Project K: Become Kyouya in Nine Months!

I have nine months till I enter university. I’m leaving the military in about five months and then starting school in April. So, for the sake of fun, adventure and possible financial + social improvements, I will now comence the "Become Kyouya in Nine Months" Project.

Silly as it sounds, I asessed my options and out of all the host club members, the closest in terms of physique and apearance would be Ootori Kyouya. So let’s see if I can pull this off.

What I have now:

Spectacles. Yeah man. OK, just need to buy a few for variety.
Black hair. Straight too. OK.
Height. OK. Kyouya’s 180 and I’m 178.
Build. Basic bone structure OK. Needs more toning though.
Eyes. Black pupils, evil eyes. Good enough.

What I’ll need to work on:

Anime-ish sharp chin and slender face. This can hopefully be achieved through a strict exercise routine with heavy focus on aerobic activities. I looked at my old pictures, those back when 15 or so and I had Kyouya chin! It must be the KFC, McDonalds and two years of non-exercise lol.

Speech. I’ll need to start practising his incisive sacarstic tone.

Skin. All anime characters have perfect skin. I’m looking at either makeup or some plastic surgery. I’m not sure if I want to follow his white skintone though. Perhaps a tan would be better in real life.

Slender yet muscular physique. Regular resistance training at high repetition with light weights?

Fashion. I suppose this could be the easiest part. If I buy less figurines, money would be more abundant.

Hair. I can’t keep that kind of hair now so I’ll have to start in January. Don’t think this is too difficult.

Eyebrows. Maybe some plucking would suffice.

Finances. I have to dream.

Finally, an optional one would be character. I’ll need to think fast and logically, manipulate people, use money effectively as a tool and blackmail.

Let’s see by the end of nine months, how much would I have achieved? Well, if I fail, I’ll just end up like Mayama which is fine too. But stalking is a bit less glamorous than manipulation. Oh well with GUTS AND EFFORT, we’ll see how it goes. Unfortunately right now I’m more like NHK’s Yamazaki so the G & E has to be plentifu



22 Responses to “Project K: Become Kyouya in Nine Months!”

  • Well… … …

    At least you aren’t this feller @ SGCafe who wants to be Kyouya… … … and he doesn’t even look somewhat like him. On top of that, he’s probably a homosexual.

  • So technically, you’re cosplaying Kyouya 24/7?

  • I’m sure that was a typo. You meant that in your tremendous effort to try to look like Mayama, you might fall short and end up like Kyouya. I’m sure. Stalker techniques are not for the weak willed. There is more work that has to be done. Take lessons with me. Pro Stalkers in no time.

  • hahaha. i was laughing so hard at ur project title =P it’s really cute~ but the “anime-ish chin” part was kinda overdoing it…. you’ll never get that!!! i hope ur not serious about “being a character” like that. but i hope u become *decent looking* for ur university =) anyway, you’re in military? then how do u get the time for ur blog?? i thought military people aren’t allowed computers =S o well…. good luck~!!

  • you do realize that the defining characteristic of kyouya (and the rest of the hosts) is not his look but his personality. that will take far more effort to truly assume.

    acceptance of the self comes easier than change.

    school terms that start in april are to the southeast. UNSW?

  • Looks are more important and realistically achievable. Besides, it’s just a tangible goal for myself.

    I’m not from Australia!

  • Good Luck!

  • You should post before and after pictures. xD. Good luck~

  • Interesting goal you have. :O

    Where did you get Chinese subtitles for Ouran?

  • I do hope you won’t be as cold as Mr. Shadow King. And please, don’t imitate his waking up late in the morning. And, no, please don’t charge anyone for any chores you do for others. 8,000,000yen is a very big sum of money.

    Yes, any guy would become gay for kyouya because he’s so hot with that uber gorgeous hair and undeniably sexy attitude. I’d leave Mori-sama for a piece of hunka-hunka burnin’ love! ahahahaha. Gotta love that shadow king.

    Hey, Mr.Han, do you have kyouya’s good-looking japanese eyes? nyahahahaha. Kyouya Kyouya Kyouya. If I were haruhi I’d let him rape me. ahahhahahahahaha. *green thoughts*

  • *Is very disturbed by Mrs Morinozuka* And is it possible to “let” someone rape you? If your letting them wouldn’t that be consenting to the act, hence it’s not rape? Also… *wonders what “green thoughts” are*

    Anyway good luck with your transformation. As suggested before, a before and after comparison would be nice ^^. I think Kyouya’s evil yet beautiful eyes will be the hardest. (Your not seriously going to get plastic surgery for this little project of yours are you?)

    Getting into his personality might be fun, but be careful. ^^ I know guys that tried acting like anti-social delinquents and they found it so fitting for themselves, they couldn’t change back XD. So yeah, force your personality to change, and you might not be able to revert back later:P

    ONce again good luck.

  • Unbelievable…

    I had often wondered whether anyone else suffered “Compulsive Persona Emulation Syndrome: Megane Character Variation”. And here you are – with a course of treatment no less!

    If the nine-month procedure proves to be effective (it has been roughly 6 months, of course) then I sooo want in!

  • I wonder if you have made any progress in becoming like Kyouya by now.

  • wow….ridiculous..although kyoya is major hot….dont be like him! get a life dork
    college WILL EAT YOU ALIVE

  • Yes, it’s been over 9 months now, did you reach your goal at all ?
    Mayama counts – looking anime in any shape or form counts, its hard, so it’s progress if you did.

  • Lol no. I am more Mayama now.

  • That’s just fine:) Good for you. I always thought Mayama was sorta cute. Other than his stalker attributes (which are strangely appealing in anime form- in real life, its a no-no)..he’d make a rock steady boyfriend. Lookswise- Much better in anime than in the movie- don’t aim for the actor who plays Mayama:P

  • I think Kyoya is a toatle HOTTE! I just know that all girls who watch OuranHighSchoolHostClub is in love with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey, good Idea!!! Kyoya is soooooo cute -^_^- my favorite charactor.. so is Mori. but I hope it goes well!! good luck!. :)

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