The Diagram of Badness: Why Excessive Bad Becomes Good

For some of you guys puzzled by my recent list of studio rankings, I have drawn a simple explanation, to make clear why Gravion, High School Girls and the like can be considered enjoyable and hence good anime.

Look at the diagram below. Note that this is not a cartesian graph. The circumference of the circle is the locus where every anime falls on. By drawing a line connecting the anime point to the origin, we can get an angle – this is known as the Badness Angle. The left side of the circle is where the good anime is and the right side, the bad anime. The closer an anime is to the horizontal axis, the greater its Ultima or Vomit is.

To illustrate what I mean, look at the following. The tip of the arrow points to the location where something like 08th MS Team would be. It’s close to Ultima-class, with 45 degrees of badness but this still leaves it in the good sector. I drew a Gravion and Love Idol graph but somehow after uploading I cannot open them in Firefox, so I’ll just explain. Gravion has such a HUGE angle of Badness, about 300 degrees worth, that it’s pushed all the way back into the fourth quadrant (the bottom right). This means that Gravion is now considered a great anime. However, something like Love Idol, which is devastatingly bad but with a badness degree of only 200 degrees, is in the 3rd quadrant, leaving it practically ground zero of Vomit.

But what is the definition of the Angle of Badness?

It is the resulting sum of the cliches, fanservice, unintentional comedy, plotholes and deus ex machina an anime has. You can think of it as an athelete’s second wind – push the anime to the limit and it gives you some special bonus.

So does that explain why Gravion, High School Girls, Inukami and other supposedly "bad" anime are so well-loved?

Leele from Gravion. There’s actually NO female lead in Gravion.

15 Responses to “The Diagram of Badness: Why Excessive Bad Becomes Good”

  • Notice the weasel/stoat/ferret on her lap is blushing?

  • No anime with Leele and Luna can be in the vomit quads.

  • you, my fren, have too much free time. pls update riuva more often.

  • And excessive good becomes bad?

  • There’s no excessive good. This scale is determined by the “bad” factor. So a perfect anime would have zero angle.

  • Hmm, I think that’s the better explanation than my typical integer wrap-around which would imply that worst-evar is adjacent to best-evar; this is more sensible. I heartily approve of your overly complex explanation of camp-quality-dynamics (including use of the term ‘locus’), and will mentally file it into the list of examples of quintessentially nerdy behavior. Good show!

  • Try rotation of quantum states on Bloch Sphere.

  • Arrr, I love this. So in the end, Love Hina’s badness angle is 380° or something? *hehe*

    PS. I really find it interesting that you put “goodness” on the left side and “badness” on the right side – also that you turn clockwise and not counter-clockwise. I guess this is the exact opposition of what mathematicians (the direction) and “normal” people (you know about the theory that people tend to associate “good” things with right and “bad” things with left?) would do. (Which means everybody *haha*)

  • btw, tsuyokiss has a badness angle of at least like 320 degrees.

  • Oops, that’s supposed to go into the demotivator thread

  • Sasa: Oh I’m a lefty so probably that’s why I do everything in reverse. But when I do real math problems, I have to follow the rules though.

  • I vomit on Gravion any day. But I do concede it is somewhere in the 3rd quadrant coming towards the 4th. A perversion of super robot soul it may be, it still has some redeeming value.

  • Oh my. The meaning of life has just been revealed to me.

  • 1. People watched the movie Casablanca because all the characters were cliche. Same for anime. If you have enough vomit, logic dictates that the chance of it all mixing together to become something enjoyable, like a vomit nabe.

    2. Our taste is superficial to the point where we watch any show with attractive anime girls, and we’re just trying to reconcile with ourselves

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