In a fit of impulse, or rather the fact that this Alter 1/5 Rei was going for a mere 85 dollars, I spent the money that was supposed to be for Megahouse’s Karakuri Circus set on yet ANOTHER Rei figurine. While this is my fourth one (with a few more on the way), this Alter 1/5 PVC of Bandaged Rei in a plugsuit is the only Rei I have that is "in-character" and not dressed up as tennis players, mermaids and school chicks. This is also the first non-SEGA Rei figurine I have.

Alter truly doesn’t disappoint, even with their usual high standards. I was awed by the multi-layered hair, the detailed and crisp plugsuit and the bandages.

For these few pictures, I tried flash for a more evil setting.

Turned out alright I guess for a limited camera with no external flash and lighting.

Larger figurines (1/6 and above) tend to suck when mass-produced for a few reasons. Their large size makes them Godzillas when displayed alongside other figurines and hence the appeal is lost. The large size also means any deficiences in paint or molding are amplified and more visible. They are just plainly more expensive. And their immense weight does prove problematic when the figurine is standing.

Now, Rei here is 1/5. That’s the record scale I have and thus made me a bit apprehensive about this purchase. But Alter did well to solve the above problems. The detail on Rei is so great and mistakes few. She’s also curled up in a sitting position making her height including the base about 15 cm and so no Godzilla. Alter priced Rei at 6,800 yen, which is pretty alright since the fucking Lain by Geneon was 6800 yen was well and a 1/8 with crap quality. Figure prices have been steadily creeping upwards lately and we used to think 6,800 yen was prohibitively expensive since the average 1/8 cost 3000+. Now with 1/8s costing 5000-6000 as well, 1/6s are now a viable option. And Rei is sitting so there isn’t any weight held by her arms or legs. The material’s pretty thick and dense too, so warping is impossible.


Rei is sitting on her sweet ass in a plugsuit, with her head and eye bandaged. She has her legs propped up, her leg leg rests on the base while the right one is slightly lower, touching the ground. Rei’s left palm is flat behind her supporting and her right is curled up in front of her chest. You can actually place objects into her right hand. I put the Saya katana in and from an angle looks like Rei committed Seppuku.

The plugsuit is cleanly painted with a few niggly defects such as the dark blue areas being ununiform and the panel lines a bit messy. Bad things first - the dark blue areas are perhaps intentionally or otherwise, sparse in some areas with hints of white undertones. Whether this is design or manufacturing flaw, I wouldn’t know. Her panel lines (lol I use this term even though she’s not a mecha) are also messily done. These are the lines on mainly her legs and knees. The lines are cut deep but the dark paint for outline was not properly applied, resulting in uneven lines, overspills. They may have used a wash method of application, which is perfect for weathering mecha but not too suitable for supposedly clean lines on a girl.

On first look, Rei may look pretty plain but there are actually TEN colours used plus crisp Pad-painted decals. But these aren’t what make Rei look detailed. The most outstanding part of this figure is the head, including the face and hair. Look at the hair! Totally gorgeous blend of blues, it’s the most layed and finely sculpted hair I’ve ever owned.

Rei’s face is perfect. She has the silent and dark aura she usually exudes, a very sharp pointed chin and the eyepatch up the sexy level by 200. But the eyes are the best. Simply because they are PAINTED. Most figurines use decals for the eyes and while these always have more detail, there’s a sense of artificiality. Rei’s eyes are totally painted for a cold glare.

As for her plugsuit, pictures show the awesomeness better. The metallic piece on her chest is almost watch-like precise and the bolts are coloured bronze. The printed 00s are cool too. Rei’s kanji is Zero.

The base is a yellow ABS base that is painted and shaded. Most bases are colour-molded but not this one. The design is a bit strange, with a silver point and two holes on either side. What are the holes for, I do not get. Maybe they are for screwing down the base to the shelf. The painted dark yellow does go well with Rei though.

No pantyshots but Rei does have surprisingly large tits. I haven’t watched Eva for almost a decade and all the fanart confuses me. How big are her breasts again?? And her ass is sweet though a bit compressed from the sitting.

She almost maxes out the scoring charts. SInce I got her at a discount, the cost-effectiveness meter is high too. She’s BEYOND GOD-LIKE.

15 Responses to “Figure Review: Bandages + Rei + Plugsuit = AB Field (Absolute Beauty)”  

  1. 1 T_T|||

    That’s one super fanboy review. Rei’s kanji is Zero. lol Garo. Should I buy Asuka instead? gg

  2. 2 Tsubaki

    Okay, you just tempted me to buy it.
    And I’m left with $20 in my bank. Fuck.

  3. 3 Randall Fitzgerald


  4. 4 T_T|||

    Randall >> Yeah you’re Randall alright.

  5. 5 Haesslich

    The chest is bloody HUGE. But man, the details on that plugsuit, and the face, are incredibly good for a massed-produced figure. Where’d you get that, anyways?

  6. 6 tj_han

    i got it at a local store. But HLJ is still selling this one. I dont think the chest is huge as I recall Rei having enlarged titties when the plugsuit is put on, for some reason. But those sure are nice. Droolllzz.

  7. 7 kento

    tj_han >> which local store might it be? the only figurine stores i’ve been to is in far east plaza, i’d love to pay a visit if i’m ever in singapore.

  8. 8 tj_han

    It’s at China Square Central. There are a few stores selling anime, mecha and other collectibles there. Go there on Sundays for a decent flea market in addition the to permanant stores.

    Otherwise, Sunshine Plaza is a good stop for anime merchandise as well.

  9. 9 helspectre

    ah, the joys of having a paycheck.

  10. 10 wyred

    What is the name of this shop at China Square Central?

  11. 11 tj_han

    It’s called treasureland. On the first floor.

  12. 12 pKjd

    That is smoking HAWT. Man, and it’s a 1/5th scale model. I love it. But I’m more into Asuka than anybody, so I’d probably get her first. Oh, and I commend you on your outstanding photography skills.

  13. 13 wyred

    Heh heh. I went down today after lunch to check out the place.

    It wasn’t open so I went in to “Vincent’s Toys” which is just next to it. Found the same figure but they were selling it at $89. When I left the store, Treasure Land was open.

    And so in the end……. I bought one. orz

  14. 14 tj_han

    I need some commision. That means there are probably only 3 copies.

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