Figure News: Biker Rei and her Stress Balls are a Relief

Today we are going to talk about a very special figurine. For the measely price of 1500 yen, we get a reasonably large figure of a sexy Rei-lookalike, with a bloody powerful gimmick. Words are useless, just watch the following video.

Sugee! They feel just like stressballs. So now when you get all stressed out, maybe from watching Jigoku Shoujo or Higurashi, get one of these and start squeezing those titties. I tried searching for nipples but to no avail. I don’t have enough pictures here for a three-photo commentary, so I’ll just talk about the backdrop a bit.

Remember the little bit of building in the backdrop of the Melissa figurine? This is it. It’s actually a university located very near the anime hub here and all the students there are big nerds. LOL. Actually, no, since this is the city area, they all dress like clubbers and flaunt cleavage just like Rei.

I really don’t own that many Rei figurines, this is just my fourth one, with a couple more preordered. It’s quite enough and I doubt I’ll be getting anymore. Or maybe not.

This Biker Rei comes in a set with Misato, who I don’t like at all and thus did not get. Made by Sega and retailing for 1500 yen, nobody was expecting quality but in some ways, this Biker Rei delivers massively.

Let’s talk about the rather obvious flaws. There’s seamlines on her top, since the jacket is a two-piece that was combined after they made her body, thanks to the soft tit gimmick. This pales in comparison though, to the lines that run from her butt to her ankles, as a result of a poor mold fitting. The inject marks are also very obvious on her hip. Another problem would be an inconsistency of skin tone. Her arms and body are a healthy beige but her legs are a lot fairer and more yellowish. Finally, her face is not Rei’s. It’s some random red-eyed blue-bobbed happy chick labelled as Rei.

Rei’s very open jacket is nice though. I like how she hangs her soft boobs out for the cute wide valley cleavage look. You know how there are three kinds of cleavage? The line, created by compressed huge tits, is rather crude and gross and not my type. Then there’s the valley and its variants, in this case, a wide valley. This is healthy and much sexier. Finally, there’s the NIL cleavage, favoured by lolicons such as Kwok and Abq.

And goggles are cute. See how Range Murata’s girls sometimes have goggles? And how Narutaru’s Shiina becomes cuter after she gets them? Goggles exude a coolness and techno-savviness, as contrasted to the intellectual/meek air of spectacles. Her half-shell helmet is also a nicely painted item, with a couple of decals on the side. This is no removeable and is stuck to her hand. Btw half-shell helmets are the quickest way to die on a motorbike, but at least you look cool doing so.

Pose-wise, this clone Rei is slightly bold but offers a good viewing angle. I approve. Totally out of character though. The unbalanceness is supported by very strong ankle material, so I doubt leaning will occur. The base is also permanantly attached if I’m not mistaken.

Conclusion? Get this, even if it’s to squeeze figgy tits. Ecchi images from here on.












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