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Goodbye School Rumble Season 2! Hello Season 3!

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While I’ve not heard of any official reports about the third season of everyone’s favourite school comedy, the ending text of episode 26 explicitly says, "Thank you for watching School Rumble, we will be continuing!" or something to that effect. Add to that the effective undoing of all the plot deviations of the anime from the manga and the final part of the last episode, I am pretty sure SR will have a third season.

"School Rumble will still continue!"

That alone made my day. I was in a mix of emotions - frustration at the retarded Tenma, in love with the hot Itoko and Akira, cuted-out by Akira getting smacked in the face, excited about the class’s England trip, touched by Yakumo’s backstory and totally elated by the season three news. School Rumble must never end! We’ll work Kobayashi Jin to the bare bones and have his sons/daughters take over and continue. Just like One Piece’s Oda Eiichirou.

I loved this scene!

There exists no man that does not find Itoko sexy.

Over at the Wannabe forums, the pseudo-intellectuals are burning up with passionate debate, applying psychoanalysis to Yakumo and the Ghost Girl. Didn’t really read the text thoroughly because I am more interested in seeing hot pix of the Sukuran girls. The only Id I would like to talk about is Fei’s alter ego from Xenogears!

On the whole, with Wannabe completely dropping School Rumble S2, many have not been able to enjoy this season fully. Yourmom subs have certainly improved since their fledgling days and that’s the sole avenue for mono-linguistic people to get their weekly SR fix. I don’t follow Yourmom but I know many who do.

Season 2 is surely not as good as the inaugural one, with several really really bad fillers (Ultra MAI MAI DREAM comes to mind). It also encompasses the arcs widely known to be rubbish (basketball and to a lesser extent, battle royale). The animation standard wasn’t good, with a lot of stills and cost-saving scenes. However, I still looked forward to and enjoyed every single episode.

And the highlights? Akira getting more screen time and dialogue, Mikoto getting hitched, Eri’s great progression and closeness to Harima, Yakumo’s childhood, Imadori and Karen’s little family, Yakumo and Eri’s theatre battle and many more.

The OP was good in the end. While initially derided as a substandard successor to the totally perfect Scramble!, Tokito Ami’s Sentimental Generation caught on and was rather energetically addictive. The first ED was shite though and I never did listen to the song fully. The 2nd ED had the Tsukamoto sisters in a duet and I quite liked it. While Noto Mamiko and Koshimizu Ami can’t really sing, knowing that they are Yakumo and Tenma is enough for me.

On a final note, Noto Mamiko seriously cannot do many types of voices. As child Yakumo, she was sooo bad. The only roles she can do are calm graceful Yakumo types (Megumi of Rescue Wings, Enma Ai etc). When she attempts more actiony and emotional ones (Witchblade’s Masane comes to mind) I can’t really bear to hear her voice. One special mention is Mois of Keroro Gunsou though.

Popularity: 100% [?]

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276 Responses to “Goodbye School Rumble Season 2! Hello Season 3!”  

  1. 1 bj0rN 114 comments

    I do hope there is a season 3. wait… IT MUST HAVE!!! ZETAI!!!

  2. 2 Tsubaki 410 comments

    From the way this season ended, it’s pretty obvious there’s going to be a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 23423423rd, etc.

  3. 3 Ixthedamned 13 comments

    Itoko is teh sexay. She is just like Sakaki but a smouldering confident yuri Sakaki.


  4. 4 heuler 1 comment

    It was so obviously that there will be a season 3..BUT NO MORE!!
    japanese high schools only have 3 years…School rumble DO will end like ichigo 100% or something in this direction

  5. 5 roloes 1 comment

    i cant wait , plz fast new season 3

  6. 6 Jun 1 comment

    There will be more than three seasons of school rumble cause season two was only semester two. Meaning there should be two seasons for every year of high school… six seasons in all!!!!!!!

  7. 7 Kikoru 1 comment

    yay!!! i hope there is more os SR!!!!! it’s sooo funny! the subs for that pic of itoko is not for what itoko is saying right?? cause i think it means “No! I’m never going to school ever again!” in chinese if i can read it right. or maybe it’s japanese kanji. i’m pretty sure that sub was for harima though.

  8. 8 Kenji 1 comment

    yay!!! i hope there is more os SR!!!!! it’s sooo funny! the subs for that pic of itoko is not for what itoko is saying right?? cause i think it means “No! I’m never going to school ever again!” in chinese if i can read it right. or maybe it’s japanese kanji. i’m pretty sure that sub was for harima though.
    It is chinese not japanese and you got the translation right. ^.^

  9. 9 zawawi 1 comment

    school rumble is the best anime that i have seen in my life and i hope it will continued to season 5

  10. 10 cloudz 2 comments

    the most hillarious anime i’d eve watchd….please make it longer….

  11. 11 Hitsugaya Toushirou 1 comment

    no way can they end it this way.
    i just spent 2 sleepless days watching both seasons.
    but im not tired at all im not……*falls over and sleeps*
    on a side note i hope harima falls for eri san. or yakumo
    witch ever

  12. 12 Nicholas chin 3 comments

    I wanted to see season 3 and must wait wait wait and wait…. hehe I also hope School rumble ill go on School Rumble season (1 till never end)

  13. 13 Nicholas ChIn 3 comments

    i want to see School Rumble season 3…… and must wait so i wish i waited this long to see School Rumble Season 3 very Funny hehehehe………

  14. 14 luiti4 1 comment

    OMG CANT WAIT TIL SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 eriii chhahhaaannn 2 comments

    and i cant wait till season 3 either T_T

  16. 16 eriii chhahhaaannn 2 comments

    i hope harima fall in love with eri-chan or yakumo-chan

  17. 17 Harima_kun!! 1 comment

    I can’t wait for Season 3!! I really hope It will continue indefinitely… Yup I hope Harima will fall in love with Yakumo or Eri-chan… Tenma really is a “Baka”

  18. 18 Maverick 1 comment

    Seeing that there is a 3rd season of the manga series, there is a 95% chance that there will be a 3rd season anime too! So no worries on that part, the question is….WHEN?? Patience is a virtue….

  19. 19 TYxx 6 comments

    i soo agree….
    Waiting for school rumble and praying it comes soon!

  20. 20 Fourier 1 comment

    I hope it never comes out, I know I’ll waste so much time watching it….

    Then again, if its in more than two and a half years I might be ok….

    Ah screw it, I can’t wait.

  21. 21 sam vegeta 2 comments

    when season 3???

  22. 22 sam vegeta 2 comments

    harima is the best !!! :p tenma stinks

  23. 23 janna pauline 1 comment

    i wish harima would be a bit more observative about people around him, and not focusing on that crappy, childish, blockhead of a girl. *sigh* YAKUMO! ERI! confess already!!

  24. 24 hobbitkiller 1 comment

    hey can anyone tell me the school rumble main website..
    :( harima does’nt seem to what to change his mind about tenma…

  25. 25 Xu 1 comment

    The show must go on !! School Rumble 3 !

  26. 26 hiddenpuma 2 comments

    I CANT WAIT…. SR is the best anime ever
    tho i think yakumo or eri should confess….
    harima is such a baka
    i mean tenma and harima..the image scares me

  27. 27 Reinz 1 comment

    I cant agree more,Harima should find someone else…like..yakumo!
    haha, he suppose to fall for her that idiot

  28. 28 harima-san 1 comment

    I LOOOOOVVVEEEE School Rumble!!! I do hope they will continue the 3rd semester. That would be great!
    Harima and Tenma 4-ever!

  29. 29 xxjerrehxx 1 comment


  30. 30 athan 1 comment

    hope season 3 will be released soon T_T


  31. 31 onyxx 1 comment

    as irritating (but still cute and hilarious) as tenma can be, i hope she’ll reciprocate — or at least be aware of harima’s so-obvious-it-hurts — feelings (when hell freezes over, maybe?) mwahahaha.

    i’d really hate for all that over-the-top efforts to go to waste. but not too soon please… maybe 2 or 3 seasons from now.

    school rumble rocks! wheeeeeeeee!!!

  32. 32 IWASHERE 10 comments

    SR is the best anime ever!


  33. 33 IWASHERE 10 comments

    Yeah! school rumble rocks!!!!!!!

  34. 34 SchoolRumble4Ever 1 comment

    3rd season will come but i noticed in some anime that the main characters always end up together and the mind reader girl never gets the guy i.e. kotori shirakawa x Jun’ichi Asakura Da Capo (only other anime i know with a mind reading girl)

  35. 35 Eduardo 1 comment

    cara to doido para ver a terceira temporada!!!!
    school rumble é muito show!!!
    mas se alguém tiver certeza de quando vai sair a 3ª temporada coloque um post.
    Há é se alguém quiser a 2ª completa procure pelo mundo livre no emule.

  36. 36 SCHOOL RUMBLE CRAZED 8 comments

    U NUB! the first ending kicked ass! people that doesnt give a chance to anime songs by listening to the end is just nub. if u want to have the right to give reviews and stuff,at least listen to the whole song. that song kicks ass. yet u said “The first ED was shite though and I never did listen to the song fully”, you should really be ashamed of yourself! This isnt what a true otaku should be like..

  37. 37 imkool0316 1 comment

    damn it. im dying for 3rd term ……. oh my Yakumo, Ikoto, and the blondie ( i forgot her name ) yeah !!!!! School Rumble’s rule !!!

  38. 38 Promenius 1 comment



    I seriously want a season 3, with 24-26 episodes of course.

    Y’know, I think Harima will end up with Eri or Tenma’s sister (forgot name), and not Tenma. My opinion though.

  39. 39 Noweremon 1 comment

    Хочу SR 3!!!

  40. 40 Asli 1 comment

    AWWWWW Can’t wait to see 3rd season!!Hope it will be as good as second season cause I loved the whole battle royale theme in first episodes!!!
    Yürü be School Rumble kim tutar seni!!!


  41. 41 lucky 1 comment

    i think season 3 is the last season because japan has 3 terms instead of 2 semester. meaning its the final term

  42. 42 sakurangel 17 comments

    I saw the latest preview for semester 3 HARIMA KENJI IS TO COOL>^_^!!

  43. 43 Acid_Inex 1 comment

    Where in name of god u see a preview for semester 3???
    Tell us pls…

  44. 44 shiro-kun 1 comment

    Seriously.. It annoys me to see Harima going
    after that Tenma >..

  45. 45 harima kenji sama 1 comment

    i love school rumble i cant wait for the season 3 i want to see it nooooooooooooooooooooow

  46. 46 School Rumble Fun 1 comment

    I crazy about this anime soooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    and it’s awesome
    I’m waiting for the SR3
    Oh my god I can’t wait
    I have to search other anime such as SR
    Ja ne…

  47. 47 Masterbrum 1 comment

    School Rumble is very cool, hope the season 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 comes soon!

  48. 48 yakumorulez1 1 comment

    i cant wait till season 3 comes out!
    anyone knows what is the name of this sad bluesy tune in the school rumble soundtrack?
    you can hear it in the last episode when harima hears about karasuma’s “accident” (that’s what i remember on the second season, on the first season it is heard a lot when harima stays at the will-be school nurse’s place).

  49. 49 didier 2 comments

    when school rumble season 3 begin?

  50. 50 kawaii 1 comment

    i cant wait for season 3!!!!!!!!!! this is my fav anime series.
    i hope harima will fall for yakumo =)

  51. 51 drogba yakumo 1 comment

    i luv this anime. I hope 3rd term will begin soon. but, Whhhheeeeeeennnnnnn?????????i wonder what happen next when yakumo meet harima, please harima open u’re eyes can’t u see how pretty, sweety, cute,n kind this girl… oh yeah don’t forget to visit chelsea when u arrive in english.
    yakumo mmmmmmuuuuuaaaaccchhhhh!!!

  52. 52 SR FAN 2 comments

    hope this will have a senson 4,5,6,7,8….. Harima is the best..(^.^)

  53. 53 SR FAN 2 comments

    When !!!!!!!!! i want to see senson 3 !! so boring ,, who is in Friend please vinit Dr.andy@crusader.com

  54. 54 Lagasse 1 comment

    Yeps… SR is definitely the best in its field ^_^ i want of Eri… lol… Anyways… any of you heard of any news bout the nxt season?! its sad cos last year it was around this time the snd season came out T_T and now still no news bout the third season?! dnt tell me theres no more SR?!?!?!? OMG~~~~

  55. 55 Unkown 1 comment

    Tell me when the senson 3 is in for sell .I LOVE SR .So tell when u see one please PM……^.^

  56. 56 HARRY MCKENZIE 1 comment


  57. 57 ivan 1 comment

    Then there will not be 3 seasons. there will be 6 seasons, because they’re divided by semesters not by years
    Hope it comes FAST!!!! >o

  58. 58 sakurangel 17 comments

    you go yakumo tenma get out of the way!!
    the latest preview i saw was at my managers

  59. 59 sakurangel 17 comments

    i watch it already .. but surpises i won’t tell^-^

  60. 60 sakurangel 17 comments

    my manager is one of the editor .. that’s how i know
    i am a new person in the manga industry I draw and story “Hit House”. when it comes out hope u enjoy it.arigato^-^

  61. 61 animefreak 10 comments

    i cant wait until semester 3 comes out. by the way when does it come out??

  62. 62 animefreak 10 comments

    oh yea i forgot. i hope Harima ends up with yakumo hehe

  63. 63 kurisa 10 comments

    it is said that SR will only have 3 season. And people are sayin they are makin a movie as well.(idk if thats true or not im just sayen wat other people are sayin) Each season is a year, sry to disappoint u guys. i really hope season 3 comes out soon.

  64. 64 future boi 10 comments

    guess wat guys harima and eri are goin to be together. how i kno i wont tell u. mwahhahah but its true cause i have resources.

    :’( too bad harima and yakumo arent goin to be a couple. i really wanted them too. waaa

  65. 65 Lovin School Rumble 1 comment

    Cant wait for season 3 !!!! I believe theres gonna be 4 seasons only since they only have 1 year left to graduatiion and each season is 1 semester therefore 4 seasons it total !!

    Harima with eri !!! or yakumo

  66. 66 DearS#1Fan 1 comment

    Yea hope School Rumble comes out with a third season the other 2 were awesome, but what im really looking forward to is when they ever make a second season of DearS thats the best anime ever and im a huge fan and know it all and collector of DearS lol. Dont ask lol

  67. 67 uomo 1 comment

    The information I found here was rather helpful. Thank you for this.

  68. 68 Brian Woon 1 comment

    I love SR. I watched season 1 & 2 twice. I’m writing some anime review on http://myrandts.blogspot.com/ . I was wondering if someone could come & leave a post to give an opinion & my review. I want to make better reviews in the future. Onegai… help me…(T__T)

  69. 69 sakurangel 17 comments

    it’s here!!!^-6

  70. 70 luiti1 8 comments

    one year has passed ————————– AND STILL NO SR!!!!! WARRHGHUHHH I CANT WAIT!!! .> o-O o-o O-o o.O o.o O.O O.o >_>

  71. 71 future boi 10 comments

    wats here sakurangel

  72. 72 Teccan 1 comment

    I think that the ghost girl is a combination of Tenma, Yakumo, and Eri, the three girls that are mostly in Harima’s life. I don’t consider her an Id, but I sure as hell wanted her to convince Yakumo otherwise.

    Harima should be with Yakumo or Eri, never Tenma. Tenma will never understand how great of a guy Harima is. (Yes, I’m a gay, but I’m not gay, I’m just saying this because he’s cool.)

    But anyway, I hope Scramble (I like that nickname) doesn’t end up like Inuyasha, because I like good shows, but I also like when they END. So I’m hoping the 3rd will be the last, because the last episode was kind of disappointing. Nothing big really happened in it other than the confirmation that Yakumo loved Harima.

    Here I am, ranting…anyway, looking forward to the third season, and NO, I don’t want it to go on forever. Part of enjoying anime is watching the end and forever dedicating to it, hehe.

    By the way, the season should start in April again, that’s when number 2 came out. No news though, it seems.

  73. 73 luiti1 1 comment


  74. 74 lolipop 1 comment

    lamo cant wait

  75. 75 future boi 10 comments

    cmon SR hurry up and come out with the 3rd season already

  76. 76 sakurangel 17 comments

    sorry, but this is a conversation of the coming of School Rumble 3 not about Inuyasha it’s true that the story of inuyasha start out good but it just keep going and going and beside Inuyasha haven’t end yet! write ya later!^-6

  77. 77 Red Phantoms 1 comment

    I wonder if what the new chara looks like……. do you have any ideas
    i would be better if they make a new chara so the story can expand

  78. 78 luiti1 8 comments

    hey guys if your still waiting for SR then watch honey and clover mean while. DANG its just like SR and VERY VERY FUN!!! xD

    you wont regret it

  79. 79 SR IS THE BEST!!! 1 comment

    Yeah I HOPE THERES A SCHOOL RUMBLE SEASON 3 AT LEAST! ill be satisfied with that..
    Also i do hope that harima either ends up with Eri or Yakumo..cuz like.. he just seems better with them
    Tenma is an absolute IDIOT in my opinion…shes not all that pretty either…(but i would like 2 see her with nara.. cuz karasuma is just so… dull!)

  80. 80 D 1 comment

    tenma i a little bitch , i think that harima have to change his love by yakumo, becouse she is pretty and beatiful than her sister. harima and yakumo . tenma has to die

  81. 81 future boi 10 comments

    for me i think harima should end up with Eri or yakumo one of em. better not be tenma chan omg i would go nuts if that happen

  82. 82 Link_Soul 1 comment

    Finally i will get to say a few words about School Rumble.
    At first there was the first season…….loved it!
    Then there was Second Season…………….LOVED it more!
    and now i dont ask for a 3rd season……………….i DEMAND it.

    So we see that our beloved Harima-kun is actually a ladies man. The Princess and even Yakumo have interest in him. I am impressed because even Yakumo likes him. Not only that but Yakumo is already figured out by the Princess. Yes, you can fool a man, but a woman’s intuition is something else.
    So in the end, we have :

    Tenma————–> Karasuma————-> Kari dish (yeah..he is an idiot) = A HELL OF A SEASON!

  83. 83 didier 2 comments

    cmon jin… release it,will ya?

  84. 84 lithuanian-pig 1 comment

    I love school rumble.. come soon pls :)~~~

  85. 85 Angel_from_Hell 4 comments

    there are 60 people in 500 m radius from me that are w8ing for 3rd season. and there are angry

  86. 86 filmjolk 2 comments

    Is there sufficient manga? if there isn’t, no point to hope for lots of new seasons.

    I watched the first seasoon in 1 day. Then I watched the 2nd season in 1 day as well. So, do realease a third one so that i can spend hopefully several days watching sr :)

    I didn’t see that many of yakumos famous mindreadings in the second season though, that was a shocker.

    Harima only likes ten.. tsukamoto b/c of his previous experience. He also perceives tenmas behaviour in a different way. This can be easily spotted by looking at his day dreaming.

    ok, enough analyzing, it’s a manga/anime for christ sake. GOGO! Season three!!

  87. 87 sweet_indulgence 1 comment

    I was a little disapointed with the ending, since no one confessed thier love :(

    But I was all cheered up when it said there would be more School Rumble XD

    —? Does anyone know when the next season will begin airing? ?–

  88. 88 IWANT3d SEASON!! 1 comment

    3 season please 3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season please3 season pleasev

  89. 89 future boi 10 comments

    when o when is it comin. im dyin just waiten for it. huh!


    I hope that the Yakumo’s Wish of Onee-san happy will give she some points ^^

  91. 91 darkcolonist 1 comment

    It would be great to have a School Rumble Season 3. I’m anticipating it… Such a good story and great humor…

    the rumble has yet to end… :D

  92. 92 luiti1 8 comments

    —————————————————————————— o.O is it just me or WHEEEEEEEN IS ITTTTT COOOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  93. 93 Nayuki 1 comment

    After 2month first episode lol

  94. 94 Angel_from_Hell 4 comments

    After 2month first episode ????? what School Rumble 3 is out

  95. 95 future boi 10 comments

    wtf is it out yet or not?

  96. 96 Gan-Chan 1 comment

    I hope they release the 3rd term, im so excited i cant hide it

  97. 97 Angel_from_Hell 4 comments

    Nayuki is it out yet or not?

  98. 98 luiti1 8 comments

    nope its not out yet.. it it was, then it would be scripted in the animenfo.com

  99. 99 luiti1 8 comments

    i mean if it was*

  100. 100 Imadori-kun 1 comment

    In The School Rumble season 3, i hope Harima and Eri would be love each other, C’mon sawachika-san….makes Harima-kun fall in love to you…C’mon Eriiiiii-chan, i always cheer you up……!!!!

  101. 101 Kenji_Kun 4 comments

    I so hope there’s another season, it’s the first anime I watched and I will wait for it 2 come out. (I think Harima said that but I don’t know where.)

  102. 102 Kenji_Kun 4 comments

    Hey any1 who knows anything about school rumble add me dwarven_assasin@hotmail.com

  103. 103 Nicholas ChIn 3 comments

    So when is School Rumble Season 3 Come out can anyone tell me…………..If u want to write answer write ur name Example #Nicholas* answer Bla Bla Bla ok

  104. 104 alex 3 comments

    I’m pretty sure that they are going to have a season 3, because they’re manga in japan is going into a semester 3 and builds more up to a whole 26 eps. http://mangarun.com/school_rumble/ is the site that has the manga series which does go into the new season. I’m still wondering about the official date of it being aired. Harima X Eri

  105. 105 kuma206 1 comment

    In the beginning i was all for Tenma, but towards the end she started to kinda annoy me… wtf is so cool about karasuma anyway? Oh well I’m hopping Harima end up with Yakumo, but Eri’s cool too ^^

  106. 106 Jose 2 comments

    hey can any body verify if the third season is gonna come out?

  107. 107 karux 2 comments

    There wont be a third season, according to the animators. They are busy working on another project.

    Too bad though, I really enjoyed School Rumble..

  108. 108 Jose 2 comments

    thanks for the info n i was really looking foward to it dam it

  109. 109 tj_han 901 comments

    LOL you guys. There WILL be season 3 but only when there is enough manga material. Even season 2 had fillers due to a shortage of original manga material, so obviously season 3 won’t be out so quick. Give it a year or two.

    Most of the commenters here really have no clue about anime though.

  110. 110 future boi 10 comments

    there should be another semester. at the end of episode 26 season 2 it told us that they will continue.

  111. 111 luiti1 8 comments

    tj_han are you admin?

  112. 112 tj_han 901 comments

    Yup that is correct. This post is 9 months old though, hence I don’t really check or reply to the comments.

  113. 113 luiti1 8 comments

    ohh nice :P

  114. 114 malaysian 1 comment

    damn!!! i hope haruma will end up with eri chan!!! plsss plsss plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  115. 115 erram 4 comments

    We will see:)

  116. 116 J-Jamista 1 comment

    WHAAAAA!!!!! I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

    “so obviously season 3 won’t be out so quick. Give it a year or two.” tj_han

    This is going to be a very very very long year. Were not even guarantee it will take one year to generate these magna, but two… (two huhuhuh) I want to cry… Never have I been this captivated by anime. Now I see why. They are addicting. I’m currently watching “Bleach” to keep my attention elsewhere but it can only go so far, after 121 episodes and still counting. But I want school rumble. I want school rumble. I want school rumble. Ok I need to grip of myself.

    Please hurry…

  117. 117 harima de filipino 1 comment

    tenma-chan! hehehehe… i really enjoyed school rumble (hands down) seasons 1&2, i hope season 3 comes out soon and season 4(manga) would stop developing into a serious one (according to one site)… :(

  118. 118 reijin007 1 comment

    any ideas when SR season 3 will come out???…i’ve just finished watching seasons 1 & 2 for the past 2 days…and right now…im watching it again…hope Harima would fall for Eri-chan or Yakumo!…opening songs ROCKS!…been checking this site for the past few days…hope the GOOD news about season 3 will be posted here ASAP…

  119. 119 karux 2 comments


  120. 120 SANAL 1 comment

    I want to see SR3 too.
    I can’t wait ooooooooooooooooh
    cmon cmon cmon

  121. 121 dude 4 comments

    I think that something will happen to karasuma and harima will get tema in the end, but i would liked to have seen him with yakumo or eri chan :)
    can’t wait for season 3, if there is one!

  122. 122 dude 4 comments

    from my sources i found out that there won’t be a season 3 but there will be an OVA.

    if you wonna speak to me, this is my msn: thibgiffard@gmail.com

  123. 123 dude 4 comments

    no actually im not sure…

  124. 124 father of harima 6 comments

    yep there will be a season 3!!i wish harima will have eri and yakumo together and fuck them well

  125. 125 Dojibiron_Blue 6 comments

    WHAT!!!!There won’t be a 3rd seasoN!!!!!damn..I love Imadori(D-cup addict)..he’s kinda perv but he’s so funny..his facial expression are d best!!!love the scenes where he’s getting beaten up by the Wooden Doll(Lala) and Suo..Tell me when anybody’s DEFINETLY SUre if there is a 3rd Seadon!!!tnx..

    Harima should be with Yakumo coz I think it would be better than the stupid tenma..

  126. 126 Dojibiron_Blue 6 comments

    oh, I think it would be good if they release a manga on more info about itoko, ah i mean itoko-sensei about her mysterius past which she definetely hides..i love yakumo..she’s the one worthy of harima..damn, I don’t get why harima has fallen for a stupid girl like tenma..i mean her friends are more hot and sexier than she is..i like her ahoge though..^(^_^)^

  127. 127 father of harima 6 comments

    there will be a third season!!and let me tell you something harima will fuck eri ass so much plus yakumo will suck harima dick in the 3rd season!so wait a little more till the fuck begins!!!:):P

  128. 128 Joao 1 comment

    Harymakenzie rocks xD

    I need School Rumble San Gakki
    Or i will die XD

  129. 129 Dojibiron_Blue 6 comments

    yeah!!that’s cool!!
    seriusly can’t wait!!!!

  130. 130 erram 4 comments

    Does anyone know exactly that ther will be a season 3? (baad english^^)

  131. 131 JBLACK 1 comment

    yes there will be a season 3 later on this year.

  132. 132 dude 4 comments

    JBLACK, where is your proof? camon show us something to look forwards to :)

  133. 133 alex 3 comments

    ya, i mean you must know something we all don’t

  134. 134 father of harima 6 comments

    yeah modafucka you must know something!where is the fucking proof!!!plus if harima dont fuck eri or yakumo i guaranty u i will fuck them!!!!!!!

  135. 135 erram 4 comments

    U know “fater of harima” this girls are all drawed and not real u konw:)

  136. 136 another dude 1 comment

    i liked how they end term 2 but now i am really hoping that they come out with the 3rd term.
    they have ended season 1 with yakumo liking harima more and then she says she likes him now and even end with her on the 2nd season. they seem to be really developing her character so i think (and am hoping) that they will end up to gether.

  137. 137 father of harima 6 comments

    i know!but i fuck their photo!just make a whole and fuck it!it so easy homie!then close your eyes and imagine eri is facesitting you and yakumo is sucking yo dick!easy solution to fuck them:P

  138. 138 adenread 3 comments

    You get me all excited when I saw season 3 in the title. This anime is so great, I can’t wait for season 3.

  139. 139 erram 4 comments

    Ok man u got a point but still… these are just images:D

  140. 140 lol 3 comments

    THere are a lot of hints to the third season in the last episode of the second, for example the ghost girl who says she will be back, the revealing of a school trip, and at the very end it says that school rumble will continue. the question is when, i’ve heard something about september or early 2008, but thats just guessing.

  141. 141 father of harima 6 comments

    haha i support all the hentais readers!:Pimage are the bestttttttttt lol

  142. 142 lol 3 comments

    and by the way you retards who says it wont be a third season, fuck you. you just post bullshit with no reliability. The animators hasn’t said a shit and they are just waiting for more manga material. And there isnt enough yet.

  143. 143 Dojibiron_Blue 6 comments

    woah!!harima’s so fucking lucky!!!with yakumo and eri there’s nothing more else you could wish for!!!
    i somehow imagine wat d other guy is describing how to fuck animes(blood flowing from nose)….

    i suggest you watch azumanga daioh too,quite like school rumble with other characters of course.. thogh i prefer school rumble because of eri,yakumo and itoko!!!!!!!and tenma your a biatch!!

  144. 144 father of harima 3 comments

    thats a shit anime!!!watch chrono crusade ,death note ,bleach,inukami,love hina,scryed,hellsing or rurouni kenshin!their good!never watch fruity basket but i also suggest you to watch golden boy!it only 6 epsodes buts its really fubby!azumanga daioh sucksss i regret downloading this shitttttttttttttttttttttttt!peace homies!and yes i got blodd in ma nose when see hentais!:Plol

  145. 145 Dojibiron_Blue 6 comments

    it’s so damn boring waitng for the 3rd season..i already watched school rumble over and over again

  146. 146 Hige 1 comment

    looking for similar anime like school rumble, any suggestions?

  147. 147 lol 3 comments

    green green perhaps, its ecchi though

  148. 148 HaruhiSuzumiyaFtw 1 comment

    While waiting for the 3rd lovely season, Why not watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Its a school themed comedy too ;D And it rules just as much as School Rumble did ^^

  149. 149 Eka 1 comment

    I do hope there will be a season 3.
    They dropped enough subtle (okay, maybe not-so-subtle) hints which made us all excited… they just can’t leave us hanging there.. T_T

    Anyway, still waiting for it… ;)

  150. 150 father of harima 3 comments

    hey green green is good!!just hearing the name makes me wanna puff some sticky iky weed!!GREEN smoke and a rizla roll it and just smoke it!!make your head while watching greengreen!!!

  151. 151 sakurangel 17 comments

    School RUmble 3 is coming out and this one the school & faculty wil be at Europe on this season. clue 1…

  152. 152 filmjolk 2 comments

    If you liked M of haruhi.s, then try watching kannon or air. Don’t watch air if you don’t like long and sad endings. watch neither if you don’t like weird endings :) No really, try watching kannon and you can watch air if you get bored.

  153. 153 sotona 1 comment

    School RUmble 3 is coming soon when?

  154. 154 father of harima 3 comments

    yeah dogg its coming out when its coming out!!!:P

  155. 155 sakurangel 17 comments

    near July or the next october..clue2

  156. 156 OWU= Otakus of the Worl United 1 comment

    When, WHEN!!!!!!!!!!

  157. 157 Megashit 1 comment

    Ohhhh I love Eri… I cant wait to see School Rumble 3…

  158. 158 luis 1 comment

    hey can anybody tell me where can i get school rumble in english ‘cuz i have it but in spanish

  159. 159 sakurangel 17 comments

    Yakumo is not letting Tenma no more for Harima ….clue 3

  160. 160 sakurangel 17 comments

    if your talking about the english sub you could get it from

  161. 161 Dojibiron_Blue 5 comments

    hey, I’ve downloaded green green in one of the torrents sites and i cant find the anime ones, is it a hentai anime??

  162. 162 lameve 1 comment

    I hope this will be faster..and not taking too long..
    hope it will end on season 4

  163. 163 Blackstrawberry 1 comment

    I haven’t really read through the SR manga but I have looked into it abit and come the conclusion that everything that the two SR anime seasons contains is roughly spread out over 160 SR manga chapters.
    According to this site:

    The SR manga has 217 chapters completed at this time, that is over 40 chapters that has yet to be turned into anime and since 160/2=80 we can come the conclusion that an SR anime season spans over roughly 80 manga chapters.
    Therefore there are more then enough material for the animators to create the first half of the third season.

    So hopefully we will be able to see the start of the third semester soon, I just hope they wait long enough so we dont have to watch fillers :P I have no idea if there really are any plans to make a third season or not, all I have done is gone through som manga chapters and done the math so dont take this info too seriously.

    School rumble forever! ;)

  164. 164 sakurangel

    School Rumbel 3 haruima in the clueless love trinange Tenma–Yakumo–Eri??? …..clue 3

  165. 165 father of harima 6 comments

    yoyo first of all the clue is 3!1 school rumble will continue becuz harima havent fuck none!2 becuz yakumo likes eri in reality but she dont know it yet!3 harima needs really to fuck some girls!!!!!peace im out

  166. 166 school rumble 3 - scheduled 2009 1 comment

    it’s official! school rumble season 3 will only be aired in 2009(probably early or spring) as they need adequate chapters, time to animate the series and also work on other projects. 2008 is to soon as the chapters required for a season is inadequate and there is no guarentee something out of the blue might delay the manga so the animators have decided to fill up their workload with other animes first.

  167. 167 SANAL 1 comment

    “father of harima”! I think that Harima will fuck’amm all and especially “Dojibiron_Blue”.
    “Dojibiron_Blue” is so kawai, i love him. What do you think?

  168. 168 arcsy 1 comment

    I really love this series. It’s one of those rare animes that really made me laugh so hard! I just wish that the series will continue longer. Harima is so cool! Itoko is so beautiful! School life in School Rumble is wonderful!!!!

  169. 169 Dojibiron_Blue 5 comments

    can’t wait if it’s still 2009, they should make it faster coz i cant wait that long!!!!!i like everything about SR anime especially the d-cup curries!!!!i love you miko-chiiiiiiiin!!!!!!

    o yeh,will some companys sub it???it’s useless if it’s unsubbed..i’m pretty bad at english and i don’t speak jap…asou should die!!!miko-chiiin

  170. 170 reshie 1 comment

    omg i cant wait to see SR 2(not common in australia to buy)
    cant wait for news about SR3

  171. 171 Dojibiron_Blue 5 comments

    eh?sum1 likes me??(”,)

  172. 172 Dawn 1 comment

    Wow, in 2009 School Rumble… lots of people won’t remember it. They will probaly have to do some major promotions and advertising.

  173. 173 Dojibiron_Blue 5 comments

    hey can any1 give me the website where i can download the torrent of green green..i really cant find it..

  174. 174 sakurangel 17 comments

    In school Rumble series 3 Harima found out about something unusual about Yakumo…..clue 4

  175. 175 blabla

    Hey sakurangel this was actually clue 5…..there were two clue 3’s :P Just wanted to mention it

  176. 176 alex 3 comments

    I cant wait till it comes out, though i doubt it will take till 2009.

  177. 177 sakurangel 17 comments

    Yakumo is sad because of someone….clue5

  178. 178 luisfcayo 2 comments

    Wow, in 2009 School Rumble… lots of people won’t remember it. They will probaly have to do some major promotions and advertising

  179. 179 DotA_Master 4 comments

    I Hope SR 3rd Season will be aired by this year. i can’t wait no longer if it will be aired at 2009. oh My God, please fulfill my wish… i wish that SR 3rd Season will be aired by this year… for Jin Kobayashi, GANBATTE KUDASAI !!!

  180. 180 sakurangel 17 comments

    Eri will confess her love to…..clue5

  181. 181 ridwan sahar 1 comment

    I really can’t wait SR3

  182. 182 agent smith 1 comment

    i found a place that says semester 3 will air late setp to early otc

    p.s. the show rocked so far

    p.s.s yakumo=hot

  183. 183 sakurangel 17 comments

    I found out from my Manager that the anime productions is not going to continue the next 3 semester so if everyone wants to know what happens in the story go buy the manga.
    REASON FOR CANCELING: some ass-hole say that it effect school issues anyway all those personal things and the crew took it as a bad comment to the anime production and have many people exagerate the issue so
    sorry for the people for waited for School RUmble 3 to come out for so long so i am very sorry for spreading the bad news to everyone unless we could protest to save school rumble 3 episodes in order that it will be view for the public!!
    Hope ALl SChool Rumble Fan will support!!!

  184. 184 tj_han 901 comments

    Look Sakurangel, you are obviously a 7 year old kid spreading lies here in an attempt to be someone you’re not. Note to everyone else: Sakurangel is a big fraud and what he/she says is fake.

    As for the rest, there is not enough material in the manga to have a 3rd season done proper yet. Besides, Kobayashi Jin has been doing another manga. Go watch the billions of other shows showing at the moment while you wait.

  185. 185 eyes closed 1 comment

    yo yo yo dudes, girls, and anything that dosent fit into the male/female catergory!!
    happy fathers day to you westerners!!
    i just hust finished watching School rumble, and by all the posts here i guess im not the only person who thinks it was a well spent 13 hours of there life!
    i enjoyed it so much i think i want to cry… actualy never mind, ill save it for when season 3 comes out.
    its good to hear that season 3 is definatly gonna happen rumors of sepember 07 and promises of spring 2009?? but at least its a definate thumbs up we’re doing this!!!
    well there is never any guarrentie untill a month or so befor release that it will be guarrenteed, but HERES TO HOPING! raises glass**

    btw harima should be happy so who ever he ends up with as long as hes happy im happy
    but as for tenma.. rot in hell you dosy moo, so thick she cant tell a confesion from a court restraining order..!

  186. 186 Shin 1 comment

    Well at least there’s hope of a 3rd season. I’ve been done with SR for a while now and am extremely anxious to see season 3. *sigh* I just wish someone would kill Mr. Kappaboy there T.T

    HariTen 4Ever!!!!!

  187. 187 Dojibiron_Blue 5 comments

    yeah, i think the other dude’s a fraud too..
    you can know what happens by just reading the manga in any manga online pages..
    i already looked it up and the latest i could find is up to chapter192 already..

  188. 188 harima_kenji29 2 comments

    I really really wish that there will be a season 3!!!I want that temma to realize her feelings to harima.That will be the best ending.I like eri, yakumo,hanai and akira who knows all the situation. I hate karazuma. I think he is really an alien…you know he is very very tallented imposible to be true.Please realese the season 3 soon!!!

  189. 189 harima_kenji29 2 comments

    at season 3 I want harima’s moustache to be grown again..

  190. 190 sakurangel 17 comments

    Look tj_han Girl! First don’t insult someone in the web that u don’t know u don’t believe me that’s fine ur just a girl who can’t face the truth! I have more access and information in the anime world so don’t be going around calling people a fraud
    disrespectful girl! know ur place


  191. 191 Ruud VaN NesTelrooy 1 comment

    Hope Harima-kun love Yakumo…or Eri-san
    SR 3??yes i will wait it 4 ever

  192. 192 tj_han 901 comments

    LOL! Sakurangel is funny. Anyway if you really have so much info, you wouldn’t be hanging around here acting like an idiot would you?

    In case you don’t know, this is my site and I can delete your comments at will. But I’m not going to because you’re funny, a typical example of a Internet poser who’s a 16 year old trying to be someone he isn’t.

  193. 193 harima_kenji29 1 comment

    Hey you guys does anyone knows about what yakumo secretly said to eri in their fightings scene at the sleeping beauty play? What do you think yakumo says?

  194. 194 sakurangel 17 comments

    DeleTe ME Then !
    Being smart with me go train for another 35 years! Funny one huh let’s see who is being funny here I see you calling the commenter idiot’s who is hanging on your website
    better watch ur words before hurting other people because right now ur dealing with me
    not that being a fan is not right but it’s just holding a empty faith that knowing that it’s not coming out is a biggest sad end.
    i apologize to u tijaun 4 almost ending your website
    but it’s true of what I say
    and i’ll never enter this web again
    but it doesn’t mean that i lost i think it’s right 4 a adult to be a bigger person.

  195. 195 S.R. fan 1 comment

    is this the end the agrument? when will 3 season will out? sorry not good in english. is next year or this year

  196. 196 muy muy 1 comment

    i like yamo yamo > harima!
    there is more to manga, and i think the manga is still going on, and no ending for season3 if the manga has no ending yet, or itll end up like GTO anime which deviate way off on the manga.

  197. 197 raichu27 1 comment

    wohooo! i like school rumble! simply the best! i can’t wait for the season 3! Yakumo you’re the best!! woohoo!

  198. 198 Dan 1 comment

    I guess there will be a 3rd season, though its been 10 months and zero official news. There has to be a 3rd season, I expect it to be announced around a couple months. It did take them a year you know to start season 2 when the 1st ended, so the long wait isn’t really unexpected.

  199. 199 Justin Benjamin 1 comment

    “There exists no man that does not find Itoko sexy.”

    There does now- honestly, if you think that, you need to watch more anime (or get out into the world- although I’m strictly doing the former, sadly.)

  200. 200 Robert 1 comment

    well… I am a little disappointed about the ending… there was no ending. I would love Yakumo to end up with Harima, or even Sawachica… I don’t like Tenma that much as for him hehehe…. oh come on!!! third season!!!!

  201. 201 SR Stalker (Not Really) 2 comments

    I think that Kenjii-kun and Imotou-ide (Yakumo) should get together not just because Imotou-ide has feelings for Kenjii-kun because they’re kind of destined together

  202. 202 SR Stalker (Not Really) 2 comments

    I can’t wait for the season 3 (Patience may be a virtue, but it’s kicking my ass at being itself)

  203. 203 ameramer 1 comment

    i got some of season 2 epoised put not all can any one tell my a name of websites that a llow me to direct dawnload all the epoised without money and thanks alot

  204. 204 Sango 1 comment

    When do you guys think the season 3 will come ouot

    becuz I can’t waitt!!!!

  205. 205 sam vegeta 1 comment

    check it out at the fansubs forum from school rumble WFfansub

  206. 206 Mr Lame 1 comment

    Arghh! School rumble is TOO NICE TO WATCH! When is season 3 coming out..!!?? ARHH!!

  207. 207 helllo 1 comment

    omg i am so glad that i dint watch this when it came out or else i would have been aiting 4 a long time no way can i wait for a year for this i want more

  208. 208 UzimakiJinsei 1 comment

    I have managed to aquire an import dvd of the second season with much better subtitles then the yourmom posts actually have availiable on the net. The only problem with these subs are that because the subbers were initially chinese they have given the characters chinese names for some reason. tenma is tianman ffs!

    im gona have to write down all of the characters real names and then convert them to these chinese names so that i know who they are talking about. lol.

    later on if anyone is interested i will try and upload the episodes on the net for you all to watch if you feel that the yourmom subbers ruined your experience. After i watch the series i will dvdsub it as well to change up the names to there originals.

    In terms of the season 3 debate i can only hope that they bring it out within the next year as i think it would be ashame if it took much longer then that. OH! my goddess! ended a while back at season 2 for not being recomissioned which sucked cos i was really into that anime as well.

    Anyway goodluck in finding a replacement anime in the meantime, i suggest (oh my goddess, bleach, naruto, love hina, girls bravo, kiba and blood )

  209. 209 Tetto 1 comment

    for what my subber friend told me, is that first episode of school rumble season 3 has been aired on japan last friday, there is one subber group that is going to sub it, dont remember the name tho :/
    right now they have problem to find good RAW but lets hope we get the episode out soon with subs

  210. 210 harima21 1 comment

    i cant wait to see s3 and i do hope harima will fall in love with either eri or yakumo but i don’t think it will happen because harima is a strong man how is loyal to one person and unfortunately it is baka tenma

  211. 211 Drakkhen 1 comment

    If a S3 ep has been aired sum1 pls let me kno when they have subbed it and where i can dl it

    pls i have watched both seasons over and over i need this to sustain me

    Harima and yakumo or eri, tenma is non-deserving!!!!

  212. 212 MEEE 3 comments

    well its pretty obvious (or at least as i ‘d like to pessimisticly put) dat harima wont end up with anyone.. himj and tenma definitely wont fall together, yakumo is too caring of her sister to take a swipe at harima, and eri will probably have to move or smthign at end.. or she’ll find someone else. But seeing as how harima isnt in love currently with either of those hotties, and is too deeply “encharmed” by that retard monkey tenma, things dont looks so good, and i forsee abunch of more of fillers, and Harima failing to really get to tenma, while eri is looming overhead once again. Harima will prolly grow up to be a pro manga artist and tenma ends up with that super retarded karasuma, while mikoto … might end up with any one for all we no, and akira continues to kick ass adn reveal (prolly at last episode of da fourth season) that she is rlly a super secrety spy… hanai will continue to reach out for yakumo who continues to reject him, while imadori and wuts her stupid ugly face makeout, and togo is sitll coool. let’s see did i forget nething? w/e .. ne wayz i’d sure ly hope by watever hopeful optimism i have left for these “animes” that i actually for once in a lifetime see a fitting end dat provides complete closure, and makes me happy , and also happy for da damned protagonist for getting a chick besides him (that like neva happens rlly these days, and even if it does, its not really fully “visualized,” and viewers are only left to infer from whatever little resources da creators elave us with.. my personal hope wus always dat harima actually trully fully falls in love with eri, and they wel… u no really “get it going” (errr … a.. hem…) while tenma and karasuma fall to eternal burning and suffering.. but that is 100 % unlikely, and my second wish good wish wus dat harima and yakumo get it together insteada eri, cuz she’s hot too and i personally like her much as a char.. but w/e.. but seriously i hope harima gets his happy, sexy, funny, and kickass ending… also its been noted REPEATEDLY but harima seriously looks 200 times better and hotter (as in a girl’s depiction) w////////////. o those damned sunglasses and that hairband shit.. hehe it wus funny when eri fell in for dat change in style, and she wus also obviously “attracted” by dat \”person”" too as she did with harima… godamnit she should confess to harima!! (though thats quite very unlikely for now - and since when does a girl propose or ask out??)

  213. 213 wallace 1 comment

    be trust worthy and speak whit the truth is the season 3 launch oficial and already on air, because i am about to down load the manga

  214. 214 Kaori 3 comments

    wallace where are you downloading the manga from, what site? i wannna start 2!!! ^_^

  215. 215 luisfcayo 2 comments

    well it seems like Kobayashi is running out of paper… he needs more scenarios if he wants to finish this up… there is a looot of people that need to hook up and to get this done in such a short time??… if he accomplishes this and has time to get the Anime done which Im sure is done right along with the manga, I will consider him a true master…

  216. 216 Jyuusandaime 1 comment

    about School Rumble Season 3…

    for me I think the manga material is still unstable, just like what everyone else is saying in this forum. let’s just hope they don’t run out of ideas as they continue in their work on the manga. and if it’s in God’s will, a new season of School Rumble will be released after a year or so. townsocks.net has the translations in for manga, which is as of now is in chapter 236. by reading the manga, you guys will know the reasons on why the anime has no progress yet. and you guys will also know who’s making any sense, and who’s not in this forum. especially when I read the tj_han & sakurangel forum quarrel and I can’t bear from laughing. the idiot was giving wrong informations as if he/she came from a distant future. or maybe he/she just watched too much of anime and began to fool him/herself as an omnipotent retard. guys better read the manga because eventhough it’s not animated, the humor of the story is still there, plus you yourself will know of what’s REALLY happening in the story. this forum reminded me a scene in a cartoon called “cow and chicken” when the devil named red quoted as he was doing a superhero laundry business…. “THERE’S A LOT OF SICK PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN….”


  217. 217 CatCloud 1 comment

    “wallace where are you downloading the manga from, what site? i wannna start 2!!! ^_^ ”

    yeah tell me too, i also whant to start reading it, im kinda bored of waiting!!
    and yeah i also think it should be HarmioxYakumo or Eri..more Yakumo sins Harima and Yakumo makes the manga togehter!

  218. 218 Yakumo_fans_club 4 comments

    i wish harimas girl would be yakumo, i cant wait to see that XD

  219. 219 BgMn78 3 comments

    @MEEE: You should read the manga to the latest chapters, things are developing quite well for all involved.
    I am also a bit worried about closure in animes, especially that School Rumble is meant to appeal to underage people as well. But I would be happy even if it would be only a mutual confession of love between Harima and Eri and a passionate kiss. That is the only closure I need, I don’t really care about the other couples except maybe Imadori and Ichijou. Also, while your thoughts are interesting, your writing style is not up to the height of your ideas.

    @everyone looking for the manga: there is a link higher up in this blog at about the current middle by Blackstrawberry to an online index containing up-to-date material by [Townsocks]. As well as his own site, which you can find by looking up his ID on the Wannabefansubs forums.

    A big thanks to [Townsocks] for his manga translation!

  220. 220 Torou 1 comment

    What number of the manga is the start of season 3 ?

  221. 221 HarimaYakumo 2 comments

    i just finished watching all school rumble and i hope season 3 will be as good as the first, or atleast be better than season 2. less basketball tards and more Harima, Yakumo, Eri-chan, Tenma action please! i expected that SR 2 wont be as good as SR 1 before i started watching it, but most animes are just like that tho, first one is always the best.

  222. 222 HarimaYakumo 2 comments

    i dont think harima will have a real relationship with anyone untill somewhere near the end of school rumble, because if he did, he would become boring, dont u think? no more wacky harima?

  223. 223 harima & yakumo 4 comments

    HARIMA & YAKUMO foreva, harima & tsukumuto dont work lol

  224. 224 deepdragon 1 comment

    LOL Tsukamoto also talks about Yakumo

  225. 225 harima_jun 4 comments

    does any1 know if season3 is coming out?

  226. 226 Aniking 2 comments

    School Rumble maybe is getting bored so wait until people forget it then release for more popularity like movies such as the sequels came out 3-5 years later. I think Tenma will like Harima and fight with Yakumo and Eri. It’s great with the super Sentai(Japanese power ranger) and is quite popular for adults too such as older people in America watching Spiderman or Batman.

  227. 227 Aniking 2 comments

    season 2 is boring when they do the battle royale and Eri’s marriage and is not 1 story every episode instead is continuous but the basketball was okay but is too long and Yakumo reading the book her sister gave her was sort of touching but the ending was great and it will be funny in England and probably thay’ll challenge the royal class the rich students there.

  228. 228 Montana 1 comment

    im waiting for the next season i hope to see yakumo and harima together but i like eri to be his partner too >

  229. 229 Ha2aN 1 comment

    I WANNA KNOW WHEN SEASON 3 STARTS. T_T Is it out allready or does any1 know when it will come out. PLEASE TELL ME T_T im dying to know what happens

  230. 230 Angel_from_Hell 4 comments

    dont make me come to japan to make you to make SEASON 3

  231. 231 SR ROCKS 1 comment

    UMM.. can anyone tell me how did season two ended?…

  232. 232 dineM 1 comment

    It ended like the first season.. Tenma were still in love with Karasuma and still doesn’t remember Harima..
    and the Class 2-C and 2-D planing to take a school trip to England so maybe the 3rd season will be in england (or the 3-4 first episodes anyway)

    1 season name: School Rumble 1st Term
    2 season name: School Rumble 2nd Term
    3 season name: matbe School Rumble 3rd Term or School Rumble in England

  233. 233 Aizu 1 comment

    Please Jin Kobayashi, carry on the school rumble…

  234. 234 Ambrose 1 comment

    I hope for a season three too, noticed how lots of people hoped one would fall in love with some one whom was in love with them, such as Harima and Eri or Yakumo, but remember the whole storyline revolves around these confessions so assuming if that were to happen it would mean that it’s going to finish soon.

  235. 235 YakumoXHarima foeverrr 1 comment

    yayrs 3rd season!!
    haha its goin to be purty interestin, i hope there’s some yakumo harima scene >

  236. 236 azure35 2 comments

    … hope there will be 3rd season and this 3rd is the end!!! Final season to decide anyone’s love… I hate anime that is too long….

  237. 237 somebody waiting for trouble 2 comments

    I do NOT understand what Tenma likes about Karasuma. But I hope that she falls in love with Harima (he really is cute without all his accessoires). Too much has happened between them for him to go for Sawachika (oh god, that sounds so pathetic). But Tenma really iIS stupid.

  238. 238 azure35 2 comments

    I also really hope that tenma will fall in love with harima and tenma stupidity is what makes school rumble funny ^^ I really love her ehoge ^^

  239. 239 somebody waiting for trouble 2 comments

    That Harima falls in love with Sawachika or Yakumo is pretty unlikely, because Tenma scarred Harima. Not directly, but the fact that he protected her shows a certain devotion. She better finally realise that Karasuma is a weird nerd in love with looking out the window.

  240. 240 AnimeFreak 1 comment

    SR was realy one of the best anime´s i ever saw =)
    i cant wait for the 3th term but i fear it will take some time……. T_T
    but the other thing i liket was this ´forum´ it took me some time to read all the comments but you guys are realy funny ^^.

  241. 241 srdabest 1 comment

    sorry guys but there’ll be no more SR because what ive read in wikipedia they will banned who will put a subs cuz…. i forgot but try to read everything in wikipedia then you’ll noe

  242. 242 nomore 1 comment

    it has been too long, so there will be no more school rumble. too bad, another great anime down the drain. It has no CLOSURE!

  243. 243 OH GOD PLEASE MAKE TERM 3 ;_; 1 comment

    Seriously.. I want another term so bad TT_TT

    This is by far one of the best anime out there, it’s got the perfect mixture of everything..
    It can’t just end the way it did.. Harima and Eri must end up together..

  244. 244 kiki lala 3 comments

    i hope harima will end up with his tenma…
    tenma is cute… - hahahha -

  245. 245 Yakumo_fans_club 4 comments

    no for tenma, yakumo for life, eri hmm not bad..

  246. 246 scramble 1 comment

    I hope karasuma dies in season 3 wearing kappa :))))

  247. 247 Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 1 comment

    In season 3, I rl hope harima stays with the blond girl, (remember the entire class are going 2 England) not b/c they look cuter but b/c she rl has shows a lot of expression 2 him and he hasn’t notice her yet. He’s been to busy trying 2 conquer that idiot girl but for some reason he fails 2 attempt. So plz producer make harima fall in love with erichan (hope I wrote her name right ^^) if I recall in season 2 episode 22 right b4 he puts on that lion costume, while arguing with erichan; he must of felt something when she smile by the kids on doing the play act.

  248. 248 Cholowoo 1 comment

    Just wondering has there still been no confirmation on a third season? Not an inkling, a hint from any REAL authority? It really would be a shame if there wasn’t another… T.T

  249. 249 Taylor 1 comment

    I read above that someone is saying that there will be no Season 3 because of some fansubbing thing, read wikipedia. From what i gather on this paragraph on wikipedia is that AnimeSuki will not be subbing this anime because its been licensed, dont think it meens they arent making it.

  250. 250 Eiffel650 1 comment

    It’s almost a year now while waiting for Semester 3 in School Rumble. Is it really that hard to make a sequel? :) …Or maybe it’s just too good to give it away to the world ? Still hoping they’ll make this show reality soon…

  251. 251 chirality 3 comments

    I do think there will be a season 3 because of the way season 2 ended, but we might have to wait quite long. I just get this feeling that Harima and Eri will end up together. I believe we will find out about the results of other relationships as well. Both season 1 and 2 have been really funny and enjoyable, and it’s a pity I will have to wait for season 3 to satisfy my nostalgia and need for schoolgirls and romance.

  252. 252 kiki lala 3 comments

    harima is belong to tenma..

  253. 253 Harima_Yakumo 1 comment

    any news about season 3 release xD i say harima and imoto are ending up together WHOOO

  254. 254 MeIsYou 1 comment

    I’ll die when i see the final episode of SR… I hope they go to college or all get held back or something. well except for that stupid basketball playing underclassmen girll. So annoying. The only character i didnt like in the entire series. And Harima is definately going to end up with Eri. THAT WILL BE SO GOOD….

  255. 255 kiki lala 3 comments

    harima tenma…
    they deserve each other…

  256. 256 luiti1 8 comments

    holy **** ive been waited in over a year now for CR S3 !!! o.o

  257. 257 shakesphere 1 comment

    God let there be a third season for school rumble!!! i love that show. I am a yankumo avid fan and i dont want to end this madness!!!

  258. 258 cocoshi 1 comment

    i hate to say it but there may not be sr3. im losing hope :(

  259. 259 pizziger_SR 2 comments

    i dun need it end in 2nd…i wait for 3rd so long

    now i wanna watch it so much so i hope it will come for next years or in 2009 T-T

  260. 260 yvan 4 comments

    well…the rumours said that san gakki will be out in 2009…
    that’s good to know there’ll be the 3rd term…
    BUT CAN’T THEY MAKE IT FASTER!!!gosh…i’m having a draught for School Rumble here…

    tho i just bought myself a new set of Sukuran gashapon, it still not quench my thirst…
    NEED MOAR!!!hehehe…

    btw, everything written down in this article is exactly what i think…
    nice pointing there… ^_^

  261. 261 RandomGuy? 1 comment

    Alright, well, looking at the manga’s it’s good to see that since August they have finished 4 chapters. At this pace… it’s about 2 chapters a month. If school rumble second term ended at around 100 chapters, think it may have been like…. 105 or so, then we have enough manga material for another 26 episodes of school rumble. As such, I don’t think there’ll be any concern about the projected 2009 release date. No, they won’t make it any faster since the animators have already stated they’re working on other projects, however, it is my belief that they aren’t simply waiting for more manga material to create the next season of school rumble, they have even more manga than that of the first season and second season combined. Thus, they simply are working on other projects, and will make sure to get School Rumble out in 2009 apparently.

    I just found the series less than a week ago, finished it in 5-6 days, loved every minute of it, even the filler. ^_^

    SR Term 3 will most certainly come out, sometime in 2009, hopefully January 1st (That’s a big hopefully… lol).

  262. 262 schoolrumblesimplyrocksthewholeworld 2 comments

    i think school rumble is a really really super duper ultra great series. one of the best i’ve watched.
    the character development is really great. makes all of us feel for the characters, especially harima :) harima is just plain sad. i don’t think tenma will ever fall for him. she’s just crazy over that karasuma blur daydreaming idiot. hahah. i think harima should fall for eri-chan. she’s pretty, cute, and has true feelings for him, which is the most important component of a strong and secure relationship. i think tenma should just marry karasuma or sth, so that harima can forget all about her. ahhaha. harima should just get along with eri-chan and remain friends with everyone else in school rumble after they marry or sth! and…. harima looks really cool without his hair band, beard, and sunglasses! and he looked really GROSS when he was balding. HAHAHAHA. i can’t stop laughing to myself when i remb the funny scenes, and pple ard me will think that i’m an idiot laughing to himself. lol. HARIMA! FALL FOR SAWACHIKA! PLEASEEEEEE!

  263. 263 pizziger_SR 2 comments

    really yvan ??? is SR will out in 2009 …. YEahhhh my wish is come true TT-TT

  264. 264 supp silviu 1 comment


  265. 265 Duwa! 1 comment

    Skuru Ramburuwa San Gakki ‘09?? Shiwatte….


    Jiiizus… They better be makin it damn good every episode of the way if I gotta wait that long.

    Jab! Jab-Jab!

  266. 266 RainZ SkY 1 comment


  267. 267 Proxima 1 comment

    As long as harima-kun..love his tenma-chan.so there always be a story.If they end up with some one else, this wont be a great series anymore.They got an everlasting love, so pure, devine…As we can see that HARIMA is always beside TENMA,and when they be together there always be a fun time..!! so as long as they be together so this series will always be the best..!!
    Beside “the best man win” so to prove that harima is the best, so he must chase for his love!!
    clear guys..???so just let they end up to each other..

  268. 268 Hiruma Youichi 1 comment

    I want more of school rumble. I want to see the next season of this anome which is season 3.. i want to see Harima, Yakumo and Eri battle out their romantic differences. Harima should pick either of them, Yakumo is beautiful and Eri is pretty too. Go Harima go go go go……
    Guru Guru mawaru…. Guru Guru mawaru

  269. 269 EriXHarima 2 comments

    Okay, I think Harima likes Tenma just because he has never experianced love before. In my opinion, he thinks he loves her. If some other girl were to confess to him(hopefully Eri, Yakamo would be okay too), I think he would actually know what love feels like. In three months, I have searched for spoilers and such to the anime. Now, don’t spread it around but… ahh heck! Spread it around with a butter knife if you must. I’ve heard many reports that Eri kisses Harima and confesses to him, then he thinks about her and finally confesses that he loves her back. But that’s just some rumors around some sites. I haven’t actually gotten a confirmation on that.

    Don’t worry, YakamoXHarima fans. Harima and Yakamo kiss. I think in the third season. That was predicted to be 90% right.

  270. 270 Anime Hunter 1 comment

    Haha, I like school rumble. It has a great story. It seems that everyone is waiting for the 3rd season, but it seems that it will take a while. We should just wait a little more. Aw, I can’t wait any longer…. Almost a year waiting.

  271. 271 Harima_san 2 comments

    when school rumble season 3 ?

    Are you one knows when?

  272. 272 Harima_san 2 comments

    when school rumble season 3 begin?

    Does one of you knows when?

  273. 273 EriXHarima 2 comments

    I’ve heard a few different opinions. It was suppose to come out this October, but seeing as there is only 3 days left of October, I doubt that. There was an opinion it’d be at the end of 2007. There was some that it’d be the spring or early summer of 2008. But there was one more, from only one person but I guess you should know about it. He said that they won’t release season 3 until they finish the manga(for good). No one really believes that opinion though.

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