Yukatas are the single most conservatively sexy traditional costume in this world. Then came the modern mini-yukatas, with their hemline high enough for sexy legs to shine and still retaining the ethnic flavour.

Rei is possibly the single most alluring anime female in history.

Money is an invaluable asset we all love to have, and for some, is the single most important measure of success. More money is naturally more win.

So in theory, by combining Rei, a mini-yukata and a low price (which saves money), the end result should be a complete landslide victory that would make even Azuma Kazuma envious.

Where did it all go wrong?

Simple. We got a blue-haired seemingly female character masquerading as our beloved Ayanami. That would be acceptable if not for the added blow of this girl being diagnosed with optical and facial disorders.

So having paid 1500 yen (see? good things rarely come cheap) for what I thought was a Rei in a mini-Yukata doing a bashful pose to protect her modesty, I got a Rei cosplayer all cross-eyed and mouse-faced, sticking her rear out like some cosplay AV actress demanding meat stick. Disgraceful! OK I’m actually pretty happy with everything except the hair and the face.

This Summer Festival Rei is by SEGA and comes in a set along with the abominable Asuka, who I did not buy simply because she is the beast. Look at the promo art! I thought I was getting something like that.

Anyway, this Rei figurine is pretty large at about 18 cm, comes with a grey base that mimicks bricked ground and is tightly screwed (irony) on.

Rei is leaning forward, with her cute, pert little ass sticking out. She has her hands in-between her thighs and holding onto a light blue fan. Something must be hot down there. So far so good, the pose is sexy, the base is secure albeit as good-looking as Nicholas Cage.

A skirt of Najica-proportions

Her white yukata isn’t the most well-painted but thanks to its simplicity, the shoddy paintwork isn’t very apparent from distance. Her brown sash (obi) is tied with a giant bow plus a little foxy white tail like appendage which reminds me a bit of Inukami tails. I sort of like the idea but the crap application makes her yukata look like a China bootleg.

Rei has the matsuri necessity - an ugly mask. Hers is a fox mask and it hangs on the right side of her head through magic. The left side of Rei’s head has her plugsuit accessory thingy.


I tried not to look at the face. It ruins everything. Stick that face on even the finest Bubba creation and no one will go near it for fear of catching something. This Rei-wannabe figure is cross-eyed and even worse, armed with a cranky smile only the likes of Dr West from Demonbane are supposed to make. While the touch of pink blusher on her cheeks is admirable, the effect is similar to making a bullfrog wear an Armani suit.

Don’t look at meee~ it burns.

No tits and a lacklustre upskirt complete the total wreck this figure is.

The saving grace of this figure is the price. At 1500 yen, this is 1/3 the price of an average PVC figurine of this size. It’s also 1/3 the quality though. WIth ample moulding lines, unnatural hair tone and colour, shoddy paintwork and an unattractive base, the coup de grâce is the insanely retarded face. Back to the box you go, imposter Rei!

15 Responses to “Figure Review: Summer Festival Rei was Supposed to be Hot <_>”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki

    She’s flat chested, has squint eyes and has such a ugly fox mask.

    Tj, you’re always buying trash.

  2. 2 Alafista

    ooo … the figurine seems to be badly painted

  3. 3 Gary Ee

    As a confirmed Reihead, I must say that if they have to milk the Shin Seiki Evangelion cash cow, the least that they could do is to do justice to Ayanami-sama-tachi (regardless of which Rei they model).

  4. 4 Juice

    at least buy asuka too to make a pair with her >.

  5. 5 Os

    Hmm, from the far away angle, it looks pretty bad but that one close up, it doesn’t look THAT bad. I think the rest looks cute, though.

  6. 6 LianYL

    What do you expect from 1500 yen? My Busou Shinki weapon set alone is that price.

  7. 7 Randall Fitzgerald

    Is that a price-tag tampon there? She’s a classy lady. Also, stop buying NGE stuff and complaining. All NGE shit is shit. SHIIIIT!

  8. 8 = =..otz

    1500 yen….not bad,not….too bad.=___=

  9. 9 Steven Den Beste

    The biggest problem with the face is that Rei never smiles. If the statue is smiling, it’s not a statue of Rei.

  10. 10 sibladeko

    Wow I was always a big fan of USS Clueless…to think you sail the oceans of loli as well…

  11. 11 Neohybrid_kai

    her smile remind me of the Rei in The end of Evangelion, lol

  12. 12 IvanHoeHo

    Her face and eye shape just killed it for me.

  13. 13 rabidkimba

    Really, for something that some expert UFO-catcher otaku probably fished out of a machine for 100 yen (I got my Asuka for around 400), you can’t reasonably expect much for a figure of that size. But then again, Rei’s face really is terrible on that figure.

  14. 14 rabidkimba

    On second thought, an alternate theory explaining the quality: After Himawari!, Okama has become the go-to guy for “oh no our shit looks really bad and no one will want to buy our stuff lets call up someone that can do some really slick promo art for us!”

    I don’t know how long it will work on me, but it hasn’t failed yet :(

  15. 15 OU


    Hurhurhur, you know you will. hlj has both.

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