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After enjoying a high of inspiration thanks to Yomigaeru Sora: Rescue Wings and furiously churning out a long post to promote its greatness, I am now suffering from a refractory period. Nothing has provided enough inspiration for me to produce another post. There are no earth-shaking figurine news, just run-of-the-mill stuff. Save for the 1/4(!) scale Hoshino Ruri in a swimsuit and 1/5 Ruri in waitress outfit, both cold cast. If you don’t grasp the size of 1/4 and 1/5, note that the dimunitive girl actually stands at 37 and 33 cm respectively. Priced at 23,100 yen and 20,760 yen, this is out of reach for most casual collectors due to its space and financial demands.

Back to the topic, I don’t do episode commentaries since so many other people are doing it better. For the anime aspect of this blog, I’ll like to do posts similar to the previous one and the Shounen Sickness. Unfortunately, there is no other series which are great but unpopular, worthy of any promotion right now.

I will now do a list of what’s hot and what’s not of the series currently still showing (or still in the process of being subbed). This is my choice and I’m sure people will disagree, please voice them in the comments section. I will probably do posts on the individual anime in the top tier soon.

The currently running great ones are:

Not in any order of merit.

  1. Eureka seveN
  2. Pani Poni Dash
  3. Yomigaeru Sora: Rescue Wings
  4. Ergo Proxy
  5. Capeta
  6. Magikano
  7. MS Igloo (OVA)
  8. Hellsing (OVA)
  9. One Piece (I have not watched this but I’m biased since the manga is so good and the anime follows it.)

These are the ones I can’t wait for the next episode of. It’s a good mix of the top of their genres, like E7 is THE mecha anime right now, on par with FMP since it makes up for its lesser comedy with an engaging long epic storyline.

Pani Poni Dash is the ultimate in Otaku comedy, including not just billions of references in creative situations but really deep (lol) jokes and moe characters, a set of the top seiyuu and wonderful OP and ED song and sequences.

RW is the boss of realism. It owns the genre.

Ergo Proxy is the only dark sci-fi right now, and I like dark sci-fi.

Capeta is quite the typical shounen sports anime. But I like go-karting and can learn some skills from this (I hope). I’m also a sucker for good sports anime. This may not be Slam Dunk level, but it’s still a tear jerkingly good at some points. Btw I only cry at sports, war and rescue shows.

Magikano, awesome seiyuu comedy. I find most of the jokes’ success due to the skill of the seiyuu and the intentionally unorthodox ugly characters. I’m not the biggest fan of harem, but this is good harem. Comedy is always the way to go for harem, and emotional harem is the worst. If you want emotions, have a proper 1 on 1 relationship, not go out with a bunch of girls.

MS Igloo is the 2nd best Gundam series. For those Seed fanboys and girls (are there any left after the catastrophe that was Destiny?), you will have to learn a bit about the original Gundam universe. Btw the best is 08th MS Team and this MS Igloo is more similar to 08th than it is to all the other Gundams. With awesome and full CGI, well choreographed and perfect battle scenes, proper deaths, this is one episodic anime series that is a must watch for everyone. Even your mother and school principal. Hey I like Tomino too, but the best Gundams do not come from him. He just likes all these little pointless skirmishes that take up way too many episodes.

Hellsing Ultimate, made the proper way on the 2nd attempt.

One Piece is on course to be the greatest shounen series. Keep it going, Oda Eiichirou. I have barely watched the anime due to it being identical to the manga (I hope). I’ll be jobless starting from next January for four months, so I’ll watch it then.

The currently running 2nd tier great ones are:Not in any order of merit.

  1. Fate/ Stay Night
  2. Shakugan no Shana
  3. Blood+
  4. Canvas 2
  5. Kage Kara Mamoru
  6. Noein
  7. Karin
  8. Yakitate Japan
  9. Zipang
  10. Guyver
  11. Karas
  12. The Law of Ueki
  13. Black Cat
  14. Keroro Gunsou
  15. Lamune

These are the ones that I download and watch as soon as I have free time.

FSN hasn’t been the god-like anime it promised to be. Not at all. It just spends too much time building up the battles and its all a let-down. Every single time, some idiot (Emiya if you haven’t noticed) interrupts what could have been a great fight. At least Tsukihime’s Shiki was no idiot, he was cool and deadly. Emiya you are an idiot. Please die already.

Shakugan no Shana is picking up after its poor middle portion. I’m not enthralled with Shana’s moe power or her generic Nietono no Shana. I suspect the reason why I like it more is either the increasingly interesting story which is promising to deliver a big final battle, or the moans of Noto Mamiko.

Blood+ started well but fell behind like most 50 episode series. Even E7 had a bad start. Surprisingly, only Destiny had an exciting start but it all went downhill. Blood+ is the more common uphill anime, so with the introduction of 3 factions, I’m looking forward to some battle royale. Vampire style.

Canvas 2 is harem but with a twist. All the characters are pointless vases with no hope of getting the guy except for Kiri. The twist is that there is ONE character with a personality, unlike normal harem that have zero. That makes it kind of a romance series rather than a harem, since the relationship between the main character (damn these harem forgettable main character names) and Kiri is pretty dramatic and engaging.

Kage Kara Mamoru is just easy to watch, requiring about 2% of your brain capacity. It provides some laughs too, along with the cutely retarded Yuna who really has less brain power than Burumaru the dog. But she’s funny. Is it just me or is Sawagashi Airi a total reference/rip off of Sawachika Eri from School Rumble? They share similar names, are tsundere (Airi barely makes it), and uber rich.

Noein comes with cool and intriguing story, awesome fight scenes, distinctive character designs and a good voice cast. Basically ownage, but it just cannot break through the 2nd tier to become a top top anime. I suspect it is because Haruka saves the day all the time by basically WANTING to save the day. Haruka is too mature and perfect to be a kid. No kid acts that way. Kids act like Yui.

Karin is rapidly sliding down the league. It’s on the verge of relegation to the next section, with its milking of the same jokes. Elda just manages to stall the slide in the last 2 episodes. Basically, it’s all about Karin spraying blood, Usui being poor, Winner being an idiom-using name-calling retard and Maki’s cute. Anju is pretty funny though, she has really grown since the first ep.

The Law of Ueki is a series I started watching a week ago. I’m up till almost episode 20 now, out of the 42 available. So far, it’s been pretty decent. The main draw is the uber cool main character Ueki and Noto Mamiko as Rinko. Noto did a pretty bad job though, her voice doesn’t suit Rinko at all. The main thing is, Law of Ueki is totally similar to Shaman King. I actually liked Shaman King a lot (manga only) thanks to the three main characters of Yoh, Anna and Hao. Law of Ueki shares elements such as the Shaman Fight to be God, superpowers and one weak but cool character fighting an impossibly powerful and cooly deranged antagonist who charms other strong people into joining his gang. Ueki and Yoh are similar, but Ueki has an extra strong sense of Shounen Justice which is quite lame.

Yakitate Japan is going on too long for its own good. In its heyday, it was in the top league of anime. But like all cooking shows, the ideas run out sooner or later. The Monaco Cup consisted of dumping a bunch of rare ingredients together to get reactions full of puns from the pierrot. At last, the cup’s won and the show moves on. The new arc is more interesting, with Kuroyanagi as the judge instead of the tiresome pierrot. A shocking piece of info - Pierrot’s seiyuu is none other than Seki Tomokazu who is SAGARA SOUSUKE. Man, he’s good.
Zipang is not too popular for obvious reasons. I shan’t get too political, but I do know for sure that majority of the people in Japan have zero idea of the truth behind WW2. As a country who knows only one language - Japanese, they cannot access information from outside their country without translations so the stuff they learn are always skewed. Anyway, back to this anime, I pretty much enjoy any war/military action (I know it’s evil but still..) and it’s quite interesting to see how the war is changed.

Guyver is a retro remake. If I’m not mistaken, the average Western viewer would not be familiar with this. Grotesque monsters are an old specialty of Japan, together with Super Mecha.

Karas has only three episodes out I think. Being an OVA, it has great animation and action sequences. Slightly overdone, the Karas scenes. The story promises to be great too.
Black Cat is a Gonzo mutant. I’m enjoying it because I liked the manga albeit it being a hotpot of shounen ideas but the anime is typically Gonzo, stressing style over everything. It’s easy on the eyes and you can just sit back and enjoy the action. It’s nice to see the story changed, as I do not want to see the manga only animated. One major problem - Sephilia is now a weak old hag. Why? Why? Why? She was the coolest, most beautiful and powerful character in Black Cat. She was a great man-manager that could use everyone to the best of their abilities. She was intelligent, graceful and loved Japanese culture. Now she’s an old hag that loses all the time, charging into battle like Naruto. And Inoue Kikuko’s voice is too mature/old for her. ARGAH. Someone better make a manga character design styled Sephilia 1/8 PVC or I’m going to stage a one man riot.

Keroro Gunsou is wildly popular and funny in Asia. Suitable for all ages, it’s like a Pani Poni for everyone, not just Otaku.

Lamune is a slice of life harem. What makes it work is a mystery. I find myself watching this, but not understanding why I do. It must be the Aria effect. Therapeutic anime stress dissolvency.

The currently running decent anime are:

Not in any order of merit.

  1. Kamichu
  2. Mushishi
  3. Kashimashi
  4. Solty Rei
  5. Binchoutan
  6. Jigoku Shoujo
  7. Shinigami no Ballad
  8. Petopetosan
  9. REC

I download these but they are piling up on my backlog. Just for clarification, Mushishi, Jigoku Shoujo and Kamichu would be great if only they weren’t so episodic. This makes the desire to watch it purely based on how good each episode is, rather than a normal connected anime which has factors like “must know what happens next”, “I love this character who reappears” and “it feels incomplete if I don’t finish this series”. The 3 anime lack these factors, which are an important draw for viewers. Let me give an example. Kino no Tabi was obviously an uber anime in terms of creativity, suspense, story and on but it was the epitome of an episodic anime and I had to motivate myself to sit through it even though I knew it was a great anime. I do not like forcing myself to watch anime. Mushishi, JS and Kamichu make me do that, even though by the end of each episode I would have enjoyed it. Btw Enmai Ai rocks totally.

The currently running rubbish are:Not in possession of any merit.

  1. Naruto (filler)
  2. Bleach (filler)
  3. Love Love?
  4. Koi Koi Seven (I think it ended but I really do not care)
  5. Tactical Roar (Is anything worse than Tactical Roar?)

These are bad. I have stopped watching the fillers, especially Naruto ones.Note how they add a bickering scene, eg Renji and Ichigo, Naruto and Kiba ever so often just to waste time and let the episode drag on. The illogical way the characters move is worse. Why ask Chad to knock down the door when the 2nd storey window is open and you are in shinigami mode (with a big sword that can slice buildings in half, what’s a door or two?)? I only continue watching Love Love? for its nudity. That’s what the show is all about, the nudity. As for Roar, it really brings harem anime to a whole new level. Downwards. I’m giving it a chance for its promised naval battles but I really can’t see it becoming anything as interesting as Zipang.

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  1. 1 Vanity

    Please do something about the links being almost indistinguishable from normal text.

  2. 2 kwok


  3. 3 tj_han86

    Links will now be underlined.

    Tada my new header. A montage of figurines.

  4. 4 Chairman Zhang

    Gah…I moving to my new house so I didn’t have time to finish the whole entry. Just wanted to ask/note a couple of things before I go. First, have you seen NGE/Rahxephon? That is because I find E7 to have a lot of the drama in common. Personally, I like E7 and find it a better version of Sousei no Aquarion, which was so bad I had to watch the whole thing. As for F/SN, I enjoy it but that is mainly because I had no expectations for it since I didn’t know anything about it. I’m expecting a really good second half because of the impending battle royale. Ok, sorry if it gets incoherent at times, I’m in a rush. I’ll comment again after I finish the whole post.

  5. 5 tj_han86

    That also means my post is too long. I’m trying to find some self-control haha. I have Raxephon in my hard disk but have yet to watch it. Yes I have seen NGE, some 10(?!) years back. I felt it was great, but due to a lack of maturity and a poor translation, I couldn’t fully grasp it.

    Anyway this post pertains to current running series.

  6. 6 Chairman Zhang

    Once again another interesting, albeit a bit long :) , post. I’m really really enjoying the analytical style of blogging you have been doing.
    Anyway, concerning NGE/RahXephon/Sousei no Aquarion/E7, I was just wondering if you saw the parallels in them. As for the ranking themselves, I haven’t watched most of them so I will only comment on those that I have watched. This is mainly because I started anime bout 4 months ago so I’ve been trying to catch up with the past shows and dl the new releases. Also, as I got more and more into animem my queue of old and new anime just got longer and longer lol…next month is going to be serious hell for my bittorrent client lol.
    But I digress, I forgot to mention that I did agree with your placement of F/SN at the moment but as previously stated, the show will definately increase in excitment as the second half unveils itself and everything comes to fruit.
    Ergo Proxy is shaping up to be an extremely enjoyable show especially with the unveiling of the new OP. The dark/cyber punk themes are very interesting although confusing at the current stage but we’re at ep. 3 so I’m not complaining.
    E7: great show, strangely enough I don’t mind the very NGE-ish drama(even though I can’t watch RahXephon b/c of it being the same type of drama…), only wish Eureka’s hair would grow back and that we’ll get to see her in an episode the way she looks like in the current ED :) lol
    Magikano: saw the first episode and thought it was hilarious, for some reason, I decided to wait till it was over and then get a batch torrent which is turning out to be a really bad decision…sigh oh well
    Hellsing(OVA):really nice animation/story, interesting, didn’t watch the original but I heard this one is much better
    Shakugan no Shana: I view this show less as one centering on action but one primarily concerning Yuuji x Shana relationship. The action, their roles(Shana-Flame Haze, Yuuji-Mistes/Torch) are simply supporting/providing angst. I’m rather lenient on what I classify as “great” so I would probably have placed this up there(along w/ F/SN-simply b/c my expectations for 2nd half/lack of expectations first going in)
    Canvas 2-planning on picking this one up, I was hoping it would be something like Shuffle! which I did happen to enjoy…yes both the brainless harem fun of the first 11 episodes and the angsty second portion. Since I’m on harem shows, I just wanted to address your comment on “emotional harem”. It is my opinion and understanding that people actually enjoy the “emotional harem” way more than the comedy. For instance, Shuffle! was branded as horrible/generic by those who only watched the first episode(standard comedy) and then later on people realized it was great because the angst/emotions. Personally, I prefer the emotional side of Shuffle! since it made the plot much more interesting/compelling (esp. the ep. 19-21 arc which I consider absolutely wonderful). But I’m lenient as an anime reviewer and I would have probably enjoyed Shuffle!, maybe not as much, had it just been comedy.
    JEEEZ, ahahah I made fun of YOU for long posts? lol…..sorry sorry dang…I ramble too much lol

    side note: could you make the font size of the comments a little larger? lol I feel sorry for those who have the courage to read this haha

  7. 7 Chairman Zhang

    Just wondering, do I get the award of longest post on your blog? lol Just take it as a sign of my enjoyment of reading your entries lol…also btw, I accidently voted for “Yeah its too long”, I meant to vote for “No its just right”. Your insight is interesting and worth taking the time to read. Then again, people of the internet age have ADD so maybe shorter may generate more interest? I dont’ really have the right to comment on length anyway…hahah

  8. 8 tj_han86

    Yeah I actually upped my post font size as well. Now I’ll increase the comment font size, after I get back from my weekly 3 hour marathon Japanese class.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to read a very loosely written rambling post. At my day job, I’m forced to write articles that are about 3 paragraphs long, so here I tend to make up for what I couldnt do at work.

    4 months? Wow that’s pretty recent, but considering the anime explosion just occurred a year or two ago, it’s still easy to catch up. I’m also watching older series I missed, and my BT is always on, so my backlog is massive. About 100 gb.

    As for the emotional harem bit, some people like it but I don’t. In spite of our natural tendencies, I’m still very for monogamy, so I really can’t take polygamic shows like Shuffle too seriously because of the way all girls fall for the hero(loser). Shuffle wasn’t bad, just that the blind obsession (I wouldn’t even call it love) of the girls made the show very freaky to watch. This is a topic we can expand upon in future posts. Canvas 2 is an exception because it’s essentially a monogamic show in a polygamic shell.

  9. 9 T_T|||

    Hmmm…. seems like I’m not the only person who thinks Tactical Roar sucks. The first episode was bull but I gave it some chance so I watched second episode. Second episode was okay and attracted me with its missile spamming. Anxiously going on to episode three, I found crap. Crap upon crap upon even more bullshit. Time to hit the delete button.

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