New Camera: Canon IXUS 800 Takes Riuva to New Heights of Figurism

After getting this, I realised how bad my old Fuji Z-2 was. To think I got it just half a year ago too.. it was a bad choice then. For a similar price, the range of features and picture quality of the Ixus 800 totally rapes the Z-2. While I would’ve liked a dSLR of course, the money source came with a catch – only small cameras allowed.

Important relevant features to figurine photography:

  • 2 cm Macro
  • Multiple colour modes that add a range of colour styles
  • A tripod that actually attaches to the body of the camera and not some shitty docking device
  • A auto orientation sensor that actually detects whether the picture is a portrait or landscape one and saves it accordingly
  • This same sensor rotates the picture on the LCD viewer when you physically rotate the camera!
  • Image stabiliser reduces blur

I went to the city today with a huge backpack, the sort you see people bring on hiking trips, filled with 3 (THREE!) figurines and their boxes. With Tsubaki as the Director of Photography (thanks to his major in film), we scouted various shooting locations in the Dhoby Ghaut area, before narrowing it down to three and saving the rest for other days.

And here is a sneak preview of the IXUS power combined with a director and some pure figurine passion!

The low angle shot emphasises her high commanding status.

Through the director’s colour coordination skills, we selected a great background for Melissa.

Biker Rei has great tits and flashes them at a school where most of the girls do the same.

Look forward to the actual reviews as these are just the tip of the iceberg!

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  • Sweet looking camera, how much did that saber cost anyway ?

  • Sweet looking saber, how much did that camera cost anyway?

  • Secret. But I am selling it away! The saber that is.

    Lol @ Halcyon.

  • I might consider the saber…if I actually had any cash to bother. It really looks good in that shot. My $2 figurine really becomes crappy in comparison.

  • next time can jio me see the photo shoot? i’d like to observe the process XD

  • I love ur photos. they are so wonderfully taken, especially the saber shot. The surroundings seem to blend perfectly with saber :D

  • The Ixus 800 IS is a step up from the Z-2. I personally don’t like the Ixus range though, because it has no real manual controls (no manual focus control, no shutter timing control, no focal length control), is overpriced (Powershot S3 IS is same price but sports a very complete manual control suite, has IS ànd has a 12x zoom) and doesn’t fit your hand like dSLRs or larger consumer cams do.

    Having said all that, the Ixus 800 IS is currently probably one of the best point ‘n shoot cameras money can buy, and Canon’s AiAF and decent automatic macro mode gets the job done. Also, your pictures are véry nice, kudos on those! The Indonesia pictures were nice too.

  • Somehow I just had a vision of Kyon holding a reflector board to help with the shoot’s lighting. Looking forward to the other reviews/photos.

  • Actually I think the Ixus 800 does have shutter timing control. It’s hidden in the options. But well, can’t expect much since the main users (and financers) of the camera are total noobs who use it for official work and want a very portable one which can fit in a woman’s hand bag. Can’t be ungrateful though.

    Ah but I feel cheated about the Z-2. I knew nothing back then.

    I almost bought the Powershot S3 actually. Almost. But somehow on paper it was great but when I got down to testing it out, I didn’t really fancy it. May have been the really irritating salesman’s fault though.

    According to Mr Art History Tsubaki, the building behind Saber has elements of Victorian, Corinthian and Byzantine architecture all jumbled together. King Arthur is from the Dark Ages lol.

  • I like the angle and background for that Rei shot. It’s almost enough to get me to look toward shooting figures outside. Almost.

    Zyl mentioned a reflector board. That would help get some of the shadows out of the figure’s faces. White posterboard works well and since you’re only shooting figures, it doesn’t need to be big. Like that shot of Melissa — a reflector board angling a little light on her face would have really made that a great shot. Anyway, have fun with your new camera!

  • Gasp! Don’t quote me on that! I merely used all terms to make myself look chim! Hahahaha.

    And I realized you use the shots I took for Saber and Rei. I want royalty.

    @Xak You can join us if you’re not afraid of getting weird stares by onlookers. Lmao.

  • I wanted to join in but you guys picked a timing when I have Japanese lessons. Next time pick a Sunday? Then I’ll bring my Iriya along. yay. But my camera sucks totally. You’ll laugh at my misery when trying it out. Heck, I laugh at my dumbness for buying it.

  • Super rats: Saw your site a while ago and your pics are totally awesome.. the reflector is a great idea. I was wondering about the facial shadows myself and next time I’ll try it out. Since sunlight pretty much casts shadowns over the face due to fringers.

  • Well, as with all technology, not only you need to check reviews and such for some background information, but you (and/or the ones who pay the bills) also need to be happy with it. The IXUS is certainly a good camera ^_^.

    super rats, your indoor shots are great. Very similar to promoshots. What’s your setup/equipment?

  • Erwin: A Panasonic DMC-FZ7 and a couple of flourescent lamps.

  • Powershot S3 IS is about 3-4 times heavier than the IXUS 800.

    I’m thinking of grabbing a Powershot S3 IS to replace my IXUS v3

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