Riuva Adjorns for a Fancy-Dress Party

No anime-related post today, as I am preparing for tonight’s fancy-dress Dinner and Dance party @ the Zoo. This is an annual affair with really awesome food. I shan’t go into details about what the party is for but traditionally, every year, there’s a whole lamb on a spit and this is the best lamb I’ve ever eaten. The theme this year is "Superheroes" and of course that includes villains.

Now from the equipment I prepared, can you tell what kind of character I’m going as? I tried to be budget but I had to pay Toys r’ Us 19 for the rifle and Art Friends 11 for the spray paint to make it gunmetal. That’s like 30 bucks for a prop. Should’ve just brought my otaku backpack, filled it with figures, draped a cospa towel, worn a cospa shirt, set anime ringtone, carried an additional cospa tote bag and a 150 cm body pillow and not bathed for 10 days. Then I’ll be one of the heroes in Inukami, Genshiken or Midori no Hibi.

The rifle has 3 modes of fire – a sniper mode, a burst fire and a full auto. Of course the only thing that changes is the sound, this is Singapore after all. I got some gunmetal spray paint and repainted the originally rather kiddish coloured toygun. And where did I get this idea from? Lenneth’s Kino Cosplay of course.

The sunglasses are the coolest. They are underframed ones! Like what all anime spectacles are. And it actually looks very good on a human face unlike most real life underframed specs. And where did I get this? The mother. She’s a lot more fashionable than her offspring.

The "Keffiyeh" and headband are from this fantastic store called the "e-mart", which stocks goodies for free. The boots are from there too. I got some black camo paint from there as well and was intending to smear it on like Gau Ban but it’s too much trouble to wash off.

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  • Is this a MINDEF event? Then again, since when did they have themed D&D?

    It seems weird to me though. A clerk(?) going as an infantryman. Might as well wear your no. 4. Lol.
    As for your character, lemme guess… Sagara Sousuke?

  • No it’s not a “Mindef” thing. Those are from 8 to 5.30 on weekdays.

    And actually I was a “Gorilla Guerilla”. But people just assumed I was a terrorist. And now I know how a cosplayer feels – it was immense pressure, luckily I kepy my face hidden. Lenneth you are one brave soul!

  • Anyone dressed as Marciano?

  • Bring a can of poop, a stack of paperwork and a pen. When people ask, just say you are Saikang Clerk – literally.

  • the rifle looked too puny. (well, I suppose so, since it’s a toy gun after all)

    or you can go cosplay those people the Red Shield hired in Vietnam. Go carry a toy shotgun.

    ….at least clerk > chiong sua vocation. no need to stay in. =(

  • Rubbish. I was a one-year stay-in clerk.

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