I finished episode 24 a few minutes ago and I shall do a random rant.

Mannn I really love ALL the characters. Even Kouda-sensei, whose face was never shown. Takemoto, who grew up so much in the last few episodes, makes me want to go on a trip myself.

I’ve never been an arty person, so I can’t really relate to Hagu. While Mayama, Rika and Yamada’s story was interesting, I wasn’t too moved. Lovey stuff doesn’t really get true to me, but I’m a sucker for growing up soul searching journeys, like Eureka seveN’s Renton’s. Takemoto is pretty similar but less angsty than Renton.

I cried 1 time and teared 2 times during these 24 episodes. It was all during Takemoto’s scenes, namely ep 5 when he went back home, ep 23 when he worked as a construction worker and the final episode where my face was in a permanant contortion of emotion. Not as much as other people I think.

I had a lot to say but I can’t get it out. Going through these 24 episodes over a period of three days, watching it at the office, at home and at the dad’s office today, I think I’ve changed as a person. Perhaps I’ll now look at my social relationships, future goals and way of life more seriously. Some of the situations in Hachikuro, I could relate to, having experienced them in real life. Others, I may, in future, since I’ve yet to go to university. But I must proclaim that this is the best life/romance/drama show I’ve ever seen.

The quality dropped somewhat  in the middle, coincidentally when Waltz wasn’t the ED. That’s a great song. Yamada cries too much, but I understand why. Out of all the females in the show, Yamada’s probably my favourite but in a sort of MOE way. The feeling of wanting to protect someone who’s naive to the ways of hungry men, even if you don’t like them romantically… I’m sure many of us here have experienced it. What Mayama did may seem selfish to some, but it’s really natural. Another sort of protective love applies to Rika the tragic heroine. Yet another sort of protective love also applies on Hagu, who’s so frail and small. So I really like everyone.

As for the guys, at the start I thought Mayama was the greatest. But Takemoto’s honesty and journey won me over. It’s amazing how he transformed from a crewcut kid who couldn’t express his feelings, to a macho-manly tanned super biker hot handsome hero. Mayama’s still great of course,being able to follow his love yet still taking care of Yamada. Most guys would just take her and dump after use. Morita is special, muchlike Sexy Commando’s Masaru-san. They are both voiced by Ueda Yuji, who uses the same voice and tone for both.

I find both Takemoto x Hagu and Morita x Hagu to be totally feasible. In this sense, it’s a bit like Canvas 2’s main battle. I have mixed feelings about Nomiya x Yamada though. It’s good that he isn’t as bad as Mayama thought he was, but I never did like the idea of experienced lady killers hooking with innocent young girls.

The animation is breath-takingly beautiful. The backgrounds, scenery, fluidity, character designs, everything. The music is perfect, like every ep would have a different sentimental song but the greatest is still the piano version of Waltz.

Special mention goes to Takemoto’s Tower of Youth version 1. When I saw it, I thought it truly represented what he was. Always going on, aimlessly, randomly without purpose and form yet strong enough to not topple. I’m no art expert (or have any knowledge at all) so all the fancy paintings and stuff don’t make any sense. But when something has such strong symbolic meaning, it’s really quite heart-rending.

I’ll never look at bicycles the same way again. Ferris wheels as well. Now I’ll move onto the second season. I wonder what’s going to be in it, since the end of season 1 was pretty conclusive already.

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  1. 1 Sasa

    Aaaah, very good, you finally watched it!

    “Not as much as other people I think.” - I loved the anime, but there was only one single scene that I found touching (and that wasn’t for Takemoto, but for Hagu). I didn’t tear at all… So I guess it’s possible to like Honey & Clover without drowning in tears.

  2. 2 Tsubaki

    Aye aye, I’m starting my H&C marathon today.

  3. 3 Os

    Season two will come at you faster. You may have to watch an episode twice before going on, except for episode 1. JOSEI!!!!!!!

  4. 4 Seth

    Okay, I know you’re gonna go watch H&C II now, but I want you to listen very closely to me, because there’s something important you need to do:


  5. 5 Michael

    I love you man. I DROWNED in tears. I love you man.

  6. 6 TedFox

    I’m waiting for the ferris wheel @ marina south to be completed. (if it ever does) I’m definitely going for a few rides.

  7. 7 Hige

    Takemoto’s homecoming was the only time I genuinely cried like a womang. All this growing up bollocks does nothing for me; it’s ALL about the broken home issues.

    His mum… in bed sick… sob :(

  8. 8 VtexGt3

    I came across a few scans from magazines with honey and clover pictures, and also the OST cover, in all the chases you see something special between Morita and Yamada, holding hands, and other stuff. Any thoughts on that?

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