Ouran: Who should Haruhi Date?

My vote goes to Kyouya. For him I would turn gay.

But let’s step back and take a more neutral stand. Who should Fujioka Haruhi date, out of all the Ouran High School Host Club members?

We’ll examine the compatibility of the couple.

Tamaki x Haruhi?

The King is a halfie, with French blood. Haruhi is 100% Japanese. With Tamaki’s perfect height and build and Haruhi’s skinny body, it looks pretty strange too. The King is also way too flashy for Haruhi. No go.

Tamaki behaves like an idiot. But sometimes, he does selfless and righteous things that impress Haruhi. Tamaki is also a lot like Haruhi’s dad. We all know the girls love men that are like their fathers.

Tamaki fawns over Haruhi a lot. Haruhi doesn’t really think highly of his over-protectiveness. She does see that he’s kind and selfless at times. He always tries very hard to help her but half the time he just pisses her off. But I don’t see much romance occuring ever, between these two.

The Beach, when Tamaki scolded her for being all gung-ho and she later jumped into his arms to avoid the thunder. But later he does some SM on her unwittingly, destroying any good impression she gained of her.

Tamaki plays the piano and does rich men things. Haruhi doesn’t.

Being the son of Ouran’s director, Tamaki is pretty rich and powerful. While he doesn’t flaunt it as much as Kyouya, he still lives lavishly. Tamaki does show that he’s very friendly and approachable too, hanging out with his maids like they’re friends.

Hikaru x Haruhi?

Hikaru is taller than Haruhi yet the height gap is still reasonable. His mum’s a designer so naturally he dresses well. Much better than Haruhi too. Guys that dress more flashily than their girls? A turnoff I would say.

Possessive and jealous, Hikaru pisses off Haruhi often, especially in ep 16. He also loves pranks and tortures Haruhi everyday. Much like a primary school kid unable to show his affection for the girl he likes and then resorting to silly tricks. The most self-centred member of the host club too.

They do go on a date, and it turned out pretty well. Haruhi knows about his imperfections and changes him for the better, successfully. He also offers her security when she needed it.

The most significant would be the date and the resulting thunderstorm, where Hikaru hugged Haruhi. Through this incident, Hikaru became less self-centred and Haruhi knows he can be dependable when she needs it.

Headphones FTW!!

Hikaru loves toying with Haruhi. It does get her attention though.

One part of twins, and everyone loves twins. Not as rich as Kyouya and Tamaki probably, and what their family has to offer is nice clothes for Haruhi, which she isn’t interested in at all.

Kaoru x Haruhi?

Same as Hikaru, but mirror-imaged.

When not with Hikaru, he’s pretty normal and level-headed. Otherwise, see above.

Gets along better with Haruhi than his brother, but it’s more of a friendship than romance. Because he is gay. Gays do not date girls. The End.

Can’t remember any but he does arrange for a date rather easily and naturally with Haruhi.

Loving his brother.

Same as Hikaru.

Honey x Haruhi?

One’s a shouta, the other’s a boyish girl. Shoutas are for viewing and gushing at, not for relationships.

Artificially adorable. He actually goes to great lengths to increase his cuteness. Sticks to Mori a lot and generally acts like a clueless good-natured kid.

None. Haruhi doesn’t think much of cuteness.

None in particular, but generally, Haruhi treats Honey-sempai kindly like a sibling.

Haruhi’ll mostly give in to Honey-sempai’s requests.

King of Martial Arts. It’s more disturbing than reassuring for Haruhi though.

His family is like some legendary fighting clan and is not as rich as the other host club members.

Mori x Haruhi?

It’s no secret that Haruhi finds Mori attractive, since he’s the one true man of the group. With his muscular hot bod, silent but stoic actions, he oozes dependability.

Impossibly loyal to Honey, Mori disregards his own safety to protect his master. Mori doesn’t participate in the Haruhi-pranks at all too. In fact, he doesn’t really care about anything other than Honey. But he doesn’t spoil Honey as well, preferring to take a more balanced attitude for Honey’s own good.

Haruhi obviously admires his dedication and the security he offers. Mori’s like a safe haven where she can avoid the silly behaviour of the other host club members.Both aren’t talkers so they get along fine even if there’s nothing to say. Haruhi’s one weakness besides thunder is her lack of physical strength and Mori provides it for her, making her feel secure. But he really doesn’t think of her much, focusing on Honey alone. Haruhi never did get much attention as a child and this led to her becoming a very independant and strong girl. However, deep down, she’s still very happy when people care and caring for someone is Mori’s best skill.
When Honey got lost in the theme park, Mori went all worried. Haruhi likes to observe people and see beyond their exteriors and this was one good opportunity she used to know Mori better. When she got hurt, Mori also took perfect care of her and even protected Haruhi from the armed guards. Handsomely I might add.


Honey and Kendo.

Being a vassal family of Honey’s, he is probably the least rich of the Host club members. Fitting with his kendo interest, Mori seems to be the most down-to-earth member of the club as well. Such a lack of interest in luxuries could make him stand out from the rest of the guys.

Kyouya x Haruhi?

Devilishly handsome, he’s the true bad boy of the group. His wicked stares and fake smiles frighten Haruhi. Tall and slenderly muscular.

The only person that can stand up to Haruhi intellectually. He plans everything and he does only most self-serving things. A control freak who gathers as much information and material as possible, for creating more fiendish schemes or blackmail. Deep down, he does has some kindness and righteousness too.

Surprisingly, he’s gone alot further than Tamaki. He takes the manly, in-control role in the relationship with Haruhi and this isn’t something that she’s used to. She also thinks he has no interest romantically in her, which is a plus because when girls think that way, they get more interested. Both being very smart, they can read alot more into situations where others can’t and so this gives them common ground for conversation. When they talk, it’s more like a fencing duel, where one side attacks and the other defends and then switches over. Such always leads to love!

At the beach house, Kyouya pushes Haruhi over and threatens to rape her. While Haruhi sees through his true objectives – to teach her about her naviety when facing difficult situations, Kyouya scores manly points for his incisive and selflessless. As Haruhi said, he’s a nice guy cos he actually doesn’t mind if he’s thought of as a bad person, as long as good comes out from the situation.

Conversations with Kyouya prove to be exciting for Haruhi

The good ol’s push never fails to inject passion too

More significant is when Kyouya, without his wallet and phone, meets Haruhi at a shopping mall. They go on a sort of date, with plenty of conversation. Here, you can see the typical shoujo plot – a domineering manly cool guy and a plain girl, with the plain girl being all afraid and pressured by the cool guy. Haruhi sees through Kyouya’s facade of evil and tells him that he’s actually just like Tamaki. She also gets to hear some of his backstory.


3rd son of the uber financial group Ootori, which does everything from hospitals to theme parks, he has immense pressure to perform better than his two brothers. He’s rich and uses it to his advantage, not for physical enjoyment but to further his motives.

Having seen all the guys (except Arai.. who cares), I feel Kyouya should be the most compatible, followed by Mori. If only Honey would die, then Mori x Haruhi would work. Btw I’m starting a "Become Kyouya in 5 months" project. I’ll post about it next time.


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  • I would say Kyouya too, but…I can’t hand him over that easily.

    Seriously, though, I think they are the most compatible, but their relationship would be way boring. She would be best with Hikaru. He still has some growing up to do, but by the time they’re third years? Perfection.

  • Oh, and one more thing. What the heck happened with the whole HikaruxHaruhi storyline in the anime anyway? There was the Halloween episode where Kaoru kept hinting at the possibility and then…POOF! NO MORE! And then in the last episode Kyoya suddenly sprouted up as a possible suitor. I love the show, but it seemed so random. There should have been more episodes…but that’s only wishful thinking.

  • Tamaki and Haruhi forever! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Well, Tamaki-kun, Kyouya, Hikaru are my favorites but Haruhi is best suited with Tamaki-kun. Tamaki-kun has feelings for her, so yes.

    But remember, the last episode, Kyouya’s father said she should be Kyouya’s future bride. But I won’t accept that.

  • Haruhi and Hikaru <333

    • i totaly aggree hikaru best suited for her

    • I don’t understand why people like Tamaki and Haruhi together.

      I feel like he’s SO creepy with the whole ‘Daddy’ thing. Eww.

      And also, he belittles her(albeit unknowingly on his part) constantly and is super possessive. I mean, he doesn’t even want other guys to see her in a bathing suit. That’s going beyond being cute and protective and venturing into the realm of the psycho stalkers. Additionally he’s rabidly jealous throughout most of the series.

      I just can’t see any rational, independent woman ever want to date him and his backward assertions. Especially Haruhi.

  • Haruhi and Hikaru

  • Tamaki and Haruhi are practically MADE for each other… :) Tamaki’s been madly in love with Haruhi from the very beginning and Haruhi eventually realizes that she loves him too! Plus, THEY GOT MARRIED IN THE END!!! <3<3<3

  • well duh… tamaki x haruhi were the obvious choice from the very beginning

  • Tamaki X Haruhi definitely!!
    although if tamaki’s not around i won’t mind Kaoru x Haruhi though.. =)

  • tamaki and haruhi allthe way XD
    they make a perfect couple or well i think so ^^

  • Here’s my opinion (greatest to least):
    1. Hikaru: I’m convinced that Hikaru/Haruhi are perfect for each other ever since episode 16…and maybe before.
    2. Kyouya: I always thought that they would make a cute couple…and I think they’d compliment each other.
    3. Tamaki: Uh…I’d rather have them as friends. Though I do enjoy his jealousy scenes, I just can’t picture a Haruhi/Tamaki.

  • Yeah… I’m sorry but I think most of the pairings on this are really biased. The show’s obviously going for a TamakiXHaruhi pairing from the beginning. It would be totally weird if they just switch to Kyouya when we all know that they are the (for lack of a better word) “best” pairing beacause it’s been foreshadowed and hinted in the story many times before. Although I don’t mind haruhi and kyouya, or haruhi and hikaru, tamaki and haruhi are just the obvious choice and the best at that :) I’m very happy they chose this couple because it seems to be the best.

    • I think Hikaru is the best and the cutest next to Kaoru and Tamaki but I still think Hikaru is most suited for her.The halloween 1 when Hikaru & Haruhi were traped in a net TOGETHER ALONE and when she used her suing set to cut the rope it was aguord but Hikaru said take ur time.

  • You’re wrong kaoru isnt gay. None of them are. If you read the manga you learn thay kaoru
    And hikaru get in an actual fight because they both love haruhi.

  • I think mori and haruhi should be in love. One, him kyoya, and hunny are the only ones who aren’t attacking her and each other for her. Two, i think mori is very hot. Three, i think it’d be funny if pretty much everyone is fighting over her and then she falls in love with the silent guy lol!

  • Haruhi and Hikaru I loved episode 16 soooo much

  • Steampunk Angel

    i really think haruhi and kyoya would be a nice couple together, but all in all i think hikaru would be the best guy for the job. sure he’s still a bit of a child but haruhi understands and im sure with a little love and affection hikaru would grow up.

  • PrincessRosie98

    I think that she should of ended up with Hikaru – I don’t know why I just feel like they fit…if that makes any sense….If I HAVE to place a reason then :
    Hikaru & Haruhi feel like the realistic pairing in this series for some reason. I think it’s that whole friends first approach or something.Kaoru being the good brother he is, understands what his brother wants that Hikaru may not see yet due to his density *cough*. Kaoru slowly pushes Hikaru towards Haruhi if people didn’t notice. It looks like the Host Club is pretty alright with Hikaru/Haruhi moments.Tamaki on the other hand, well his relationship with Haruhi starts out romantic related but it’s a comedy thing. They hugged, so what? She hugged him for comfort and support. I would do the same in her case. Your are getting support from a friend when you have no one there to support you.On the other hand, Hikaru and Haruhi actually have a date. A couple date really. Tamaki was overfilled with envy but still went along with it. He knows the twins world is very small. Letting Haruhi get closer to them, more of Hikaru would open them up to more people. Kaoru learns quicker and matures way faster than Hikaru, so he knows what goes on here and there. Being his brother’s twin, he knows what is or could be on his mind. Come on, they finish each others sentences, you have to know what’s on someone’s mind to do something like that.I believe that Hikaru might have the upper hand in this “love triangle” that is forming between Tamaki, Haruhi and Hikaru himself if he gets another two moments with Haruhi.
    BUUUUUTTTTT that’s just my opinion…..


    WHAT THE FUCKK… have you not read the manga!?!?!! kaoru is NOT GAY AT ALL… who the fuck do you think you are… youre gayy… you like Kyouya…
    It is in the manga that kaoru kisses haruhi… and goes on a date…
    they dont do that twin caring thing because they want to, TAMAKI MADE THEM!!!!
    and in episode 8, when haruhi almost gets thrown the cliff BOTH TWINS beat up the jerks who did that to haruhi… i dont think that counts as being self-centered… Kyouya is self-centerd… he only does things if it benefits him. wtf doode get your fuckin facts straight K?!? kay.


    asdfghjkl…. even tho i wrote my comment im still mad cuz
    and i quote “But let’s step back and take a more neutral stand. Who should Fujioka Haruhi date, out of all the Ouran High School Host Club members?”
    you were anything BUT neutral… and you shouldnt put up something like this if you arent going to get all the facts… so go fuckin fuck yourself imagining its with Kyouya K? and what did you write for interests Kyouya … manipulation. and for kaoru??? Loving his bother?!?.. Thats not even close but even i it was thats a whole lot fuckin better than “manipulation”….Haruhi is nice and all that stuff so how in the WORLD would she be compatible with him… also in the episode 16 Hikaru cares for her, hes only mean in the beginning cuz hes jealous… and “jealous” isint a personality… it was one time.. Be honest have you never been jealous before in your life if some guy came and stole him from you?? seriously.. if you said no your a fuckin liar. I hate this so fuckin much cuz you wrote this without even thinking… like honestly this gets me so mad… and whats with the math problems in the bottom…?!? your a weirdo. And how does pretending to rape someone make him manly. even if he was trying to make a point. Like i BET none of them would pull something like that even if it was for a friend. I would be scarred if i was haruhi. ARGG like this blog took like 2 min of my life away and writing this took like 10 min of my life away. cuz i hate this and you. Your gay. gay. gay. gay. Fuck you.
    ╭∩╮ <—- thats my middle finger… its also a life size measurement of your dick.

  • I disagree! Although Kyoya is compatible with Haruhi on an intellectual level, he can never never be like what Tamaki is for Haruhi. You have missed out on so many facts. You are not a true fan of Ouran! You didn’t talk about how both Haruhi and Tamaki chase the shadow of their respective mothers, and how Tamaki, despite going through some real TRAGIC TRAUMATIZING experiences, never fails to smile or make other people smile. ╭∩╮This is for you for saying that Tamaki isn’t suited for Haruhi. Get your facts right. And FYI, Kaoru is NOT gay. He is in love with Haruhi.
    Why don’t you get your effing facts right before posting such ridiculous POSTS!!??


  • no offence but u (writer of dis blog) should go die in a hole cuz koaru i s NOT gay! Kyuoya is a filthy perv even if he wasn’t really going to rape her
    and The tamiki daughter dad thing is weird

  • kyoya-
    man points? u have Got to b kidding me! i’d hate to b ur girlfriend
    and the only reson theyed be good together would be their smarts
    cute but he needs 2 relize that shes indapendent and doesn’t need somebody 2 hover over her every 5 seconds.
    Hunny- uhh…to sweet
    Mori- maybe, it would bcute but he would be with hunny the whole time
    hikaru- i would LOVE this 2 happen but he needs to mature a bit more
    kaoru-i think this might be the best except 4 the fact that hik-chan might get jelous and this could start a fight between them

  • its obvious ur only saying kyoya cuz u favor him
    i mean wanting to be him?
    saying u would turn gay 4 him?
    obsessed much?

  • Good points. Others should not be so rude, if you don’t like don’t read.

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