Figure Review: Cool Sexy Puppeteer @ the National Museum

Karakuri Circus is a 45 volume ongoing manga series by Fujita Kazuhiro serialised in Shounen Sunday. The art looks rather… messy and deformed I would say but these figurines of two major female characters rock! Produced by the ever-dependable Megahouse and selling for the low low (compared to other brands) price of 57 Singapore dollars. 3990 yen is the official price though.

For today, I shall review just the heroine of the series, Shirogane. I have yet to read the manga but from what info I could gather, she’s a cool girl that protects the main weakling chara, Masaru. She does this through the skilful use of her puppeteer skills not unlike Naruto’s Kankurou. So it is only fitting that the figurine of her comes with the puppet. Shirogane apparently has another name, Saiga Eleonole.

Shirogane appears to have never smiled. With her pearlescent silvery bob and bluish-silver eyes, she’s the epitome of COOL. The outstanding vertical-striped green and yellow leotard + leggings + whatchacallit "armings" look great as well, as it’s a unique appearance. The figure-hugging outfit showcases her delicious figure and with Megahouse sculpting, the shape of her sternum can be felt as well.

Shirogane is standing on her puppet barefooted and in a very sexy dynamic pose. Arurukan’s face is well-defined and the details are very well-made. His "hair" is soft soft PVC and hence totally flexible. See how Megahouse can push out a diorama figure for 3990 yen? Shame on you other companies!

The base is standard of Megahouse’s Excellent Model series, which usually has the title of the series on the base.

The pose is totally fitting for a performer like her, the arched bad also shows off her rather hot tits and pert ass! And a topview gets you an eyeful of cleavage! Her leotard’s impossibly high-cut parades much skin at the hip area too.

Her skintone is flawless too. It’s so healthy it looks more real than my own!

While this is a great figure, I can’t help but notice several flaws in the painting and moulding. There are quite a few injection scars and some are visible. The painting isn’t top-notch either, with the numerous stripes not being cleanly defined at times. Finally, the fingerrings which Shirogane uses to control her marionette makes her look like she has webbed froggy hands.

Nevertheless, I would still strongly recommend this figure – I intend to read the manga just for this!

As for the photography, the pictures did not turn out well as the camera kept focusing on the building instead of her. I need a dSLR with a real macro lens.


9 Responses to “Figure Review: Cool Sexy Puppeteer @ the National Museum”

  • At least your camera focuses on something. My Kyocera SL400R focuses on nothing.

  • i guess if you spent more on food your skin tone might be healthier than hers.
    They featured the zipline of the outfit on the figure. Seems out of place too me.

  • As the master used to say, “Food is for the weak!”.

    Sharp eyes sam, I didn’t notice the zipline till you pointed it out. I was too infatuated with the titties.

  • Is this a circus genre like Kaleido Star? I never heard of this manga before today….

  • I never found her and that nurse appealing. Don’t see what you see in the two.
    But the joker’s really good.

  • //Waterfall: No, the manga is action based but with unpredictable storyline.

    About the figure, I think they did a great job considering how crappy the artwork is in the manga. It would have been better if they had some strings attached to her fingers. ^^ why dun you add some yourself?

  • Karakuri is a dark shounen with an awesome storyline, even if it has several mindboggling plotholes. Not to mention it’s comedy attempts suck. Vol 17 to Vol 21 is one of the best arcs of the entire manga.

    Shirogane is MEH to me. If they release an Angelina/Franc Shino(whatever the marionette lady’s name was) and a Narumi figurine, now THAT is definitely worth buying.

    Masaru himself gets pretty cool after like 3 volumes. Before that, reading Karakuri is somewhat of a turn-off due to his pitiful angsty nature.

  • Oh, and I wouldn’t really say that it’s art is crap. More like RAW unpolished art. I’d say it’s pretty much an own style, kinda like how Jojo’s Adventure has all those weird body poses and ridiculously refined faces.

    Adding strings……There is like a 100 strings or so attached to those 10 rings in the manga.

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