Figure Review: Tidus & the Brotherhood

Rikku! We need Rikku!

First impressions do fail once in a while. The FFX Playarts set for one, was something I had a horrible initial impression of because of the previous few Playarts releases and the packaging.

But turns out that with a decently bright and blue setting sort of resembling Spira, these colourful action figures do look almost like they’ve stepped out of the actual game. I took these pics a few weeks back.

Playarts has come a long long way since the initial Advent Children set, especially for the male characters. The female ones like Tifa, Seplhie, Rinoa all look horrible though. The pricing is quite good as well since I bought the US version, about 42 Singapore dollars for each figure.

Today, we’ll just focus on Tidus, the lead. Tidus has a pretty unsually asymmetric outfit, with an arm guard on his left arm and a longer trouser leg on his right. Parts of the clothes including the right trouser leg, outer black layer are made of soft vinyl and flexible. There’re actual metal chains too, on his neck, wrist and waist. The clothes are so wonderfully and perfectly detailed, you can even see the individual shoelace buckles painted bronze. It helps that FFX’s costume designs are quite good, especially compared to the shite that was FF8.

Tidus has a nice healthy bronze tanned skin colour. His hair is well done, sharp and spiky enough to look like the real thing although a more pearlescent colour could have added to the blonde. Tidus’s face looks like him too, blue-eyed and all. Playart male faces are quite well done compared to the females.

A bit of a plasticky sheen though.

Poseability is pretty good. Not as insane as revoltech mind you, but the joints don’t show up too bad thanks to good sculpting and his clothing style. His left arm does not use a regular pivot joint but a 45 degree angled one which combined with the adjacent rotating one creates an interesting range of postures. His sword arm isn’t as flexible so slash poses are rather limited though. The shoulders have two joints, one pivot and the other rotational, so it almost replicates a human shoulder save for a few degrees worth of movement. Most playarts do have this already though. Neck is a ball and socket, with human-like poseability except upwards. Torso can be twisted left and right. Knees are 90 degrees, so that isn’t too good. There’s one joint, a ball one, at the hip but movement is difficult thanks to his clothes. His leg can be rotated though for more natural standing. Two joints in each foot make for very down-to-earthly stable standing.

Gotta hurry, Rikku’s waiting!

His left elbow can twist in a lot more than his right.

One problem is putting Brotherhood into the right hand. The sword grip is incredibly stiff and it took me quite a while to prise it open so I could slot the blue blade in. The sword itself has always been my favourite sword design in the game, so I’m happy about the great replication with translucent blue PVC and fine detailing of the hilt and guard.

The "cloth" tassle at the end is pretty stiff though.

The sword shape looks a bit like the one that the murderer used in GitS: SAC’s Jungle Cruise episode.

The thing about reviewing action figures is that you have to pose them and I’m not too creative with poses. I just can think of the standard few.

Overall, Tidus is affordable, a great replica of the character, finely detailed, good to pose and comes with not only the cool sword but also a stand and extra hand options. A good buy!

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  • I don’t know. For myself, action figures = toys while fixed figures = art.

  • Ugly. Probably because your old camera sucked. Hahaha.

  • I find this ugly too. >.

  • He looks horrible.


  • Ditto. I never liked FFX character designs. Tidus, in particular, has that gay RPG half-coat thing and without a shirt underneath, even more gay. They made his face look to happy and I just don’t like his character either, so that doesn’t help. I’ll stick with just Cloud and Sephy.

  • I like the way you’ve managed to take advantage of parallax to make the figures seem lifesized against the backdrop areas, instead of miniature. Pretty cool!

  • I did? Must have been accidental! Lol.

  • I think Tidus looks great i can’t see why people call him ugly. i’d buy him

  • These kind of figures might be more like for lower-aged toys, but these are just poseable, right?
    I like how you make him run, but his hands and feet should be opposite in that movement, right?
    I mean, his right hand move to the front while his right foot move to the back and vice versa.
    But still, nice poses you use there, at least for me.

  • Those figures are awful, but I didn’t get why this “Savior” was bitching about Tidus.

  • I know what you mean about the sword and the hand, I worked for about 20 minutes trying to get it in and only succeeded when the tassel broke off…yay for super glue…but overall I am very happy with this figure. Is there a way to get the sword on and off without breaking the tassel? Oh and I have to disagree about the Tifa figure, I love it and think that it is very accurate…maybe a little too accurate…

  • Hi, does you auron had broken right arm and left knee?

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