Goodbye School Rumble Season 2! Hello Season 3!

While I’ve not heard of any official reports about the third season of everyone’s favourite school comedy, the ending text of episode 26 explicitly says, "Thank you for watching School Rumble, we will be continuing!" or something to that effect. Add to that the effective undoing of all the plot deviations of the anime from the manga and the final part of the last episode, I am pretty sure SR will have a third season.

"School Rumble will still continue!"

That alone made my day. I was in a mix of emotions – frustration at the retarded Tenma, in love with the hot Itoko and Akira, cuted-out by Akira getting smacked in the face, excited about the class’s England trip, touched by Yakumo’s backstory and totally elated by the season three news. School Rumble must never end! We’ll work Kobayashi Jin to the bare bones and have his sons/daughters take over and continue. Just like One Piece’s Oda Eiichirou.

I loved this scene!

There exists no man that does not find Itoko sexy.

Over at the Wannabe forums, the pseudo-intellectuals are burning up with passionate debate, applying psychoanalysis to Yakumo and the Ghost Girl. Didn’t really read the text thoroughly because I am more interested in seeing hot pix of the Sukuran girls. The only Id I would like to talk about is Fei’s alter ego from Xenogears!

On the whole, with Wannabe completely dropping School Rumble S2, many have not been able to enjoy this season fully. Yourmom subs have certainly improved since their fledgling days and that’s the sole avenue for mono-linguistic people to get their weekly SR fix. I don’t follow Yourmom but I know many who do.

Season 2 is surely not as good as the inaugural one, with several really really bad fillers (Ultra MAI MAI DREAM comes to mind). It also encompasses the arcs widely known to be rubbish (basketball and to a lesser extent, battle royale). The animation standard wasn’t good, with a lot of stills and cost-saving scenes. However, I still looked forward to and enjoyed every single episode.

And the highlights? Akira getting more screen time and dialogue, Mikoto getting hitched, Eri’s great progression and closeness to Harima, Yakumo’s childhood, Imadori and Karen’s little family, Yakumo and Eri’s theatre battle and many more.

The OP was good in the end. While initially derided as a substandard successor to the totally perfect Scramble!, Tokito Ami’s Sentimental Generation caught on and was rather energetically addictive. The first ED was shite though and I never did listen to the song fully. The 2nd ED had the Tsukamoto sisters in a duet and I quite liked it. While Noto Mamiko and Koshimizu Ami can’t really sing, knowing that they are Yakumo and Tenma is enough for me.

On a final note, Noto Mamiko seriously cannot do many types of voices. As child Yakumo, she was sooo bad. The only roles she can do are calm graceful Yakumo types (Megumi of Rescue Wings, Enma Ai etc). When she attempts more actiony and emotional ones (Witchblade’s Masane comes to mind) I can’t really bear to hear her voice. One special mention is Mois of Keroro Gunsou though.

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  • What Brian said is very true…guys we need get them some sort of funding! It’s not that the creators don’t want to continue the anime, it’s that they don’t have the resources. This calls for a Kickstarter! For those who don’t know, a kickstarter is a way to get funding for companies or individuals who would otherwise not have the ability to receive such funding. HELP THEM!!

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