AHHHH ebCraft Saber has a HUGE SECRET!!


The only time I sold a figure, it turns out that I hadn’t fully explored it at all!! OMG OMG OMG NOOOOOO!!

Ryukawa are you reading this? If you haven’t sold it yet, please do try to take a few pictures of the chests for us here.

So now we get why the 8800 yen pricetag is justified.

OMG WTF. But yeah I still would’ve sold it. Can’t believe I didn’t play around with her.. pfft. Well, doing so may have chipped the paintwork and loosened the plugs but I’m literally kicking myself now.

At least according to Moeyo! Akiba Blog, there aren’t any nipples painted on. Or are there? To think in my review, I mentioned something like "Saber has no tits". Is this retribution?

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