This is my desk at work. Click on it for a bigger version. Tsubaki previously organised a "Show your room" contest which I could not participate in due to physically impossible messiness. But since I have to maintain the work desk at a certain level of tidiness, I can show this one.

1. Lain wins. This poster costs one dollar.

2. 1/100 Gunpla of the Seed Destiny Trio - Destiny, Gunner Zaku Warrior and Blaze Zaku Phantom (Shinn, Luna and Rey)

3. Eva poster. One dollar.

4. Pencil boards aka shitajiki. Let’s see now, on the wall alone we have Demonbane, Eureka seveN x 2, Aquarion, Nanoha, Jigoku Shoujo, Rozen Maiden, Overman King Gainer, Blood+, Kiddy Grade, Gun x Sword, One Piece, Canvas 2, Kamichu, FMA, School Days.

5. On the CPU tower, there’s the Transformers G1 DVD set, Azumanga Daioh ODEX VCD set which I never watched cos the quality was shite, 1/8 Megahouse Rukia from Bleach, a trading figure of Winny from FMA. In the blue box is a permanantly half-done hand-painted Warhammer styled Sword Impulse 1/144. On the side of the CPU are School Rumble and Fate pencil boards. On top of the monitor and in front of it are 3 Ichigo Mashimaro trading sets, namely the pajamas set, beach set and bath set. Dengeki Daioh limited figures too.

6. Binaltech Laserwave RX-8 transformer.

7. Haro. This one has a solar panel and can flap its wings under light. Buried are also 3 pencil boards of Hoshin Engi, Black Cat and something else which I forget. In the chest of drawers are a lot of Gundam Seed merchandise which I no longer dare to display. In the tray are Mild Seven cigarettes, which is the brand that Nobue smokes. And I don’t smoke.

My desk is still pretty sane, with a small number of figures. Can’t say the same about my room though, nobody ever not feels weirded out when they enter. Otakus cheer while the normal people give me weird looks. Just to give you an idea of what its like, this is a picture taken a couple of months ago. It was spring cleaning so I got some of the manga off their shelves.

I posted this pic a few months ago though.

And for those who doubt my real name is TJ Han, do check out this official uniform nametag. Finally, ICHIGO MASHIMARO LOVE! As a sign of unfaltering loyalty to the purchase of all times Ichigo Mashimaro-related, I have placed five badges of Honour on my wallet. Matsuri’s fell off though and got lost. Look at the cigarette carton Nobue’s hugging. I HAVE THAT.

The yellow spikey thing is actually Cloud Strife’s head. He was beheaded a while back. Tifa is hanging on my cellphone.

Speaking of which, my Dark Saber and Ichigo Mashimaro Waitress Cosplay set was shipped some 21 days ago and has yet to reach! I’m starting to get worried.

18 Responses to “Peek @ a Hard Worker’s Desk + Name Verification and Ichigo Badge of Honour…”  

  1. 1 Juice

    wow, that is some serious comic collection oO

  2. 2 hayase

    You’re lucky–I don’t get to put up posters at my cubicle grrr…

  3. 3 kwok

    You take a photo of your desk = FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

    Well, it’s not like I can’t do that at my place either, but still, wtf?

  4. 4 shiachan

    lol … someone call msd :X
    i have a horrible table :X
    thus i am not posting it :X

  5. 5 Bridge Bunny

    I hope no one from MSD reads this blog, dude.

  6. 6 sam56240

    just wondering, what company/industry do you work at/in?
    your cubicle seems really personalised.
    ~I want that job.~

  7. 7 tj_han


    But shhhh. Anyway I am cleared to carry cameras around at my workplace SO I AM NO CRIMINAL OK KWOK.

  8. 8 AsouKai

    LOL sam56240 I sincerely hope you don’t think that way…

    Byebye tjhan, we won’t be seeing you around on the spamlist after a certain sub-organisation comes to cuff you tomorrow or sometime through the week.

    Don’t worry, I’ll be there though, to laugh at you. Muahahaha.

    Being evil is my raison d’etre. heh.

  9. 9 Tsubaki

    And this are the people we tax payers are paying to defend our country?

  10. 10 Skane

    No. 3? Somehow I was always under the impression that you wore No. 4. Lucky you. ;-P With regards to online posting of your workplace, I have done it too in the past, using our own office’s equipment no less. ^^; And I know of many others who do it too, with arms no less, so you’re in good( bad?) company. ^o^;

  11. 11 Lianyl

    You still have a place to store manga. Amazing. Mine’s falling out of the floor-to-celiing shelves. Too bad I don’t have a queen-sized bed like you to stuff manga underneath.

  12. 12 Waterfall

    To conquer Singapore, send an army of anime girls. You’ll at least take tj-Han out.

  13. 13 Zoe

    Dude, your manga collection is worthy of a comic shop!! Salute!!

  14. 14 Hinano

    haha I still have more manga than you xP

  15. 15 tj_han

    Ah this was a while back. I probably have about 200 more books now, but considering the price of each of mine is probably 1/2 or 1/3 of each of yours, I think you are PSYCHO Hinano haha.

  16. 16 Juice

    haha, how much is your entire collection around for your comics, tjhan ?

  17. 17 Hinano

    yea this is true
    I don’t buy as much manga as I used to
    cause amazon charges like insane shipping prices and Kinokunya’s been jacking all their new releases by a dollar
    So yes, I am reading japanese raw tank scans I downloaded from tokyotosho and winny ;-;

  18. 18 DF

    this might be completely off-topic, but I was looking at a post at Techcrunch while browsering through these awesome photos. A new feature in would make this post golden.

    Follow this link:

    Then we deserve a re-post of this, with close-up wallpaper shoots 囧rz

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