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Japan Animation Now in Singapore: A Walk-through

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I visited the exhibition, which is still ongoing now. Located at Gallery 1 and 2 of the Nanyang Academy of FIne Arts and right beside Sunshine Plaza (they sure picked a good spot for a school), this small-scale exhibition is free and from 10 am to 7 pm I think. Their publicity featured quite a few famous anime, like the 2nd best sci-fi anime Last Exile (overtaken by GitS:SAC) and Eva.

At the entrance, a security guard ordered everyone to drop all their bags near the door. I don’t know if this is standard practice for a exhibition at NAFA but it sure was insecure because my bag had anime goods and since the exhibition was for anime freaks, these could’ve been alluring. No photography was allowed too.

Right at the entrance, a large projector was showing old trailers and commercials of the various studios like Bones, Production IG and Madhouse. Ouran, GitS and Trigun were among those featured. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling to see anime you know and like being shown in a public place.

A series of boards featuring various studios was next. This was not comprehensive and many were missing, like Kyoani. I didn’t see the point of this area because there were no translations for even the studio names so people just ignored them. N00bs. But then the "experts" would already know, yeah so this area was redundant.

Rescue Wings!!


Studio Comet and the excellent Capeta.

DIE BUSTER!! Btw there was almost no Eva.

GDH aka Gonzo Digimation Holdings. Sad when Glass no Kantai is the lead title.



Bones. Not much info there.

So this is the dudes who make Utawarerumono?

The rest consisted of mainly promo posters for the airing or dvd releases of various anime. Not new anime mind you, but stuff that have already completed their run so it was a bit nostalgic. I have to say these Japanese sure know how to make pretty posters unlike the rest of the world.


The power to turn rubbish into anime!

Celluloid drawing of 08th MS Team. The Gundam is just layered on the background.

Awesome underrated show thanks to lazy subbing.

Woah uber cool mecha, first saw the mecha from wonderfest pictures.


For those who have yet to see this show, Love Pheromone, please do. Half of it is super funny while the other half is rubbish. The Love Pheromone half is good.

Ugly Conan inflatable.

There were strangely a lot of Capeta. Which is good.

PPD power.

I think I will watch this show now, the girls are hot GK style.

It wasn’t in the GONZO section. Must have been too embarrasing for them.

Galaxy ANGELS!!!


Apparently, the world’s first destroy Gundam model.

DVDs for sale! 2005.

Shite poster, shite show.

I was very interested in the GONZO board because not only is it one of my favourite studios, it had comparatively more stuff. Going through the glass cabinet, I could recognise ALL the series there and can claim to have watched ALL of them. The arrangement of the exhibits was crap though. What is the point of displaying when nobody can see?

I like this poster too.

Brilliant poster.

Not in the GONZO area but this is ROD.

I watched them ALL. From left: Burst Angel, Samurai 7, Gantz, Gravion, Chrno Crusade, Gatekeepers 21, Kiddy Grade, Last Exile, Gankutsuou

Character designs for Gankutsuou.

Lots of poorly arranged mini posters for GONZO. That pink bit is obviously Kiddy Grade.

There were TVs showing videos that sought to educate visitors on the production process of anime and the historical aspects of it. I found the former really interesting and the highlight of the exhibit. The video showed the production process of Jinroh the Movie which was still done with cels. Before this I have never actually seen in action how anime is made. Numbers like one second of anime needs 23 cels so 1 minute needs 1380 and blah blah means nothing if you don’t seen the animators actually making each cel by hand. Through watching that video, I can now appreciate anime a lot more. The other videos were trash.

A giant screening area showed "classics" like Prince of Tennis, Fushigi Yuugi, Yuyu Hakusho and classics like Last Exile. In dubs for the most part. Not many were watching though.

Other sections include a Cospa display of Naruto and Bleach costumes and a potpourri of random Japanese magazines including the Voice Newtype that Tsubaki recently bought. I saw the Haruhi seiyuu freebie pencil board that came with it  loose on the table and was tempted to swipe.

This is ugly.

Ohh Haute Couture!

Finally, a graffitti area allowed visitors to express or show off their skillzzz. Provided with only crayons and paper, and stifled by a lack of time and space, I drew something so bad I had to hide it lol and got crayon marks inside my  pockets. Oh yeah funny story: A large group of kids were beside me, lolis. They were even worse than me at art but kept looking over my shoulder and asking me "wow so good can you teach me? I though to myself, "wow loli.".

By Asoukai of 1st Otaku Battalion.

My fav one there. It was in front of me when I was trying my hand at this crayon shit and people thought I did it. SHAME.

Headphone girls.

I can’t tell what is that but I’m guessing it’s Freedom.

There were quite a few nice works though. As expected of an art college.

So while the exhibition was less than 0.00923 percent of a Tokyo Anime Festival, I still got some benefit out of it, mostly from the Jinroh video and the pretty posters.


Popularity: 11% [?]

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17 Responses to “Japan Animation Now in Singapore: A Walk-through”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki 518 comments

    I’m soo going tomorrow.

  2. 2 Skane 57 comments

    The Destroy model is actually one of the winners from a recent local custom Gundam competition. It was last publicly displayed at Takashimaya.

  3. 3 Hinano 112 comments

    thats cool I wish we had something like that here
    I totally woulda loved to draw for that wall xD
    oh and btw the law of ueki was COOL and yes the manga was like crap compared to it :D

  4. 4 Alafista 45 comments

    Man … i need to go too!!

  5. 5 Juice 49 comments

    like duh, that is Leon’s Destroy gundam. I wonder how it teleported from HAG to there.

  6. 6 bj0rN`- 153 comments

    I’ll check it out on Monday. And follow up almost any free day I can find off work. =X

  7. 7 bj0rN`- 153 comments


  8. 8 LianYL 780 comments

    lol. KJ’s drawings featured. gg. Good luck for your trip.

  9. 9 Xak 72 comments

    we need to go and take pics for ourselves!!!

  10. 10 K 7 comments

    the security guards were wierd though….my classmates went crazy with the pokemon game (i study there XD)

  11. 11 whazzup 12 comments

    yes i thought no photography?? lol….

    but i seriously agree, the Jin Roh video is really the highlight of the show. Stood there and watched it twice….anyone noes whether it’s part of the extras in the Jin Roh dvd or something?

    flipping through the crayon shinchan frames and watching it animate was cool oso, hahaha….MUCUS BOY GOGOGO!

  12. 12 Mazinkaiser1001 13 comments

    I went to the exhibition too. It’s good to see anime awareness on the rise in Singapore!

  13. 13 RDrake 69 comments

    Eh? There’s an anime exhibit here in Singapore? Crap, my information is bad as usual, must be due to exams…

    Must see, then, hopefully it doesn’t close by this weekend, does it?

  14. 14 AsouKai 85 comments


    My photos turned out to be shit, except for a few here and there. Zzz, that’s what you get for using a shabby 4 megapixel digital camera.

    Graffiti Corner had quite a lot of good art done, some people cheating with markers *cough headphone-girl cough*. Only crayons were provided and I accidentally drew my char too big, i had initially wanted to include a small msg but decided to go with toei spiderman youtube-sub joke on a 2nd piece of paper, it probably got taken down already though.


    And now on to more important things! *poofizzz*

  15. 15 Crayotic Rockwell 37 comments

    Since when did Ergo Proxy have titties like that in it? I know I stopped watching at about 16, but I don’t forsee Real suddenly jumping into service mode

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