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What Type of Reader are You? And Results of Poll

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Popularity: 9% [?]

It was a landslide victory for fixed pose figurines, as expected. With their lack of joints and better overall painting, these certainly look better. And looks like more people prefer looks over flexiblity! But personally, while I like fixed posed ones, action figures are always a good buy too, especially the Playarts series which is affordable and very detailed.

Onto the next poll!

This time, the question is "What type of reader are you?" Basically, when reading anime or any other sites, are you the sort that actively engages the siteowner, or perhaps the sort that lurks? This will be a rather interesting poll for me.

Choices are:

1. I engage in active conversation either through emails or comments regularly, so much that the site owner remembers my name.

2. I post comments occasionally and never look back to check them.

3. I lurk and read only, and am intimidated by these crazed nerds or feel inadequately equipped to partake in their conversations.

4. I am a first time visitor to this site and will not return.

Now if only everyone was a reader like Yuki…

Popularity: 9% [?]

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11 Responses to “What Type of Reader are You? And Results of Poll”  

  1. 1 Alafista 45 comments

    I try to engage in scams to cheat little kids of their money …

  2. 2 ubu 21 comments

    AHA! So that was you! Gimmie my lunch money back you bastige!

  3. 3 bj0rN`- 114 comments

    I think I’m the 1st one. Unless you don’t really rememeber me.. then… !@%#^!@(%#

  4. 4 Hinano 53 comments

    lawl I’m in that 8% minority

  5. 5 Burrowowl 4 comments

    I always think I’m about to become a category 1, but then promptly forget which posts I’ve commented on and where, and hence am mostly in category 2.

  6. 6 super rats 89 comments

    Depends on the site. I usually lurk for a while before I start posting occasionally and stuff. Been reading this blog for almost two months now.

  7. 7 Ronin 16 comments

    I’m actually a hybrid of choices 1 and 2. I post comments occasionally, but I look back to check them. So, most likely, I chose the first one, ’cause it’s close.

  8. 8 Karura 16 comments

    I’m in nonexistent category “1.5″ (post comments semi-regularly, check back, but still relatively unknown newbie), but I’ll stick with the second choice for now.

  9. 9 RDrake 69 comments

    Probably choice one…

    But I’m a newbie. Can’t believe I’m actually answering your question on my first tme here…

  10. 10 wontaek 8 comments

    It actually depends on the site. There are some sites that keeps putting up topics that I have much to say. Then there are others which I waver between category 2 and 3. There is one site, which I tried to become category 1 since it was Purdue Anime Club Forum and I am attending Purdue right now, but they have belittled me too often, thus I decided to erase everything I could and not return, hence becoming a Category 4.

  11. 11 Lenners 31 comments

    There’s no option for “I comment spordically and check back on my comments”.

Do not use any < and > for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.

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