3 x Haul and First Impressions: Yukata Rei, Eri, Lain

Finally. These were stuck at the post office for quite a few days, since no one was around to collect them when the mailman delivered the parcel. From left to right is Sawachika Eri of School Rumble, Ayanami Rei of Eva (like duh) in a short yukata and Lain of Serial Experiment Lain.

I am ashamed/proud to say that I spent 43 thousand yen on figures last month, excluding those I bought with cash. Besides the three above, I also have the two new Revoltech, King Gainer and Eva-02, the two waitress Ichigo Mashimaro girls, Dark Saber, Mermaid Rei and Kanaria.

Now for some first impressions.

Eri is not Eri. We knew that from the promo pictures though. The box is the same design as the previous two. Eri in the above pic actually looks a bit like .. Eri but the figurine itself is a bit strange. PITY. Good Smile you blew it!!!

Yukata Rei looked awesome from the promo pics. The packaging art is very nice and cute, with chibified versions of the two main heroines of Eva. Generally, for its price, I don’t have any complaints. The yukata is so cute though the hem is a bit too short to exist in real life. One thing – she is cross-eyed. Tragic.

Lain, being more than four (4!!!)  times the price of Rei, is not very attractive sadly. Her eyes are a bit weird. I like the diorama though.

So this batch is <3 for the actual characters but less love for the figurines themselves. Full reviews coming soon!

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