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LOL School Rumble 23 is FUNNY with Romance! LOL

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Breaking the one-post-a-day rule, this is the outlet through which all that built-up funniness of School Rumble episode 23 is unleashed! This was an amazing episode, helped by the fact that I have yet to read the corresponding manga chapters. With some riceball romance (sort of), sexy Itoko fanservice and a heap of funnies, this is SR at its best.

I will describe one joke here. Tenma turns out to be the best skier out of the four girls by a large margin. Eri sets up a plan hoping to help her impress Karasuma by performing a tri-girl jump making the word "Daisuki" in mid-air. All went well!

For those who don’t read Japanese, Tenma forms a "Dai" kanji, while Eri is "Su" and Mikoto is "ki" in katakana. Pretty amazing actually and this in itself is funny!

But wait, there’s more. What makes something truly funny is when an already-funny joke has an even funnier joke in it. And when Tenma accidentally loses her hat and ski sticks mid-air, I almost died laughing.

The hat adds a dot between Tenma’s legs, making the kanji for "fat" while the flung twin sticks add a "tenten" to "ki", forming "sugi", which is "too" (as in too fat)

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. School Rumble is pure genius. I wonder how yourmom is going to sub this.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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6 Responses to “LOL School Rumble 23 is FUNNY with Romance! LOL”  

  1. 1 LianYL 777 comments

    You forgot to mention suki also means ski as it’s in katakana. So it can mean daisuki or big ski. Or maybe you’ve pointed it out, just that I couldn’t tell.

  2. 2 tj_han 1439 comments

    Actually, ski is sukii. And I do not think it is related to the joke at all.

  3. 3 LianYL 777 comments

    Seeing how the first season once made fun of the suki/ski joke, it’s easy to make the link. If you don’t think there’s any link, that means you’re enjoying it one level lesser than me as I get another level of humour.

  4. 4 homeless_homo 39 comments

    Akira snowball skii’ing. What else could a SR fan ask for. =]

  5. 5 IWASHERE 10 comments


  6. 6 GR 1 comment

    not funny


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