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Anime Viewing Posture? Four Major Types for Me

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How do you watch anime? Do you set up a comfortable pad for yourself to facilitate the 8 hour marathons? I do. I have no computer chair, but a sofa swivel chair. A plastic box which contains raw materials and tools for plamo acts as a legrest. And more importantly, a nice quilt to hug like Peanuts’ Linus. While the hardware stays the same for all anime, the ideal comfort position varies for the type of show.

Through a series of classy and detailed diagrams, I shall showcase the Riuva Four-Way Anime Viewing Style.

Since my staple diet consists of light-hearted comedies, this is the standard position. Everything starts from here. With hands by the side, legs out-stretched and leaning back on the chair, it is the perfect posture for the likes of School Rumble, Inukami, Kanban Musume etc.

The laid-back Laughing Man

But when it comes to shows like Aria, the Third, Tokko and other less interesting ones, a lower stance is adopted. In fact, some episodes of Aria had me totally lying flat. Half the eps of Keroro Gunsou too.

The Bored Log

For the more cultured, thought-provoking or observation-based series, the "thinker" position is the way to go. Right leg folded under and left knee up, right arm folded, left hand supporting chin. What shows cause this? Discussion-based episodes of Ghost in the Shell, Ergo Proxy, Flag etc.

A Compact Rodin’s Thinker.

Finally, the Ougi. This is reserved for excellent episodes of either intense action or earth-shaking emo. Honey and Clover, Ghost in the Shell, Last Exile, Eureka seveN, Rescue Wings. I also play video games like this. I can’t help but notice its the same posture L takes when solving cases but it’s a coincidence. I prefer Raito.

The High Ball.

Anyone has any more interesting postures to share?

Popularity: 12% [?]

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17 Responses to “Anime Viewing Posture? Four Major Types for Me”  

  1. 1 Waterfall 122 comments

    How about the “fallen asleep after watching Aria” pose?

  2. 2 Alafista 45 comments

    My TV is just placed in front of my bed … so normaly I just lay on my bed for most porpotions of my viewing …

  3. 3 Hinano 112 comments

    lol usually I watch stuff in position 1 except that’s when I’m eating dinner
    otherwise i’m like in position 2 but on my futon and I move the monitor directly in front of me so its like watching tv on the couch :D

  4. 4 tj_han 1227 comments


  5. 5 Kurogane 117 comments

    I just lie down on my bed facing my monitor. A sofa swivel chair would be nice too… but I’m stuck with a hard wooden one and I already spend too much time on it with Pangya.

  6. 6 Tsubaki 511 comments
  7. 7 Skane 57 comments

    By default, I sit diagonally, with legs rested on the tabletop next to the monitor( calves on pull-out keyboard-rest-thingy).

    For marathons, I generally adopt a chair on two legs posture( with ankles resting/anchoring on the tabletop), to extend the viewing distance and prevent eyeache.

    I have various other sitting positions( most of them not healthy), but I am at a lost to describe them without pictorial explanations.

  8. 8 Bridge Bunny 53 comments

    Where’s the stereotypical ‘one leg on chair’ kopi tiam pose?

  9. 9 Zero-Hour 5 comments

    Wahaha, I watch almost all my shows on the comp in the “Thinker” position.

    If on TV, I mostly lie down on bed or on the floor looking up.

  10. 10 air! 5 comments

    On a couch in front of a HTPC, with an ottoman :D

  11. 11 calaggie 5 comments

    Right now I don’t have a desk so I either lie on my bed with the notebook on my lap or sit with my back up against pillows, one leg off the side, and the other leg folded against it.

    When I do get a desk and chair (hopefully a rolling one), I’ll probably lean back in the chair with knees bent under the desk and feet sitting on the crossbar.

  12. 12 T_T||| 2 comments

    i do a handstand while watching gundam seed destiny

  13. 13 DMJewelle 3 comments

    I prop my legs up on the table so my body is lower than my legs while watching anime.

  14. 14 Rhekoshi 1 comment

    *laughs* Oh that’s brilliant! I pretty much watch my anime’s in all the exact positions. Love the artistic ability ^.~

  15. 15 Jody 1 comment

    email me info on drawing anime.

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  2. 2 Diet Slimmer

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