This Mermaid Rei is the July issue of a monthly series of SEGA Eva figurine sets. The series features Asuka and Rei (sometimes Misato) in a large variety of costumes. In other words, it’s completely "out of character" and panders to the legions of fanboys out there.

For the measely price of 1500 yen, you can have a larger-than-1/8 scale figurine with unique and beautiful designs! How is that possible?

Simply put, the quality on a micro level is poor. But considering these costs twice the price of a single trading figure, we can give some leeway.

But when viewed from a decent distance, this Mermaid Rei looks mighty fine. Mermaids are hot because they wear bikinis. Mermaids are also hot because they have flashy tails. And Rei is possibly the hottest feminine artistic creation ever, alongside other heroines like Nagato Yuki and Sawachika Eri. So Mermaid + Rei = Win. In fact, anything + Rei = win.

So I took Rei out to the local waterspots around my area, namely the fountain and the pool.

The base is very nice. It’s like a stack (in geographical terms I think) but with the added bonus of some marine life! Perched on top of it, Rei looks so graceful. This base is actually solid and very stable. It’s an outstanding platform through which this figurine’s aesthetics are heightened.

Turtle power. Cowabunga!

With the most minimum of clothing, namely a white stylish strapless bikini and erm a tail, Rei shows a lot of skin. These do not have the best of both molding and painting. On top of that, the rather sickening glossy finish is like a permanant sheen of oil. The metallic choker is a nice addition though.

Here you can see in detail the poor aspects of Mermaid Rei. There are lots of flash (excess plastic) and seam lines abound. Her hair isn’t very sharp too.

Her facial expression is still Rei-ish. The face is ok, I have no issues with it.

Ok this is the best part. What is great about this figurine are the shoulders and back. Slim, petite and sexy!

With defined shoulder blades, slender arms and a skimpy thong, this is about the only figurine I pose with her back facing me. The long tails of her bikini are somewhat seductive as well.

Instead of nekomimi, Rei has Seashellmimi.

Rei is holding onto a shell, which looks a bit like a Mermaid musical instrument of sorts.

Check out the titties! Not cool! Plastic cleavage!

And Rei and I headed for the swimming pool.

"When can I go back to the sea", Rei asks. "The sea’s black here in Singapore." I said.

"Ok then I’ll stay here forever with you."

I sound like Satou from the NHK.

Mermaids should be wet.

I rate this figurine highly in the cost to aesthetics ratio. For almost about the price, Yujin’s crappy SR DX are teh suck!! But this SEGA series of Rei is a must collect for Eva fanboys. On the horizon are Yukata Rei (shipped already), Motorbike Rei, Warrior Rei, Police Rei, Sweet Witch Rei and many more!! Be sure to collect them all. Btw Asuka sucks.

10 Responses to “Figure Review: Mermaid Rei - It’s Amazing how Rei Makes Even Poor Quality Hot.”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki

    Rei is teh suck. Lol. just kidding. I can’t believe you bought her though. Mermaids are chessy.

  2. 2 Waterfall

    Rei >> Asuka
    Asuka is too aggressive and whiny. :P

    But the real question is: When will Gainax stop making any more EVA merchandise?!?

  3. 3 j.valdez

    >> “Rei is possibly the hottest feminine artistic creation ever…”


    >> “So Mermaid + Rei = Win. In fact, anything + Rei = win.”

    agree. agree.

  4. 4 bj0rN`-

    Omg~ I’m shocked. Anwyay, REI FTW! Now I gotta go check out my stuffs I just got.

  5. 5 Steven Den Beste

    When will Gainax stop making any more EVA merchandise?!?

    When it stops selling, and not a minute before.

  6. 6 tj_han

    I feel compelled to explain something. Gainax is not the one making the figurines and merchandise. People (figurine companies etc) notice a demand, apply for a license from Gainax and make the products. Why would Gainax say no to free money?

  7. 7 Iman

    Rei is holding onto a shell, which looks a bit like a Mermaid musical instrument of sorts.

    I think Rei’s holding onto a kind of ocarina instead of a shell :P

  8. 8 Crayotic Rockwell

    I’ll give you Nagato Yuki, but Rei never struck me as much more interesting than a realdoll.

  9. 9 Tim

    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Darling it’s better
    Down where it’s wetter
    Take it from me
    Up on the shore they work all day
    Out in the sun they slave away
    While we devotin’
    Full time to floatin’
    Under the sea


    First time I’ve seen a mermaid wearing a thong bikini.

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