The Award for Most Beautiful Female Pair of 2005/06 Goes to….

There’s really no competition isn’t it?

Personally, I love both of them but for different reasons. And twins are always hot!!!!

+Cool asymmetrical hair
+Exciting murderous glowing red eyes
+Wicked katana
+Petite figure
+Brooding pretty face
+Voice is hot with hints of vulnerability by Kitamura Eri (also seiyuu for Tatiana of Last Exile. She’s 19!)
+Modern and trendy fashion sense
+Blood is sexy and she oozes it
+Passive when it comes to men (ooh male dominance)
+Superhuman powers

+Elegant long hair
+Sexy eerily cold glowing blue eyes
+Wicked Rapier
+Petite figure, with super bonus petite Riku mode
+Mischevious and Princessy face with super bonus boyishly pretty Riku mode
+Voice and language polarises between innocently evil girlish and naughty young boyish by Yajima Akiko (Ergo Proxy’s Pino)
+Classy costumes with super bonus boyish Riku mode (which generates the same appeal as Souseiseki!)
+Blood is sexy and she sucks it
+Proactive in her pursuit of men (ooh man-rape)
+Superhuman powers

If I had to pick one, it would be Diva for the man-rape. And she can sing better!

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