Ooh sensationalist headline! And it is true! Not sure about the recency of this piece of news, but I just saw it in the papers.

I was going to write about today’s eventful figure shopping and grueling seven (7!!) figure photoshoot covering a total distance of at least five kilometres. But during dinner, the parents were reading a newspaper and on the backpage I saw a LOL article.

Source: Lianhe Wanbao (An official reputable mandarin newspaper) and Mop.com

There’s this legendary Chinese classic called "Dream of Red Chamber" (红楼梦) and this particular story is, well, I’ll use Wiki.

"The novel is a detailed, episodic record of the lives of the extended Jia family, made up of two clans (the Ning-guo and Rong-guo houses), which occupies two large family compounds in the capital, Beijing. Originally extremely wealthy, with a female member who was made an Imperial Concubine, the family eventually fell into disfavour with the Emperor, and had their mansions raided and confiscated.

The main character, Jia Baoyu, is the adolescent heir of the family, apparently the reincarnation of the Stone (some versions however have the Stone and Jia Baoyu as two separate, though related, entities). In that previous life he had a relationship with a flower, who is incarnated now as Baoyu’s sickly cousin, the emotional Lin Daiyu. However, he is predestined in this life, despite his love for Daiyu, to marry another cousin, Xue Baochai. The novel follows this love triangle against the backdrop of the family’s declining fortunes."

This classic is part of the Four Classics, which also include more well-known (in Japan and the rest of the world) titles such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms (LOL Ikkitousen), Water Margin (Suikoden LOL) and Journey to the West (LOL Dragonball, Monkey Typhoon, Saiyuki).

So what about the Dream of Red Chamber?

According to the news article, an eroge was made and released last month by a Japanese softhouse Takayashiki, titled Piano - Kouroukan no Reijoutachi. Besides the name of Red of Red Chamber being used, the main "heroine" has also the same as the novel’s heroine.

But unlike the original heroine,  our eroge star is "a prostitute and bastard child of a foreigner". The game is about a group of girls who are sold to a mansion and trained as sex slaves, complete with bondage, incest and rape. Standard eroge fare.

Note that the game is not officially sold in China - those who have it either downloaded it or purchased it online. Yet somehow it has caused a furore no thanks to the over-zealous nationalistic dudes.

So these likable China men are up in arms, demanding the softhouse apologise to China and her citizens for the humiliation. They are demanding the game be stopped and recalled.

One "gamer" said: "Using Lin Daiyu (the heroine’s name) is bad enough, why must they use this classic’s title in the game? They (Japanese scum) obviously want to taint and tarnish the good name of Chinese literature, we cannot forgive them." Other netizens, on various boards, are voicing similar complaints.

As for what I think,

While it is easy to start hating the Chinamen again, surely it’s just the usual minority with huge mouths that are making all the racket while the nice guys just hiki up at home playing the eroge and watching anime. The noisy ones seem to have some sort of inferiority complex, thinking that everyone’s against them and their country. If Romeo and Juliet were turned into an eroge, would the English scream murder? If lolita (LOL) were made into an eroge, would the Russians froth with mad rage?

And I found the original novel to be shockingly boring and would rather read the other 3 classics over it anyday. Or play an eroge.

22 Responses to “China Threatens to Slaughter Japan Erogaming Industry”  

  1. 1 Bridge Bunny

    And think that RoTK is going to be this loli eroge next XD


  2. 2 sam56240

    inspires me to read the Four Classics.

    to BridgeBunny:
    but i think that making all the three kingdoms setting a bishoujo vs. bishoujo fight for conquest too amusing.
    Zhang Fei and Zhu Geliang are lolis. Every side of the war has one.
    Who is that BaoCan in the “others section”? as if he’s hard gay’s ancestor.

  3. 3 Tsubaki

    They need to suck some cocks.

  4. 4 Nekki

    I never liked chinamen (only those from China) although I’m half chinese.
    “China Threatens to Slaughter Japan Erogaming Industry” ? Oh come on… Threatens my ass… Chinaman, be more creative and open!!

    *sorry If I say something very bad*

  5. 5 tj_han

    Oops I think I accidentally deleted a comment or two here while clearing spam.

  6. 6 Zzz...

    Actually there is at least one porno (Western Style and live) version of Romeo & Juliet flying around out there for a while now. It’s Italian and actually pretty good. But you have to admit some of Shakespeare’s works are pretty trashy to begin with. Still I would rank the 4 Classics at a slightly higher level than Shakespeare in cultural importance. About Paradis Lost level or a little under the King James Bible. There is a sense of reverance for the 4 Classics and if those English works were turned into eroge you know the English intellectuals will complain. I can say that the response is over the top but people should try to respect cultural boundaries to some degree.
    Still as recent history has shown it is the solemn duty of Japanese to slaughter the Chinese literally and cultural and the solemn duty of the Chinese to hate the Japanese. You have to figure in that fact whenever you see friction between the two.

  7. 7 Galen

    So, if we take the story of Jesus and the apostles, recast the apostles as women and make it a harem anime, you think people in the West would get upset?

  8. 8 tj_han

    That’s a good point Galen lol. Considering how Tokyopop even edits out all the cross-shaped items in Full Metal Alchemist.

    But that would make a good erogame, since most Japanese wouldn’t know anything and think Christmas is a day for Santa and making love. Has anything been too sacred to erogamise?

  9. 9 LianYL

    Actually, China highly forbids the existence of eroge within China herself. To download eroge is a punishable crime, so nationalistic dudes can talk all they want but can never lodge an official complaint.

    As much as I am always supporting China, these particular people are t3h hypocrites. IF YOU HATE THESE INCORRIGIBLE MOTHERFUCKERS WHO RAIDED YOUR LANDS IN 1938, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WATCHING THEIR PR0N AND PLAYING THEIR EROGE WHILE EXCLAIMING EVANGELION IS GODLIKE AND FAPPING TO THEIR ANIMATED LOLI SHOTA HOT GAY BUTTSEX? It seems every country has its own dumbasses, Singapore still has the most though.

    The thwarted eroge industry has a wide variety of stuff to play. If one doesn’t work for you move on to another. Please don’t complain about ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADED CHINA-FORBIDDEN STUFF. Don’t forget there’s the movie 《举起手来》 so stop complaining.

    As for the other China dudes reading this, it’s ok you’re cool.

    And for the Japanese company who did this eroge, fuck you. lol.

  10. 10 LianYL

    Hold on. The source is WAN BAO. FUCK THE UNRELIABLE BIASED SHIT. They are always trying to stir trouble among Chinamen. And it isn’t just once or twice.

    See this _|_? Fuck you tabloids.

  11. 11 abao

    I saw the article too. Still think those China ppl overreacted. Its just an eroge. They shouldn’t think too much into it; more importantly, its whether the game fufilled its purpose of an eroge. ^^

  12. 12 Akira

    The Chinese are extremely emotional and caring about what’s left of their history (since the Japanese destroyed most of it in World War II). Anyway, the Chinese could be over-acting, but not really. If Romeo and Juliet were made into porn to criticize Great Britain, the English would be MAD. The Chinese, being paranoid from lessons learned from past events, would obviously be extremely angry with this.

  13. 13 Zoe

    Blind nationalism and the elitist thinking of “we have 5000 years worth of bloody history” makes them think they have the right to spew idiotic, laughable, illogical crap all the time. I’m Chinese, but that doesn’t mean I need to sing the praise of “motherland” 24/7.

    I guess all these hypocrites prefer yaoi then. XD

    PS: Akira, the British would probably laugh along with it, LOL.

  14. 14 Zzz...

    Personally I have no problem with all the adaptions. Hey its kinda makes them more accessible I mean they are not exactly primary school reading material. I am bothered however by how uniformily bad all the previous adaptations were. I’m not sure about this eroge I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe it breaks the trend?

  15. 15 RDrake

    Man, that is sad…After the cultural revolution, do they really think they have much of a position to try and ‘protect’ Chinese culture?…

    Well, I really don’t see how this will kill Red Mansion’s image. It’s not like suddenly it’s going to get turned upside down just because of one eroge…

    How many clubs are there which will continue to see it as literature and not pr0n. This is definitely over-reaction…on the big scale…

  16. 16 LianYL

    Hey dudes, that’s only a small portion of the Chinese population. Please don’t generalise.

  17. 17 Orochi

    If the Japanese can make fun of their own historical characters :-


    I don’t see how other people can’t take a cue.

  18. 18 wontaek

    There are many people in the world, willing to stir up passion against another group of people in order to gain political power. This is the basis for many of Arab Politicians’ power as well as many others in Europe. China, Korea, and Japan are no exceptions and they try hard to find something to attack, or attract an attack. This is so serious, that I fear many genocides will be attempted in near future. It is not mere fantasy to envision a Hitler like leader in Korea, China, or Japan, and who knows what evil they may commit with blessings from the mass.

  19. 19 ChronosAI

    Now this little piece of has escalated big time, even Reuters reports this piece now. And they even tried to contact Takayashiki for a comment. Way to go indeed :D

  20. 20 HalcyonDF

    what if lee kuan yew was a lolita? a loli in a eroRPG that is titled the “voluptous Development of Singapore”? would singaporeans get angry? hmmm…

    wait what’s this? hold up, i think someones at the door…

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