Weekly Shopping Rounds

It’s been quite the quiet week for shopping. Till today.

I took half a day off from work to catch the last day of the 20% Kinokuniya sale, and purchase some badly-needed supplies. Spurred on by the discount, I got quite a bit of manga. After that,  it was straight to the Akiba of Singapore, the Middle Road area, which has the merchandise hub Sunshine Plaza and the famed electronics hub, Sim Lim Square.

The complete list of items GET!

  1. Azumanga Daioh Vol 1-4 (finally decided to buy it)
  2. Get Backers Vol 33 (after so many books, you just have to finish the series even if it sucks)
  3. Suzuka Vol 10 (ooh can’t wait to read it)
  4. Vagabond Vol 22 (ditto)
  5. Bleach Vol 21 (read the chapters already, so not big deal)
  6. Prince of Tennis Vol 31 (same as Get Backers)
  7. Detective Conan Vol 52 (more never-ending carnage… the murder rate within 100m of Conan is probably 2 people per day)
  8. Gintama Vol 2 (dull shounen so far…)
  9. Demonbane Vol 1 (preparing myself for the shipment of the Al Azif figurine. Have to know more about her before I start admiring the figurine)
  10. D’Gray-man Vol 7 (dark and messy)
  11. Hayate no Gotoku Vol 4 (mildly funny, moe and tsundere elements)
  12. He is My Master Vol 1-3 (Watched the anime, but lolicontrol was strongly recommending the manga.)
  13. USB powered vacuum cleaner (OMG this is worthless.. it cannot do anything. In fact, the side vents blow air out much like a regular fan but there’s barely any suction. At least there’s a powerful lightbulb that illuminates dust. Use in tandem with a REAL vaccum caleaner.)
  14. 50 DVD-Rs (burn machine gun style)
  15. 80 Capacity DVD wallet (machine gun magazine)
  16. New mousepad (I was tempted by the pad which had 2 boobs and an anime girl pic. You rest your wrist on the cleavage. But I didn’t buy that one.)
  17. A new 80 GB external 2.5in HDD (yeah now I don’t have to micromanage my anime episodes. It can get stressful when the downloads are gushing in and I can’t keep up with burning and watching.)

Arghh that was a lot of money. But as Madarame from Genshiken says, “Food is a luxury, not a necessity for us Otaku.” or something to that effect, I’ll just eat less and lose some weight along the way. Healthy living.

Finally, my Anna and Miu figurines have been sitting at the post office for 5 days now. I have yet to collect them. Why do postal services not deliver to the home?

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