my opinion (although biased)

    hehehe… but u know what? i actually dun mind haruhi having all of them.. she’ll be like their own little princess!!!

    ahhahahha… i’m evil

  • I think the only possible combination is HaruhixHikaru!!! I think they are adorable together. Tamaki? Definately not. I cant stand him. He acts way too much like Haruhi’s father and and.. just no. I cant remember what episode it was (16 maybe?) but it was the one when Hikaru went on a date with Haruhi and there was the thunderstorm. I though that was the cutest ep ever. like. i know Hikaru is self centered and the bond between him and Kaoru is tight so if hikaru ever left it would cause Kaoru to be lonely. BUT isn’t that what these anime things do? they shouldnt be so predictable. like Haruhi ending up with Tamaki. Like has anyone seen or read fruits basket? FRUITS BASKET SPOILER: Like in the beginning you would think Tohru would definately end up with Yuki but through a series of complications she ends up with Kyo. WHICH WAS THE BEST DAMN ENDING EVER!!!! *sobs. Anyway haruhi cant end up with Kaoru cause apparently hes gay..? SO THE PERFECT ENDING IS DEFINATELY HIKARU!!!

  • Go and read chapter 55 of the manga to see who she’ll end up with….fandom preferences are cute but they shouldn’t be mistaken for CANON.

    And please, stop assuming that Kaoru is gay…

  • I think it’s a tough one, because I’m a supporter of both Haruhi and Tamaki, but also Haruhi and Hikaru. But in the end I think I’ll have to vote for HaruTama… Or well….. I don’t knoooow~! >___

  • EDIT:
    I think it’s a tough one, because I’m a supporter of both Haruhi and Tamaki, but also Haruhi and Hikaru. But in the end I think I’ll have to vote for HaruTama… Or well…. I don’t knoooow~!
    I can’t imagine neither Mori or Hunny together with Haruhi. Maybe Kyouya, but I don’t really like the idea of those two as a couple. I like the fact that Karou confessed to Haruhi, although I’m happy it didn’t go any further.

    Hikaru and Haruhi are adorable together no doubt about it. And the ep. where they go on a date is just the cutest! But I feel bad for Tamaki at some point…

    HaruTama or HaruHika!? (*3*)

  • I’d love her with ANY of them (except mori and hunn)! What I really want is alternate endings to the series that puts her with each one in turn. yeah. that would be awesome.

  • I’m all for kyoyaxharuhi and hikaruxharuhi (whichever one will do). I dont’ really like tamaki. First of all, he acts like a father figure and that doesn’t seem like chemistry. Second, he is wise in more ways than one, but he’s practically a walking cliche- handsome, egotistic and idiotic. Third, he is most likely to go with her and I almost never support obvious stuff like that (I like my surprises). With bias, basically I don’t like him and I think he’s overrated, but I’m kind of like that with all anime.

    Again, with bias, I like smart, bad boys. Mori is hot, but too quiet and there was no sign of any relationship in the anime. Kyoya may like money, but if you remember all the episodes he is with haruhi, it shows that he is a really thoughtful guy. And he’s hot. Same thing with Hikaru.Basically, I kind of like the possessive-over-something thing with Kyoya and Hikaru and that can always be softened with love. :)

  • Also, tamaki x haruhi is way too obvious, and because of that, it has a chance of not happening.

  • Sorry Lady27, but the “possessive-over-something thing that can always be softened with love” isn’t a cliche too?
    Sigh, Tamaki is one of the most deep and least understood character that I’ve had the pleasure to meet in a manga. Anyway, I like very much your favourite couples; I just disagree with your view of Tamaki :)
    Fanon speaking, Haruhi is good with almost everyone in the Host Club…
    Canon speaking, she’s going to end up with Tamaki…and I’m quite happy about it :)

  • what? kaoru’s gay? but at the episode where the met haruhi’s dad, the said “omg, a gay person! that’s a first!” or something.

  • harutama…it is pretty obivious that she is falling for Tamaki…even though Tama acts like an idiot sometimes, he has really good heart so it does not matter … he is so hot …but at the same time I feel sorry for the twins…

  • I would have to say Tamaki. He’s funny and good looking, but i would say Hiakaru and Kyouya would be close. I’ve only watched a few of the episodes so far (nearly half) and i love it.

  • Ok, first things first… Kaoru’s not gay…-

    Anyway, at this point in time, my favorite pairing would have to be HikaruxHaruhi… I’m still trying to find my ways to express why I like them so much, but since the beginning of Ouran, I’ve been completely mad for them. To me it makes the most sense/ and the cutest if I may say.

    Other Possible CHOICES-

    TamakixHaruhi- It’s a plainly obvious pairing here, but a pairing I’m not so fond of. I do not mind them though, they seem very cute together, but if they were to end up together, I guess I would feel somewhat empty hearted…

    KyouyaxHaruhi- People say that they’re a possible pairing and you know what? I have to agree, but defintely one that I don’t like. Gomen… to you people who like this couple.. I just can’t see them together, I try though… but there is a definte chance for them too.

    KaoruxHaruhi- *He’s not gay! And it’s been proven in the manga when he tells Hunny that he likes Haruhi.* Honestly, I really do love this couple, not as much as HikaruxHaruhi or MorixHaruhi, but I do like it and it’s very possible. I wouldn’t mind if they got together and the chances of it happening are there.

    SOMEWHAT Possible

    MorixHaruhi- This is my second favorite… and you could somewhat see this happening, but the relationship with Mori and Hunny just can’t be ignored. Mori is very loyal to Hunny and both of them are very close to one another. Though if Mori weren’t so close to Hunny, this pairing could possibly go somewhere.


    HunnyxHaruhi- Their relationship is more like a brotherly/ sisterly type, I just can’t see this happening at all. As cute as they both are… nope.

    1. HikaruxHaruhi

    2. MorixHaruhi
    3. KaoruxHaruhi

    This is how I feel about each couple… my favorite thus far leading the pack is HikaruxHaruhi… we’ll see how things play out though later in the manga and hopefully if they make a season 2 for the anime ^^

  • Hm…it would take me forever to fully explain my reasoning so after sifting through the other comments I’ll just say HEAR HEAR to BrokenDeathAngel and TeenageBlonde’s comments. Haha… Sometimes I sway because all the characters are just so darn interesting but I always find myself gunning for Tamaki and Haruhi… I mean REALLY…to hell with logic… these two? who wouldnt want to see that kind of entertainment?

  • Kaoru is NOT gay!
    Ahem… well…

    I like Kyouya because he’s so cool and Kaoru because
    of his kindness, I feel so sorry for him T.T(he gave up on Haruhi to let Hikaru make his move)

    Personally, I would pair Haruhi with Hikaru because they look so good together,
    and that date-episode was so cute >.

  • Kaoru is NOT gay!
    Ahem… well…

    I like Kyouya because he’s so cool and Kaoru because
    of his kindness, I feel so sorry for him T.T(he gave up on Haruhi to let Hikaru make his move)

    Personally, I would pair Haruhi with Hikaru because they look so good together,
    and that date-episode was so cute!
    I hate Tamaki, he is so stupid, always think he’s so awesome and all,
    a BIG NARCISSIST! But I think Haruhi likes him.
    I think, even if Haruhi thinks Tamaki is stupid and anoying sometimes,
    He is kind to her and shows that he really cares.

    Haruhi felt sorry for him when she heard about his past.
    She finally understood how strong Tamaki really was,
    he had to go thru all those bad things with a smile.

    In the anime, episode 26, Haruhi did not care for herself(that she was going to fall off the carriage)
    but she just wanted Tamaki to return.

    So I think it would be TamakixHaruhi.

  • I’d go for TamakixHaruhi

    Although I think that the possible guys to date her is Tamaki. Kyouya and Hikaru… I dont think that Kaoru will still be trying to get Haruhi away because he’s already given up on her which shows his loyalty to his brother. On the other hand, I also dont think that Mori and Hunny will be on the list since they are always together. How the heck will sparks fly if they never even seperate?! (except in epidoe 7) I think that next to TamakixHaruhi couple is KyouyaxHaruhi. In the last episode, both Kyouya and Tamaki’s fathers are arguing about having Haruhi as their son’s future wife. But it is also possible for Haruhi to reject those marriage requests and go for another guy. Haruhi is pretty unpredictable anyway!

    Tamaki is obviously idiotic and thinks that he has this “fatherly-love” on Haruhi and starts calling her his daughter. In his part, maybe it is just typical for him to think that way because of his current family situation. But I guess he’s smart too, he tops next to Kyouya. He will probably know about his feeling sooner or later…

    But all of our opinions are probably useless for the development of the story. After all, the manga is still on-going. And do you really think that Bisco Hattori will look at sites like this?? I dont think so… but anyway, it wouldnt hurt to post our opinions right? If it would, I woudnt be posting mine!

    By the way…*KAORU IS NOT GAY!!*
    All that I said is my opinion ok?

  • Haruhi x Hikaru!!! >

  • Hikaru x Haruhi because they look so good together.
    Kyouya just scares me.
    Tamaki is… not right, let’s go with that.
    And Honey is. um. He’s Honey.
    Mori is probably second, because he’s more her type.
    Hikaru’s personality offsets with Haruhi’s. Opposites attract!

  • I think I support Hikaru X Haruhi the most. They seem to have that instant fitting-togetherness.
    Tamaki’s nice, but he’s too much of a player for Haruhi to handle. He does have good intentions, but they all turn out wrong. It’s too bad that he and Haruhi end up together, in the TV series.
    Wih I had the manga.
    Mori is super smexeh, but he and Honey go together, and I don’t think Haruhi wants to share him with Honey.
    Kaoru’s also a good match- he and Haruhi are both sensible, when he’s not with Hikaru- but I think they are better as friends, not boyxgirlfriend.
    Kyouya strikes me as evil. Yes, I saw no. 17, but come on, he’s got a purple haze around him when he’s suddenly woken up! Wait, that’s probably what I look like too. T_T Nevermind.
    Well, even if I did support them- which I don’t- it’s probably NOT gonna happen.
    And Honey’s too cute to be a boyfriend. It’s best like that. =D

    HikaruxHaruhi is my current favorite. They just seem to click. && Hikaru looks super cute, when he and his brother are separated. It’s cute how he gets all nervous around Haruhi, and she seems awfully comfy around him. So it would be perfect if they were the close friend/boyfriend & girlfriend.

  • Haha… I remember reading this a long time ago and agreeing with the whole tamaki x haruhi argument.

    But now, what, with being up to chapter 57…I laugh at it D: and I realize it was kind of obvious from the beginning…

  • i think hikaruxharuhi!!

  • I am all for Haruhi and Hikaru. They are so perfect for each other and lets face it the only other character that shows any interest in Haruhi romantically is Tamaki and two cluless people together just wouldn’t work.

  • “There is no Logic in Love” -Quack-says-T-Shape

    TamakixHaruhi, obviously. The current manga chapters shows development on Haruhi’s feelings towards the idiotic blond president of the host club. I dunno why there are people who seems to hate Tamaki. I f you ask me he’s my fave character on Ouran. He’s idiotic, obnoxious and kinda dense but he has the biggest heart among them. The host club members think so too though they often tease Tamaki they respect him secretly and grateful to him because Tamaki had led the way to breaking their barrier for them to find their own way and to meet true friends. He’s such a lovable character.

    Tamaki and Haruhi would end up together and they’d fit right. They might have opposite personalities but Haruhi’s complacent nature would complement Tamaki’s outrageous personality. Plus, Haruhi being one of the girls(Renge the other) that isn’t swayed by Tamaki’s cheezy quotations and princely aura shows a chance towards this pairing

  • I completely agree that Tamaki’s character is much deeper than it seems at the outset. His showy, player-like hosting does kinda grate against me, but I’m pretty sure he’s not a complete narcissist underneath it all. He has a wonderful heart, good ambition (more obvious in recent chapters) and is head-over-heels for Haruhi, even though he hasn’t admitted that to himself. I think the whole ‘father’ act is a sort-of defense mechanism because he isn’t sure she actually takes him seriously. With recent chapters to back me up, I would assume Haruhi’s own realization of her feelings for Tamaki will elicit a similar realization from him. Exactly how that happens is what I’m excited to see, sooner rather than later. Such a great manga, all around!

  • i think (if you have read the manga) you should know that tamakixharuhi is most likely. hikaruxharuhi is second, but hikaru doesn’t care quite as much

  • dude Kaoru is not gay in the manga he admits his love to haruhi goes on a date with her , kisses her on the cheek which makes hikaru jealous because he was secretly watching and then he says that hikaru is more important KaoruxHaruhi isnt going to happen because kaoru loves his brother in a “BROTHERLY” way. plus at the begginging of the manga he says that its only act the “twincest” thing is not real.

  • Umm…
    I hope nobody shoots me…but I’m a die-hard HikaruxHaruhi shipper. She sees the twins more frequently, therefore, knows them better.
    *childish “UH-HUH!” atttitude* Besides, haven’t you guys watched Furuba? The girll ALWAYS gets with the mean guy! Because EVERYBODY loves it when the meanie-head goes soft for the girl =)
    *back to normal*Besides…I think his playground tactics are cute

  • Nooo! I dont want Haruhi to date anyone because I love her! (I’m a guy.) But seriously, as things are going, she might end up having an orgy in the music classroom!

  • Am I the only one who thinks that the rape scene is highly disturbing? Haruhi is portrayed as a strong girl, So Kyouya has to teach her a lesson by pretending he’s going rape her?! What’s that saying about society? I’m sorry, but that’s not the way you go about teaching someone to be more careful. I love the Ouran series, but I hated that episode, it made me extremely uncomfortable, and I felt funny when I watched the rest of the series because of that incident. I like Haruhi better with Tamaki anyway.

  • KyoyaxHaruhi, HikaruxHaruhi and TamakixHaruhi are my favorites. They’re entertaining to watch….=^w^=

  • HaruhiXAnyone-But-The-Twins.

    I Just can’t see those two being split apart…and if it was to work they’d need far more Separate Character developments.which is probably why I’m torn between HaruhiXTamaki and KyouyaXHaruhi.

    At first I wanted tamaki because It’d be sweet…even more so when I read the manga. Then I checked out a fandom With kyouya and haruhi as a couple, and as odd as it was It seemed to work.

    But…HaruhiXHoney. Really isn’t so bad of a couple, he can be extremely mature when he wants. It really could work!^-^ give them a few more years and It’s all good, though I confess I kinda have a soft spot For HoneyXMori

    so ya..Tamaki is the most likely though.

  • Kyouya is my favorite character and I think he and Haruhi make an adorable couple. However, I think that Tamaki and Haruhi also make an adorable couple. Actually, I think Haruhi and either Hikaru and Mori would also make a cute couple. But I like her and Kyouya the best…Tamaki is mine…

  • I’m german and don’t know how far the manga is in your country but I’m sure, Haruhi will choose Tamaki.In volume 11 (or 12?) she notices her love for him.Didn’t you read that?Kyoya is a funny idea but im very VERY sure it won’t happen^-^

  • my favorite character is hikaru! X) i know he’s really immature, but there’s been times where he’s really kind&i i just like those kind of guys(idky)

    after hikaru, i like tamaki&then kyouya(both=reallyhot)

    i’d LOVE haruhi to end up with hikaru or tamaki.
    she’s probably gona end up with tamaki though&thats fine with me! lol :D D

  • Haruhi tamaki forever!!

  • SPOILERS….Haruhi rejected Hika in the recent manga chapter….T.T

    I really love HikaXHaru because…they really compliment each other and hey she’s the 1st person to step into their world….The Crush…The date….The confession…The Rejection…the first time ever that I cried when i’m reading a manga

    HATES Tamaki….
    Although Haru shows signs on liking Tama and the author practically shouted out that they will end up together but….somehow it really doesn’t feel right…first the Father Daughter act and now a couple…it’s just weird and well…WEIRD

    Kyouya x Haruhi …a bit impossible there…Kyouya rocks though!!!

    Hunny and Mori Sempai…neh…they’re my favs but ..i don’t think so…

    Kaoru chan….He gave up his love for Hikaru!!! noble….really noble

  • I honestly would go for kyouya/haruhi. Maybe they won’t feel anything romantic for each other until they are adults and ready to be married( I could see them as a married couple too). It’s a quiet yet intriguing relationship because they’re practically equals on the mental battlefield. Haruhi and Kyouya seem to enjoy each other’s company

    The reason I don’t like Tamaki/ Haruhi as much as before…well obviously he may act obsessed over the girl but his mental picture of her is pretty flawed. The girl is not submissive or weak, she is a strong and intellegent female. I think eventually she will like him better but it won’t really be romantic. I remember hearing a lady say she wouldn’t marry a certain man because he reminds her too much of her goofy father. She says “I’ll have to adjust my personality to complement his and I don’t want to become my mother. You wont find ME sitting icily erect while my husband sang nonsense songs at the dinner table.”
    This is exactly why I think Haruhi won’t end up with Tamaki. He’s way too much like her father, and I think one father is enough. kyouya and haruhi may have similar personalities. but even so they are both very different people and they can contribute quite alot to a relationship.

  • Well this has almost nothing to do with my Kyoya Bias, but I do think she [Haruhi] should end up with Kyoya. No matter how much I love absolutely everyone in the Host Club, and how much the anime is pro-Tamaki/Haruhi, I can’t see anyone managing to stay in a relationship with Haruhi (note: STAY!!) besides Kyoya. Tamaki, I think, would drive her insane (which would be hysterically funny to watch, really! I suppose it would be *ahem* cute.) and it always seems that Hikaru and Kaoru come in a package, so…er, yeah. Kaoru cares too much for his brother (No, he is NOT gay. He is the awesome-er of the twins.) I’m not hugely for threesomes. (But Haruhi’s the type of person who doesn’t care much about these sort of things.) Hikaru and Tamaki both, I think, would manage to annoy Haruhi. Tamaki’s only serious with I’m-here-you’re-safe-I’m-the-big-strong-protector-yeah stuff. He’s just not serious enough in daily LIFE. I’d just hate to see all of Haruhi’s intelligence and wit and dry humour wasted on him. (No matter how much it would be hilarious.) Hikaru’s really too hot-tempered and brash, even when he’s trying to be affectionate – (and he can’t speak for himself, his brother has to do it for him. Sad, innit?) Same for Mori and Hunny (I have entertained the thought of Mori/Haruhi, but he’s so dead gone on protecting Hunny that throught vanished in some 30 seconds.) They’re just stuck together, so if you want Mori Hunny has to be there too. And vice-versa.

    So,yes, Kyoya. Not because he’s the only one left. Because he’s the only one who can match her in wit, really. And Haruhi does seem to understand why he does things. Kyoya’s not a real, genuine cold hearted person (who, in any anime is, really? Really bad, as in EVIL DIE EVERYONE DIE!!! All the bad people aren’t evil unless they’ve gone insane and psychotic.) shown in ep. 17, and you see through flashbacks throughout the series that he really does care for his ‘idiot friend’ Tamaki. Kyoya’s also a more…what should I call it…stable person? You can see that Hikaru and Kaoru have issues. Tamaki has SERIOUS issues. Kyoya has one problem, and it’s pretty understandable – he’s the third son, and he needs to work his ass off to secure his place in the family. That’s a realistic problem compared to Hikaru/Kaoru’s insecurities. Tamaki’s ‘mother-Paris-grandmother-sent-away-sob-sob’ story thing was a soap opera. Now take Kyoya instead. Imagine the relationship possibilities!! Somebody go write a fanfiction!!

    Tamaki annoys me when he assumes that Haruhi cannot defend herself, or cannot speak for herself. She can!! SHE CAN!! SHE IS AN INDEPENDENT FEMALE!! And about girls marrying people who are like their fathers, well, I can’t see her doing that. Her own father annoys her as it is, no matter how much she loves him. (And she loves him because he took care of her.) I mean, I can’t even imagine it in real life. I don’t see myself marrying a person like my dad. I love my dad, but if I married someone like him I’d drive myself crazy. If I ever, by any chance, meet someone who has married a person like their mum or dad they I’ll let you know, but so far…? Nobody.

    Hikaru needs to curb the temper and learn to not speak with riddles with Kaoru. Other than that he is devilishly awesome, but Kyoya comes first in my heart. (love, love love.)

    ~~P.S: Ootori Haruhi doesn’t sound very good, but neither does Suoh Haruhi or Hiitachin Haruhi. Maybe she should keep her maiden name instead of taking whomever it is she is supposedly liking.

  • I change my mind. . . . KYOHARU 4EVER!!!!!

  • KyouyaxHaruh. Yes!
    I’ve supported it from the beginning. I’ve never been big on Tamaki or TamakixHaruhi.
    My next favorite is MorixHaruhi.
    HikaruxHaruhi is alright.
    Used to like KaoruxHaruhi, but I have come to my senses over the fact that Kaoru is gay.

    And I kind of LOL’d at Kyouya’s interests. Manipulation.
    Right on target! :D


  • lana is right that Tamaki x Haruhi is cliche, but it’s so cliche, it means it’s the most likely.
    I’d prefer Kyouya x Haruhi though, cos they suit each other more.

  • No 1 iz gonna b happy w/ me

    Um… no 1 b offended, but i wish Haruhi would die so that all the guys could pair up. Srry… i m just a crazed yaoi fan… DEATH TO HARUHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SHE ANNOYS THE CRAP OUTTA ME!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • I support haruhi with both Tamaki and Hikaru.
    Who ever she ends up with is fine with me though. I think any pairing with her in it is kawaii, as long as it’s not girlXgirl or threesomes.
    Or with Honey-Senpai because souta tomboy= =[, baaaaad relationship. Although, he’s sooooo cute, if I were his age, I would date him! And the tins and Tamaki as well! :)

  • “No 1 iz gonna b happy w/ me” stfu please. Haruhi is cooler and smarter than you’ll ever be!

    That being said :D

  • evilcookiewilleatyou


    I am the biggest moriharu fan……. since…………i would say last year?

    At frist I just watched the show not really careing about romance XD
    but when I saw it again i looked at the details…

    my opions


    i like this coupple i can see them going out i say all that kyouya needs to do is to soften up ^^


    ……this is the coupple that i dislike……..but i know i can’t do anything to stop it from happening….
    its going to happen……..but………that doesn’t mean i have to like this coupple… =]

    if i had to choose between tama and hika it would be hikaru yes he is stubborn just like haruhi so that might cause a lot of fights..but there would be plenty of good times for this coupple

  • evilcookiewilleatyou

    well that sucks…..it seems that my other opions somehow cut off…?

    rawr….i have to write my rant again >.=D *highfives*

  • evilcookiewilleatyou

    I have seen many hints on the manga and on the anime that theres at lest a chance of this pair happening.(going to skip a part)
    okay! just because hunny and mori are close doesn’t mean that mori can’t love….if anyting if mori really was that attached to hunny sempai he would stop to pick up haruhi he wouldn’t have helped her you guys are saying hes clinging to him that much but thats a lie just because mori has a locse relation ship with hunny doesn’t mean that haruhi can’t have that same close relationship
    if you would like to chat with my my name is evilcookiewilleatyou on youtube ^^
    TAMAKI HATERS……GIMIE A HIGH FIVE!! >=D *highfives*

  • anyone who dosnt vote 4 Tamaki and Haruhi will be killed at night when they dont see it coming. I guess you know my vote. Seriously vote 4 them or i will kill u!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Well here’s my opinion…

    Well he doesn’t have much cemistry with Haruhi. he’s more like a fater figure to her. But if you think about it, it’s reallly obvious they’ll end up together…
    ~Mori or Hunny~
    I think theyre both cute with haruhi. But also, they both act more brotherly twords her, and i think they’ll be just friends.
    ~the twins~
    They really both kind of told her that they like her, both they both like there brotherly relationship more than haruhi. So there out.
    I mean there both a cute couple, but they dont have chemistry. It’s more likely he’ll turn gay and fall in love with ~Hunny~ or ~Mori~ than end up with Haruhi. Srry. I’m strict.


    Tamaki&Haruhi( I mean its hard not to like them together. There such a cute coupl and sadly, id sew to get them to end up together!)

    Thanks 4 reading my opinion. SRRY to those people i got upset of made there hearts quiver And explode…


  • I think its tamaki-senpai and haruhi fujioka coz there meant for each other………i really love them both and a special message for Bisco Hatori,excuse me mama?sir but i beg you,plz.create a season 2 of ouranb high school host club……….you know…….im amaze of your anime…..its sooo beautiful,i was soo speechless when i first saw the anime………..the songs are very good,the shows are touching and funny………^^
    This is the anime that i really want…….plz..make a season 2,not only for me but for all of us ouran high school host club lovers…..till now,i still love this anime…………..it will always stay in my bets list in my whole life…….and when i grow up,i wnat to be an anime artist coz my talent is drawing too and i swear if my dream comes true,i will make many seasons if thats what they want…………..i thank u 4 ur kindness if ull do that………


    OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • first of all Kaoru IS NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and second of all i think Hikaru and Haruhi will make a great couple, I love that couple tamaki and haruhi are an ok couple. Honey and Haruhi not a good couple at all, Mori and haruhi no i hate that couple. Especially Kyouya and haruhi, I guess he kinda likes her and well all the host club guys like her even alittle.

  • ~Tamaki ♥ Haruhi~
    1) They really have good chemistry
    2) They kissed
    3) Their zodiac signs (Aries & Aquarius) are somehow compatible.

    Although Hikaru is not bad, I think Haruhi is better for Tamaki because they balanced each other.
    Kyouya and Mori, well they’re two (über hot and awesome) guys I’d want to have :)

    That’s all! Ja!

    P.S. Kaoru’s not gay.

  • hikaru x haruhi or kaoru x haruhi or mori x haruhi i can’t choose one!
    how did i found these pairings
    hikaru x haruhi that when there went on a date
    kaoru x haruhi kaoru is sweet and hes so sweet to think about hikaru’s happiness before his
    kaoru NOT gay i just feel in love with this pairing
    mori x haruhi when i first read the manga where ohshc rescued hunny and when he protected haruhi
    i used to like tamaki x haruhi when i first watch ohshc(ouran high school host club)but when
    i watched more of ohshc i feel in love with other pairing and feel out in love with tamaki x haruhi
    tamaki x haruhi maybe the main pairing but i just don’t see it anymore
    some people likes kyouya x haruhi i just can’t see what people like
    about this pairing its just too weird
    hunny x haruhi is just too weird i mean hunny looks like a kid
    if he was taller maybe i would of love that pairing too(i don’t hate hunny)

  • kaoru’s gay??
    no way.
    i think all those boys are gay.

    well anyways, i agree haruhi should be with kyouya.
    Mori is okay. I would fall for him if and only if Honey is dead.

  • Tamaki & haruhi fall in love in the manga so far but they do not have the courage 2 ask eachother out

  • TheBlackNotebook

    Ah, yes. Interesting enough to me I could see that pairing quite clearly… odd… oh, and is that become Kyouya in five months project done yet?

    I’ve been commandeered by a few people to be their Kyouya cosplayer because I suppose they think I’m most like him of the group. I believe it doesn’t have much to do with personality so much as the glasses and grades, but I suppose I’m here anyways.

    Considering the convention’s in 7 months I should start getting character shortly (for me that takes alot of time, except as Roy for his personality became my own after only a few days. I had nightmares about Ishbal, I mean seriously… that’s not supposed to happen T.T)…

  • HikaruHaruhi FTW.

    Kyouya would be an interesting match for Haruhi, I must admit. He’s my second choice.

    I don’t think Haruhi and Temaki mesh together all that well. He’s too flighty and out there, despite being a warm and dependable person. He was this idea of Haruhi and may get too caught up in his imagination than the real thing. Haruhi’s very independent and blunt, so the charm of The King won’t make her look in his direction.

    Besides, if she ends up with Temaki, that’s just…anticlimactic. Overused plot line. If Hatori makes Haruhi fall in love with him…I mean, it’s going to be her one and only relationship. She’ll have no other experience. Put in a real fight for the girl; at least when she makes her decision, there’ll be no room for doubt.

    Or maybe someone else! [No, not really]

  • Ah…oops. I spelled ‘Tamaki’ wrong -.-”

  • Also: Haruhi, as an Aquarius, is compatible with Libra, Aries and Gemini.
    That’s Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru.

    Fanon pwns canon.

  • NeonLightning

    DUDE!! No peeps no!

    Hikaru aLLLLLL the way!! Yes, he is self centered and toys with her, but he is AWESOME! I’d be so cool if the FINALLY got together :D

    She NEEDs to pick someone, and soon!

  • Read The Manga

    you guys are so stupid -.- if you want to know the characters, read the manga

    it’s obvious who Haruhi is crushing on. Her mysterious ‘sickness’, or how she gets a fever and face goes red when around Tamaki, and how he’s the only one she could think about taking that test about “How do you feel about him” or whatever

    Kyouya show’s little interest at the time being.

    Kaoru flipp’n confessed to Haruhi he loved her, but he also said his brother loves her more, and he doesn’t love her to the point he wants her for hisself, so he’s backed off

    Hikaru did to (confess), but Haruhi said sorry, but Hikaru hasn’t given up yet.

    Tamaki….took, what? 60? Chapters for him to realize it, but he’s totally in love

    Kotoko, Haruhi’s mom, was just like Haruhi. Ryouji, her father, was just like Tamaki. You see what won there.

    woops. I spoiled the thing for you. Oh well, you were to stupid to not read it yourself e.e

  • I know that its so obvious that its probly TamakixHaruhi but my view is that Hikaru so totally deserves her the most…hes my favorite. you can so tell that they like each other…haruhi is just very confused i which host she wants. mori is my second choice, but for hunny

    btw, ive only got to chapter 26, so please dont yell at me

  • I have to say your reviews of the couples seamed VERY biased! I personally love Hikaru. Episode 16 was so cute and mushy! I really doubt they’d end up together but one can hope :D

    Don’t get me wrong I love Tamaki too but something about Hikaru is so…I don’t know…awesome? Maybe Tamaki makes me lol more but Hikaru makes me feel for him more.

  • I think that you should have read the manga. Then we’d really be able to see how things go, because the way it seems to me, you haven’t read the manga, although by now you probably have (3 year gap).

    Now, in my hopes, Haruhi will either date Kyouya or one of the twins. But these romances were never meant to be. If they were, I’d die of overwhelming happiness and embarrassment.

    I don’t really know why, but whenever I read manga, I get real embarrassed and shy. Oh well.

  • If Kyoya and Haruhi end up together I WILL GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY IS HARUHI GETTING HER FILTHY LITTLE HANDS ON MY KYOYA!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t give a FLYING…. hoot…. WHO Haruhi ends up with as long as it IS NOT KYOYA!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM KYOYA’S MOST OBSESSED FANGIRL and I spend HOURS AND HOURS reading everything they have on the internet about him!!!!!!!!!!! KYOYA OOTORI IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Kyoya ends up with Haruhi or ANYONE ELSE for that matter I will NEVER GO OUTSIDE AGAIN. I’ll lock myself in my room and cry for days and never ever watch/read Ouran again!!!!! Even though they’re not making a season 2 as far as I know….. WELL ANYWAY KYOYA BETTER NOT IN ANY WAY LOVE, GO AFTER, END UP WITH, DATE, HINT AT, OR EVEN GLANCE AT A GIRL THE WRONG WAY OR I WILL DIE. THE BOY IS MIIIINE.

    As you can see, I don’t have a life. My life is devoted to Kyoya. I’ve been hyperventilating over all of these comments saying Kyoya should end up with Haruhi. Noooo way, buddy. Something in me DIED when I saw Kyoya at the end of episode 8 and in the manga.


  • hikaruXharuhi its sssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute


  • Hikaru X Haruhi all the way. TamakiXHaruhi is WAY WAY too cliche and EVERYONE who sees the first 5 seconds on the anime or reads the first chapter of the manga KNOWS she’ll prolly end up with him. But sadly,that seems like the route the manga creator is taking. *sigh*.

    I think Hikaru needs her more. Tamaki can easily find a girl because he’s so approachable and can talk to people easily and open them up. Where as without the host club,Hikaru is brash and shy and really only knew how to talk to his brother up until he joined the host club,let alone getting along personally with any females

  • Though others do leave a point. I’ll sum it up from an usher song:
    “There’s alwyas that one person who will alays have your heart,and you never see it coming ‘cuz your blinded from the start”
    I think she’s his first crush…because she’s the first person to realy ever fully break into their heavily secluded “world”,he’s attaching the feeling of admriation to something much stronger, So I DO think that Haruhi will ALWAYS have a special place in Hikaru’s heart..but will it turn out to be more? I hope so. I’m really fine for anything as long as it isn’t that damnmed cliche TamakiHaruhi pairing. It pisses me off. I think he’s better off with Mei *for those who read the manga* She’s more feminine,yet still a challenge,but at the same time posseses a “damsel in distress” aura that Tamaki seems to be attracted to.

  • Ok to start Kaoru is no way gay!

    I love love love Tamaki and Haruhi, though I have a liking a little for Hikaru and Haruhi, but Tamaki and Haruhi have so many moments together in both the anime and the manga. In the anime at the end you can see the love they have for each other when their dancing together! In the manga Tamaki figures out he loves Haruhi like a man rather then a father, same goes for Haruhi! She finds out her own feelings but doesnt want to admit it.

    For Hikaru and Haruhi they have their moments as well, but in the manga hes regected by her. Their biggest moment was their date that ended up with them in a church out waiting a thunderstorm.

    Kyoya and Haruhi I think personally wouldnt work because he wants money, and Haruhi clearly doesnt. I just dont like this paring…

    Mori and Haruhi too I dont think would work because he always has Honey with him and well spends a lot of time with him

    Then Honey and Haruhi would work because shes not all that into cute and childish things like Honey is…


  • TamaHaru is a cliche and way annoying,besides i prefer Tamaki with Kyoya as a yaio couple
    but 4 Haruhi,id go with Hikaru,because he is just as much as in love with her as Tama is,and plus Hikaru not so dense as 2 think that Haruhi is daughter.

  • Tsubaka-Katie-Maddie

    The cannon couple is probally TamakixHaruhi, But I dont really liken them together so I would vote Hikaru,Kyoya,or Mori. Mostly Hikaru beacause I get these weird fantasies of he and Haruhi. I think Hikaru then.

  • Kyouya-lover-honey-lover

    HIKARU X HARUHI Ilove kyouya so I can`t leave it to haruhi

  • I don’t believe in many of the relationships that people seem to like, firstly Tamaki? Not likely to be long term, sure I can see them together for a short time, a very short time. I think that if Haruhi had an interest in Tamaki and dated him she would grow tired of his constant affections, possessive and immature nature towards their relationship, she would not have the intelligent conversation which I personally think a person of her interlect would need in order to maintain some sense of sanity around someone that lively and outrageous as him, in the end I think their relationship would peeter off into a friend relationship once more a brotherly and sisterly like one.
    Hikaru and Kaoru I also don’t see as possible, I think it is infatuation based on the fact that she is the first person to be able to tell them apart, it quite rightfully gives her a special position in their hearts, but won’t that once again turn into a family love? Hikaru and Haruhi dating would cause rifts between Hikaru and Kaoru, becasue all though Kaoru is fine handing Haruhi over there would still be jealously and on Hikaru’s behalf, insecurity and mistrust of his twin brother, it would be a relationship that would be damaging for all involved, it would be the same if it was Kaoru and Haruhi.
    Hunny, well there’s been enough said on that, it can’t possibly happen, even if Hunny likes her that way, which I doubt, Haruhi wouldn’t be able to see him as an adult, let alone a man with which she could consider a relationship, it seems that Hunny is placed as a confident of Haruhi’s and someone in which she can place trust… sort of like how a girl will feel safe and secure with a gay friend, he won’t do anything to her.
    And then there’s the twoo in which there is hope/possibilty, Mori and Kyoya, possibly not the most obvious when you are looking but after analysing it all they seem like the most secure possibilites, though we all know that in the Manga Haruhi will end up Tamaki or no one, Mori is strong, quiet and reliable, and as far as I have read he seems to have the same aims in life as Haruhi does, he wishes to train as a Lawyer, that’s got to mean that he is intelligent, so when he does speak he would be able to provide the sort of conversation that Haruhi would need. Mori would also provide Haruhi security and reassurance throughout life, though she is highly independent it is shown that sometimes she needs a friend and reassurance t help her through the worst of things, the main thing being Thunder. Many seem to think that Mori shows little show of romantic interest in Haruhi, but the way that he protects her, almost immediatly after knowing her is suspicious, as soon as Haruhi calls for help Mori is picking her up as he would to Hunny who he sees as his duty to safeguard, Haruhi would provide the oppurtunity for Mori to develop a life without Hunny as his only companion. On a whole Mori seems like a good choice, but his shyness and his affection for his cousin is possibly the only thing that marks him down, though if Haruhi and Mori had a relationship it almost certain that it would last long.

    Kyoya is interesting, whilst to many people’s eyes he seems cold and cruel, the least likely partner for Haruhi he seems the most compatiable, the fact that he hides his emotions, almost refuses to act upon them, and so thirsts for his father’s attention as a good child is quite endearing, whilst it may be soley for the business that is not likely, as Kyoya has already prooven he is quite capable of making/ taking a business of his own and getting the wealth and power from that, Kyoya is quite capable of building a business empire to rival his fathers and so where does this need to please his father come from? Not laziness. It seems that Kyoya has hidden aspects and an even more hidden heart, his reactions to Haruhi, the fact that he opens up to her so much shows affection, Kyoya is not the person to lightly open up to anyone like Tamaki, he chooses carefully if they are worth it and a commoner girl with which he has nothing to gain is who he chooses to open up to? It doesn’t make sense unless there is some hidden affections there. And as has been mentioned before, Haruhi and Kyoya are compatiable in many aspects, though I think a fight between those two may just be deadly…

    Overall I go for Kyoya followed by Mori. But as I have said, it is obvious it will be Tamaki… which to be honest makes the whole idea of reading any more of the manga rather boring for me, so I give up… though there are these reasons it’s obvious all of us who are agianst Tamaki x Haruhi are fighting a losing battle…

  • Well I think she should be withTamaki. JUST STAY AWAY FROM HIKARU HARUHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hikaru belongs with Kaoru end of story ^-^

  • not telling you my name

    as some of you may know, both tamaki AnD Haruhi have realize their feelings for each other in the manga, so now we know

  • I still think TamakixHaruhi is the most logical choice, though HikaruxHaruhi has some potential too.

  • In the Manga version, Tamaki and Haruhi both admit to themselves that they are in love with each other, they just haven’t admitted it to the other yet. I didn’t like the idea at first but some things happen and it shows how much Tamaki loves Haruhi and the other way around.

  • Hunny!haruhi seems to like him i think lol or is that because she thinks hell cry if shes mean or something? hunnyxharuhi :)

  • I think honey senpai. It has the ring of purity to it to me. Honey may act like a little boy but as was shown in the episode discussing his backstory, he was a responsible and smart man, if short and young in appearance. While she may find it disturbing to see him fight, it does not alter the fact that a guy who can own 10 of Kyoya’s secret police and rescue team, is definitely reliable strength, and a top martial artist like Honey is by training and nature a mature and reliable person, the immaturity is an act and she knows it.

  • well i root for hikaharu meeeeeja kawai!!!!! bt since i watched the anime tamaharu is only reasonable… *breaks out in tears…*

    I would take mori all the way!!!!! he’s so cool!!! luv him!!! *smooch*

  • i’m more of a kyoyaxharuhi fan!
    i don’t get it.. has nobody noticed how in the anime.. kyoya keeps looking at haruhi frm the corners of his eyes… especially in episode 26 when she stands up for him infront of his father.. and what about the ending when kyoya father says .. he wants haruhi to be kyoya’s bride.. and.. the part when haruhi asks kyoya why she was made to wear the dress.. and kyoya stares at her again.. wid all those flowers and awl around her… and when kyoya pushes her into the carriage.. why do they focus his hands on her shoulder.. and plus why is he the one.. who snatches haruhi from tamaki and then tosses back at him during the dance.. isnt that the kind of thing the twins wud do.. its as if .. kyoya realized he adored haruhi.. but knew tamaki was crazy about her.. so her just gave her to him and stepped aside .. widout admitting to himself or anyone.. lol..
    oh.. and episode 8 is my fvt :( :( why.. oh whyyyyyy did he have to add “nothing to be gained from it.. an interesting thought.. in its own way”…. :(

  • I represent Hikaru,Karou,Mori,and Kyoya.It all pretty much makes sense. Even though Kyoya can still be mostly kiniving or manipulating,he still has his good points. Hiraku can be a little self-centered most of time and scrrew with Haruhi a lot, but I think that just shows how much he likes her. Karou believe it or not is way different from Hikaru, but the two were always compared as being the same and being alone in their own world most of the time. He would have a great shot with Haruhi if he tried. Mori, DUDE!, he would absolutely be tied with Kyoya. Though Kyoya would have more of a talkative relationship with Haruhi than with Mori. Though Mori also has his good points just like everyone else. Like when everyone went to Haruhi’s house to visit. While everyone else was talking rambling,Mori offered Haruhi his strawberry’s which she kindly took. Like what I said with Karou, if he tried he could have a shot with her, nethertheless Haruhi’s gonna end up with Tamaki any way, because everyone saw it coming at the beginning. If she can deal with her father I think she can deal with Tamaki and his weird requests. OHSHC is one of the highest ranking anime/manga I have seen fight now. So we are just going to have to wait and see what happens in the end. I thing there’s going to be a load of mahem at the end of this one. BUT I’M GOING TO KEEP WATCHING IT ANY WAY!

  • I am not sure why bing sent me over to your but I should probably I have been pretty interested by the posts you have pulled together. How many month did it take to get so many WWW users arriving to your page? I am very new to this interenet thing.

  • I am definately a fan of TamakixHaruhi. I’ve only just gotten through to volume 5 of the manga but I still like TamakixHaruhi the best. It may seem cliche, but I think they are the most obvious couple…
    Kyoya might make a good couple with Haruhi too.
    And I’m also a fan of HikaruxHaruhi.
    Still, though, I would like to see Haruhi end up with Tamaki.

  • I want Hikaru and Haruhi! Sorry, Tamaki, I see as a father figure to her..Its like shes dating her father which is wrong. And like dont they show plenty of foreshadow beteen Hikaru and Haruhi in the anime? I mean she could say she loves Tamaki inn the mange but has anyone seen other shojo mangas like Peach Girl? Momo, convinced herself she loved Toji to Kiley and decided to change her mind the last minute when she thought Kiley was about to commit suicide. And since I heard Hikaru isn’t giving up on her, maybe something might happen between and her and Hikaru to make her change her feelings around for Tamaki. Well thats just me being hopes. I mean if this is gonna be a good story, it should be Hikaru and Haruhi, just because Hikaru had a harder history with himself and Haruhi can be there to show him the way to independence and show love for someone else. And Fruits Basket. I believe that manga was created from the same production so the creators should know better than to put a cliche couple like Tamaki and Haruhi…To be honest, Tamaki is annoying, and he gets too paranoid, not to mention he gets irritating through the anime where the point I can’t stand him anymore. When I saw that date episode with Hikaru and Haruhi it clicked. So if the creators had a brain, it would be Hikaru and Haruhi. Well if it was me I would pick those two because they would make a very good couple and Hikaru would have the most time to hang with Haruhi. :-)

  • I know Tamaki will get with Haruhi.. because in Chapter 81… well.. yeah. I think they are very cute together, but Kyouya and Haruhi are the CUTEST. Kyouya is my favorite character, so naturally, I want him to get the girl. Haha. Read the first chapter of Volume 7, and you’ll see want I mean. (The part where she goes after him and asks him “What do you mean by benefit?”) They are so cute together

  • I think Kyoya Otori and Haruhi Fujioka should totally date. But we all know that she’ll end up falling for Tamaki.. -__- Which I think is retarded because I don’t think he really DESERVES her. He’s a total spazz, he gets over jealous, he’s ostentatious, and just. plain. retarded.
    Kyoya is smart, cool, calm, and collected. Just like Haruhi.
    However, Haruhi seems to like Mori a lot. But Mori only seems to care about Honey in the most part.
    Hikaru definitely likes Haruhi, but he’s a little too zealous if you ask me. Kaoru is in my opinion jealous of Haruhi because Hikaru likes her so much. In the episode: Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin, Kaoru said something like, “Well, since you ran towards ME in that situation, I’m glad everything’s okay.” Sounds like there’s a bit of tension, hm?
    I personally love Honey, I mean, why wouldn’t you? But he is older than Haruhi, but virtually about ten, so I doubt they could make it work, even if they wanted to.


    Tamaki: Ew
    Kyoya: Epic win.
    Mori: Possibly
    Hikaru: Too zealous
    Kaouru: Too jealous
    Honey: Too small. :(

  • i am tamakiXhruhi all the way!!!!! i really dont agree with most of what you wrote here and its not very accurate. i can tell you havnt read the manga. of courseee in the end she chooses tama-chan:)

  • I think kyouya and haruhi would be an awesome couple, they definitely fit each other personality wise. And Kyouya is definitely a very good person underneath his calculating exterior. But I think that Tamaki and Haruhi are definitely meant to be :)

  • i think Hikaru x Haruhi is best~
    Hikaru has yet to realize how much he likes Haruhi but you can tell he does, and sometimes he gets nervous in front of her…
    Tamaki x Haruhi is another *REALLY* good one, but it mainly benefits Tamaki and, really i think Tamaki makes a better “overly-excited Brother (or Father :P )” y’know, cuz he likes her, but too me it doesnt seem like it would…work out..(but they are so cute together:D)
    ALSO, Kouru is NOT gay, just because he has strong feelings for his brother, because they never really had any friends besides eachother before. Also i think Kouru and Haruhi are pretty cool with eachother, but i know they dont like eachother, and they’re just good friends (Kouru supports Hikaru x Haruhi <3)
    i dont think Haruhi admires Kyouya and Mori like you said they do. She really doesnt pay much attention to those two (and Honey, yes, pretty much a younger sibling)
    So i think…its really close between Tamaki and hikaru, NOT KYOUYA AND MORI
    (seriously,where did THAT come from?!)

  • This postjust isn’t opening up for me, I tried to e-mail you. Could you get back to me about this.

  • Though I support Tamaki x Haruhi, I would have liked to see more Kyouya x Haruhi. T_T

    I do believe Kyouya is a Tsundere type and that he does like Haruhi but keeps himself from doing anything because he’s fully aware that Tamaki needs her more than he does. And that he IS Tamaki’s best friend.

    Though they have hardly any chance of being together, It’s enough to say that Kyouya respects her a lot. Fuyumi-san says something akin to it in the manga.

    And I have to say my heart broke a bit when Hunny asked Kyouya about this and he replied “No blah blah blah raccoon.” But then he smiled that… mysterious alluring smile of his so… his reply is questionable. (Or I’m prolly reading too much into it)

    Kyouya’s character is misunderstood as selfish and all that, but he DID sacrifice a lot (if not, just as much as Tamaki had).

  • ?t had been worth it to read to see I wish to quote this post around my blog. It could? So you et an account provider in Tweets?

  • Kyouya x Haruhi all the way! :D

    I personally think that they are MADE for each other (and Kyouya is my fav character 2!). If Haruhi doesn’t like him, I won’t mind taking him! XD

  • Haha, everyone should know by now that Tamaki and Haruhi ended up together. Sorry guys, it was obviously coming and it’s canon. :P

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  • I would say Kyouya too, but…I can’t hand him over that easily.

    Seriously, though, I think they are the most compatible, but their relationship would be way boring. She would be best with Hikaru. He still has some growing up to do, but by the time they’re third years? Perfection.

  • Oh, and one more thing. What the heck happened with the whole HikaruxHaruhi storyline in the anime anyway? There was the Halloween episode where Kaoru kept hinting at the possibility and then…POOF! NO MORE! And then in the last episode Kyoya suddenly sprouted up as a possible suitor. I love the show, but it seemed so random. There should have been more episodes…but that’s only wishful thinking.

  • Tamaki and Haruhi forever! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Well, Tamaki-kun, Kyouya, Hikaru are my favorites but Haruhi is best suited with Tamaki-kun. Tamaki-kun has feelings for her, so yes.

    But remember, the last episode, Kyouya’s father said she should be Kyouya’s future bride. But I won’t accept that.

  • Haruhi and Hikaru <333

  • Haruhi and Hikaru

  • Tamaki and Haruhi are practically MADE for each other… :) Tamaki’s been madly in love with Haruhi from the very beginning and Haruhi eventually realizes that she loves him too! Plus, THEY GOT MARRIED IN THE END!!! <3<3<3

  • well duh… tamaki x haruhi were the obvious choice from the very beginning

  • Tamaki X Haruhi definitely!!
    although if tamaki’s not around i won’t mind Kaoru x Haruhi though.. =)

  • tamaki and haruhi allthe way XD
    they make a perfect couple or well i think so ^^

  • Here’s my opinion (greatest to least):
    1. Hikaru: I’m convinced that Hikaru/Haruhi are perfect for each other ever since episode 16…and maybe before.
    2. Kyouya: I always thought that they would make a cute couple…and I think they’d compliment each other.
    3. Tamaki: Uh…I’d rather have them as friends. Though I do enjoy his jealousy scenes, I just can’t picture a Haruhi/Tamaki.

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