Mega First Impressions: MORE MORE MORE

Red Garden looks like it’s headed the path of Gankutsuou rather than that of Witchblade. The end of ep 1 caught me by surprise, for I was expecting a psychodrama laden with conspiracy. But the appearance of killable monsters… man. The ED song is great though. I like Claire. She’s hot. See, Gonzo rocks.

Negima, the first few minutes in particular, oozes class. Ouch, now that was a painful oxymoron. Negima and class in the same sentence? Thanks to Shaft, who applied the elements of PPD to it and totally revamped the shit that was the manga. As with PPD, I have to keep pressing pause to be able to observe the moving things in the background, especially with all the wide angle classroom scenes. This is both good and bad - more details but less flow. Oh and the biggest reason this Negima is watchable? No crude pantyshots every 2 seconds unlike the manga. The seiyuu work is fucking awesome. Looking at the credits alone, I count some of my favourite names. AND THE INUKAMI NARRATOR ALSO DOES THE NARRATION FOR NEGIMA WOOOO.

Deathnote is just perfect. With such brilliant source material, Madhouse just had to procure the funds to animate it well. And they did, naturally. Why would anyone pass up such a lucrative opportunity? The exposure and publicity is there, the script and characters are there all to be tapped on. The OP and ED remind me of Sci-fi Harry’s, and this is a great thing. DN is just perfect. (Of course that’s until a certain point in the manga).

Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love has the most beautiful females I’ve seen in a harem for quite some time now. Every girl’s just so so so so hot! Man.. I love this show. The super angry chick (literally) is really cute too, with the strange voiceacting. I’m looking forward to Aoba snagging all the girls’ hearts! Incidentally, Aoba’s seiyuu is Raito’s seiyuu. LOL.

And with that, I cleared most of the ep 1s. I only have Black Lagoon 13 left and that’s still downloading.

OK EDIT: OMG I realised I have still a lot more to cover. Kanon, Gift, Sumomomomo, 009-1 and these are just the ones that are released already. Maybe trying to watch everything wasn’t such a good idea after all.

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  1. 1 Mohammad

    You forgot Pumpkin Scissors!

  2. 2 ubu

    It’s in the prior write up, Mohammad.

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