Yup, the boyishly-adorable Souseiseki’s next after Suiseiseki, Kanaria and Suigintou. Yujin are surely going to release ALL the maidens at this rate and everyone will be cursing their lack of foresight in not getting Suiseiseki. FUCKKKKKKKK!!!

Well, this is going for a cheaper price than Suigintou. 2700 yen to be exact and it’s a October release. Unlike the previous Kanaria and Suigintou which had special bases, Souseiseki seems to have no such special treatment. Instead the main gimmick appears to be her scissors, which .. is sort of real.

The scissors really looks detailed, with shimmery metallic parts. Souseiseki also happens to be my 2nd favourite maiden, after Shinkuu. So, grudgingly, Yujin, I will offer you my money.

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  1. 1 DrmChsr0

    Wait, Souseiseki summons a Pikachu with those huge scissrs?

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