Tell me, what is better than a nice girl figurine? A girl figurine with a weapon of course. Now what is better than a girl figurine with a weapon? A girl figurine with a weapon riding a cool vehicle of course. Now what is better than girl figurine with a weapon riding a cool vehicle? 3 (THREE!!) girl figurines with weapons riding cool vehicles!!!!!

The bad thing is, all three are being released during the same period of time so it’s tough to pick which one to NOT buy.

First up, we have the reissue, or rather, the first pre-assembled figurine set of Mahoro and her bike. This one was a resin kit unreachable for most people back in the old days of 2004 but come December 2006 Kotobukiya are selling it for a cool 10,290 yen. Considering the 1/12 figurine has both Mahoro and her bike cast really detailed and realistically, with parts of PVC, ABS and DIE CAST METAL, the price is not surprising. With a height of 14 cm, Mahoro is big enough to look good and feel substantial. On top of the flashy bike, Mahoro is also holding her trademark whatchacallit gun.

I don’t rate Mahoromatic as a anime, but she sure is cute. And the bike rules too.

The second biker chick is a RANGE MURATA one, called TT-Butterfly. I swore to get all the PSE series of figurines and this one is just perfect. Based on one of the great designer’s artworks in his illustration artbook, Futurhythm, this biker girl is not conventionally armed with the other two figurines in this post, but rather with the unstoppable mental weapon known as Supermoecool. The figurine will be released late November this year by Beagle for 7,140 yen. The bike here is less sporty than the other two but rather a more compact and portable one. MUST BUY.

Spiky haired boyish isn’t my type though :(

Finally, we have Rose from Solty Rei. Also by Beagle and slated for a December release, this tiny 1/20 scale figurine has the proportionately largest bike, which is almost a tank already. And in spite of the small size, its price is a hefty 8,190 yen. Why? Because unlike the other two, there is a gimmick. Just like in the anime, this beauty (the bike, Rose is no beauty) can open up its fuselage to reveal a big cannon. I have my reservations about this figurine because of the tiny scale though, the coolness of the cannon is a big draw. Rose is clad not in her usual rip-off Saber suit, but a blue bikini. There are also two versions, the normal blue one where her bike is striped, and a sleeker variant where both the bike and her costume is black. I actually like Solty Rei a bit and Range Murata sort of helped out with the designs of the world.

I can’t decide which one, if I am buying

8 Responses to “Is this the Babe and Bike Season? I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki

    They’re missing out Natsuki and her bike. Those bitches.

  2. 2 Stripey

    I LOVE Mahoro.. but 10k pricetag is just too much for me. Plus I don’t mind paying for the babe… to fork out another figure’s price for the bike….

  3. 3 Juice

    I still find this prepainted for mahoro to be slightly off colour.

  4. 4 bj0rN`-

    We need NATSUKI!!!

  5. 5 Mazinkaiser1001

    I will be getting the Mahoro figure, for old times’ sake. Mahoromatic was one of the first anime series that I really liked.

  6. 6 DrmChsr0


    The power of GAINAX compels you.

    Also, it’s either this or watch Ebichu.

  7. 7 Crayotic Rockwell

    Rose is clearly overcompensating for having a small e-pen0r.. there’s more to the world than that my dear

  8. 8 Von_Etrigan

    No mention of the Mine Yoshizaki designed Blue figure coming up? Or did I miss that?

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