Let’s Get Organised! The RIUVA List of Ongoing Anime

Following some others’ breakdown of what they are currently viewing, I realised I don’t really keep track of what I read and watch. I do a rough count to make sure everyday I get the daily recommended dose of at least 10 episodes but beyond that, there isn’t much data. While creating an excel file is nice and all, I don’t see the point for anime since there are just so many disposable titles. I do have a manga file that keeps track of all my purchases.

Oh yeah I just finished up 15 episodes of Solty Rei. Man, this has got to be the most randomly written series ever. Like mecha, androids, genetic engineering, post-catastrophe, incest, long-lost daughters, super cops, treachery, murder, zombies, thieves, angst, depression, bounty hunters and worst of all, the show ended in episode 23 but the writers had to find some way to use up the remaining one. So out of nowhere, a new enemy appears for one episode. Perhaps the utter randomness and lack of foreshadowing was the aim of the series, using it to break free from the generic mecha genre. It was decent though.

On top of currently airing series, I always keep one or two completed ones to view at my own pace. The following section just lists the ongoing ones, either still being subbed or aired. Having finished Solty and before that, Najica Blitz Tactics (lol), I now await the completion of the KAA 12 Kingdoms torrent. Meanwhile, it’s either Elfen Lied, Banner of the Stars, Haibane Renmei, Planetes, Infinite Ryvius, Gravion, Kaleidostar, Stellvia or Jungle wa itsumo Hare nochi Guu. My guess is that I would probably finish up Jungle since I’m halfway and then start with Elfen Lied since people are saying that it is gorier than Hellsing Ultimate OVA 2 and I like gore.

Currently Viewing
Bokura ga Ita – This show gives me the worst vibes. I would prefer watching eyeballs being squashed by rotting vampires than seeing teenage angst and puppy love but I still watch this show for the sex scenes.

Demonbane – This is so bad it’s funny. I think the badness is done on purpose as a spoof but people don’t agree. How else can you explain the instant-fall-in-love android who punctuates her sentences with "robo"? It’s a parody of harem anime I bet!

Kanban Musume – Megumi <3 and the best part of the show is the toothy evil grin. I love evil.

Coyote Ragtime Show – OMG this is so so bad in spite of the fabulous inaugural episode. It no longer makes any sense. Bishop, the slick womaniser in ep 1, became a rookie stuttering over his lines in ep 9. May and Angelica are best friends!

Inukami – Bestest bestest harem of the year. My favourite day is Friday because it is Inukami-sub release day.

Blood+ – It’s ending soon, wow. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Time flies. When I saw the first episode, I had less than 5 figurines. Now I have 50.

Chevalier – Ep 2 is out and I’m looking forward to it.

Ergo Proxy – EP may have ended, but the subs are in the midst of giving us good translations. Some parts of EP have been totally awesome but Daedalus is a fag.

Flag – Said it before, Flag is great.

Stargazer – Final 15 minutes to go, I don’t see how a proper story can be told. We all forgot this was a product sale vehicle due to the quality of the first episode.

Hellsing OVA – Puts the Gonzo TV version to shame. Probably the most red water parade I’ve seen in anime.

Himawari – So when’s the next ep coming out? I can’t be bothered to watch this in other languages.

Happy Seven – Awesome harem that makes happiness thanks to clever use of chibi and cuteness. The fish mukuchi university girl is teh hawt.

Innocent Venus – Anyone notice the suits Jin and Jo use look exactly like the Marine Exoskeletons in GitS: SAC?

Keroro Gunsou – I find Keroro rather over-rated actually. The ratio of great eps to shit eps is like 1:3, which is poor for episodic anime.

Kiba – In the mould of Solty Rei, a really random fantasy story. Like we have long-lost parents, other-worldly prota and antagonist, a long super mum, an authoritarian state, treachery, monsters and split personalities.

Major S2 – Sports series are always interesting. MAJOR may have gone the way of PoT recently but it’s still good fun.

NHK ni Youkoso – Do you know Yamazaki also stars in Solty Rei as the technician nerd Yuto? Same face, same voice. Wait, same studio! GONZO!

Night Head Genesis – I feel like dropping this because Athrun aka Ishida Akira is the most annoying whiner ever? "Niisan~~ howl" x 100.

School Rumble – Super. Super. The latest episode 22 was fantastic. Super. The disturbingly bad fillers in ep 21 was vomit-inducing though.

Witchblade – Distinctly average GONZO fare which suits my palate. I like post-apocalyptic cyberpunk monster shows. But Masamune is too top heavy!

Zero no Tsukaima – I remember all the nay-sayers who were complaining about this being Shana-clone, generic, Harry Potty rip-off. EGG ON YOUR FACES SCUM!

Utawarerumono – This is utter bullshit. The only reason I watch is for Touka and Karura.

Ouran – Episode 22 was brilliant! One of the funniest shows in recent times and I am Kyouya.

Tsuyokiss – Insanely under-rated. On top of the mind-bogglingly cute eyecatches that appear 5-6 times each show, most of the girls are quite hot.

I prefer Coconut and Otome though!

Honey and Clover – Duh.

Probably misssed a few OVAs here and there. I also dropped a lot of series because of the sheer quality – the quality of baddom. But I do intend to catch them when they are complete.

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  • 12 Kingdoms is probably the best thing I ever watched on Arts Central
    It rocks imho

  • “While creating an excel file is nice and all..”



  • 12 Kingdoms is probably the only series I’ve seen that I felt was too short at 45 episodes. The story they’re telling is just incredible. Oh, and we all know that BgI just melts your Kyouya heart. ^^

  • Utawarerumono is good. Seriously. Best game-> anime conversion since Gungrave. ^_^

  • Yes, I can’t help but to agree that 12 Kingdoms ended too early. Too bad that they had decided to stop the series after 45 ep :(

  • “I would prefer watching eyeballs being squashed by rotting vampires than seeing teenage angst and puppy love”

    … which are both good things. Insta-classics.

  • u do know that GIF from negima the thumb thing is basically a “fuck u” in russian ?

  • Elfen lied is nice, great story though sucky ending haha. Its ending theme rox !

  • A useful anime tracking database: http://www.anidb.info
    When you’re a registered user, you can add files to your “mylist”, and set the viewed state as well as other things.

  • Oh that’s interesting. I better try it out.

  • Whoa hahaha, didn’t know Coyote Ragtime was gonna get bad. I only saw 2 eps so far and was gonna pick this series up some more. Guess I’ll just wait out on that one. I haven’t watched any anime since Rozen Maiden (like about 4 or so months ago), so I should really start watching again. I’ll keep those other titles above in mind =)

  • This might be a bit off-topic, but when I view this blog’s RSS feed in Thunderbird, the images are all broken.

    Also: Twelve Kingdoms rocks, Banner of the Stars rocks, Haibane Renmei rocks, Planetes rocks, and Elfen Lied is exceptoinally gory but otherwise just decent. Haven’t seen the others.

  • One more thing about anidb: check out the clients. You can give a client a directory hierarchy to scan and they’ll hash every video and can automatically add them to your mylist. So mylist maintainence is very easy.

  • Actually, i’m be more interested in reading your list of “dropped series”. I can’t believe i dropped gundou musashi after the first episode to miss those all time classic scenes in episode 2 and 3. (recently watch them on youtube…)

    There are sex scenes in Bokura ga ita??? i guess i’ll have to watch the episodes again. i wanted to see how artland handles it. (evil grin)

  • :( Where is xxxHOLiC?

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