Hey A Bigger Event than OTAKON! TAMAYA!! KAGIYA!!

Ok that was a trick title. The only anime-related thing this event has is the me reading PLUTO volume 2 while waiting for the show to start.

It’s a good manga really.

The event is the National Day Parade 2006, which is an annual celebration of the day, as kwok puts it, "the day when my people were thrown aside by our northern neighbours to die in the wilds". And look how things turned out! Hence we celebrate fervently every year with multi-million dollar parades and more fireworks than Black Lagoon and Coyote Ragtime Show combined.

I was there to work, unfortunately. Despatching my underling photographers to the far corners of the stadium much like how Kira uses his DRAGOON system, I then planted my ass on the bench and did not move for the next 4 hours. Much like Tezuka in Prince of Tennis. Here’s a pictorial look at the whole event. Note that my camera was a Fuji Finepix Z2, not the most professional but it was red and white, the national colours. Photography became a nightmare after the sun set, having had to use settings like ISO 1600 lol.

This year’s parade was pretty bad compared to last year’s, which was decentralised and held simultaneously at 5 different spots with tanks rumbling across the country in a flashy mobile column. This year had little military presence but more dancing. I don’t like dancing. The complicated choreography of every item just shows how much these people put in to perfect their routines. 5 months of harsh spartan training paid just for this day, poor kids.

The National Stadium, a 65,000 seater, will be demolished soon and this was the final parade held in it. Yeah it was about time, the place was crap.

Back to the parade, this year was rather mundane. The usual paratroopers (they are god-like l33t skillzzzz though), uniformed contingents, celebrity (sort of) emcees, school choirs and bands, helicopters, after-burning F-16 Fighting Falcons, lots of flashy costumes, lights and huge array of fireworks 360 degrees around the stadium.

The main draw of this year was probably the increased amount of fireworks, thanks to the concurrent holding of the Singapore Fireworks Festival no doubt. It was hard trying to capture these on film as they happened simultanously in all directions, it was quite majestic.

I have a set of these pictures that can be used for the 4koma.

Flying man on a balloon.

Note the loli. She’s hawt.

Shota with cool j-rock girl.

L33t parachutists.

They managed to land in the stadium on a tiny 10 x 10 m square. GOD SKILLS.

Lots of dancing. These are primary school kids too, imagine the torture they had to go through for this. RESPECT.

Tortured teenagers. These are the Comandos, the elite of the Army.

Loli. She noticed me though.

Countless Starwars Laser Cannons all over the place made for a great lightshow.

Interesting picture – Speed Grapher!

A lot of tortured souls.

Guess which country’s flag this is?

Chinook heli with 2 Apache Attack Helis.

Loli. She did not notice me.

President S R Nathan. He’s cool. But doesn’t really do the usual President stuff.

F-16 on afterburner.

The jrock girl’s real face.

The rank in the foreground is corporal. I am one too unfortunately.

Giant props!!! These were like DOMINATOR of Overman King Gainer, able to change shape and size at will.


All these have some sort of contrived symbolism, such as "UNITY OF YOUTH" or whatever.

Pyrotechnics from the DOMINATOR.

These actually were launched all around the stadium. AMAZING.

Flares and all sorts of fireworks.

There were a lot of giant balloons too. These could change colour and were very cool.

The lavish use of props and costumes is testament to the financial health of the country.

Scaled down, these pics just don’t look as impressive as they did.

This is my favourite picture. Coloured fireworks don’t show up as well on picture for me.

This golden shower (lol) was pretty breath-taking.















The balloon + fireworks combi was very unique.








Finale. All the performers got together to sing patriotic songs. I have to admit these songs are as nostalgic as Gatekeepers.

The crowd each got one goody bag with tonnes of freebies. Among these are torches and lighted caps, which accounts for the lights in the gallery.

More singing.

Finally, a massive balloon release.

10 Responses to “Hey A Bigger Event than OTAKON! TAMAYA!! KAGIYA!!”

  • I missed the entire thing. XD

  • Having a hanabi taikai in a stadium is a good idea, hard to get a bad seat for it that way. Makes me sad the 4th of July is over, so it’ll be a long time before I see hanabi again…

    The rank in the foreground is corporal. I am one too unfortunately.

    Hey, at least you outrank Tamama.

  • Ah, it’s the Republic of Singapore, isn’t it. A land of milk, honey, and loli, from what I can see from your pictures. lol

    Oh, forgot the fireworks. Can’t forget the fireworks. :)

    Anyway, Happy National Day.

  • It’s an event when unused stuff are used.

  • i couldnt be bothered to watch it since i was on a boat to tekong last year during the parade, i ended up teaching my friend how to keng mc and go out with me in the end :X

    i had a not bad national day :)

  • NOTHING’S BIGGER THAN OTAKON… besides anime expo… and comic con… and an average asian man’s penis… oh and tripeman…

  • Lol I was there on medical cover… They had a lot of excess goodie bags so I (and a lot of others) ended up like bringing back 4 home, one of which I gave the taxi driver XD…



  • In Singapore, loli notices you on National Day!

  • When u’re screaming “TAMAYA!!” in full bold words as if u’re the ‘fireworks’ who going to blow up, hardy har har…lol… *ends of sarcasm*
    U know what? the quote u’ve taken from mr.kwok “the day when my people were thrown aside by our northern neighbours to die in the wilds”.
    It wasnt bad idea at all…if u know how stink internally the current neighbour…
    That quote might change into “i regret that day when my people/parents didnt gave us independence”.
    Singapore now is as if were “Tiny China” or “Hong Kong”…
    Well…maybe i’m just mumbering, Happy National Day. hohoho

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