Figure Review: ARIA’s Three Ladies. Buy Them!

These are rather old figures I got a while back but never took pictures of. When I got my new camera, that occured to me so I brought them along for a shoot in the city. While the natural backdrop for ARIA would be a nice river, I have more penises than there are rivers in Singapore and the risk of them falling in was too great.

From Yujin’s SR DX lineup, each of these girls cost about 2500 yen. Which is 1000 more than the Biker Breast Rei. Each of these girls come with their pets, an extra accessory and their oars, plus a bad base. These used to be the only Aria figurines available until Solid Theater came out with their own megahuge 1/6 lineup that costs about 6000 yen each.

They stand at about 12 cm tall. Akari has a hat, Aika has an extra head for her new hairstyle and Alice has two cats.

I am willing to sell these as a set for 100 Singapore Dollars. Any takers?

Halfway through the shoot, a bunch of little kids came by and they got caught in the pictures. One was a loli.

Forgot about the dust again.

9 Responses to “Figure Review: ARIA’s Three Ladies. Buy Them!”

  • Are a completeist?
    I usually buy only the characters I like. For example, I would only buy Aika. For the Yamato Macross range, I only bought the VF-1S. For Rozen maiden, I got the SuiseiSeki.
    The only time I got them all is for the four Bottle Fairies. XD

  • “One was a loli.”
    Haha! Funny how you had to point that out.

    How much for Aika alone? Actually I know that if I buy her, I’m going to end up wanting the other two as well. I’ll think about it though.

  • And you failed to mentioned that it comes with an ugly base, and they can’t stand on their own as shown in the pictures. They had to be manipulated.

  • pKjd: Aren’t you in Sweden? I only sell to Singaporeans because I can’t be bothered to ship. And it’s all going as a set.

  • As a grand ARIA fanboy, I would LOVE to have these, especially if it has a great price like 100SGD.
    Again (after the Urban Attic sale Tsubaki blogged about), I really want to live in Singpore right about now. T_T

  • Last checked, SRDX Akari went up to around 4000-15000 yen on yahoo Japan. Apparently discontinued. >_>

    I’d be interested, but the shipping fee would be more than 100SGD to here (USA). Already have Aika and Alice preordered, as well as Solid Theater Akari and Aika preordered.

  • …I only like the cats lol. D:

  • tj_han, are these sold or are they still with you? if you can qoute me a price of what you’re looking for i might be able to take it off your hands.

  • oops, didnt read through the post completely.. >_

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