Who should be the WINNER of the Anime (de)Motivation Contest?

To recap, this contest is about designing the best anime-related (de)Motivational Poster and it will be decided by a poll that starts NOW and ends next Sunday.

I did this when I came up with the contest but I’m not part of it!

But looks like someone else also used this picture. Anyway, here are the contestants! Vote for them with the poll on the right and post a comment to tell us who you voted for!

Going by alphabetical order:






David VS

Fledgling Otaku

Gary Ee

Grey Duck



J Greely

Jp Meyer

Lee Joo How



Mr Mayat











Voting Closed as of 16 October.

62 Responses to “Who should be the WINNER of the Anime (de)Motivation Contest? *Voting Closed*”  

  1. 1 tj_han

    I voted for Mr Mayat. Anyone who works in the Army knows exactly what he means haha.

  2. 2 Alafista

    i liked tsubaki’s work … 1vote for him ..

  3. 3 Crest

    JP Meyer’s entry is morbidly fascinating.. is it really semen? Or something else?

    Yuri for the win.

  4. 4 meganeshounen

    Zyl’s looks pretty inspired. And Alafista’s poster wins points from me for having Louise. All of them are pretty nice too. :P

  5. 5 hotchanbot

    Jp meyer. that is pure ingenuity! might not been semen, migh have been shampoo or soap?? ROFL

  6. 6 MrMayat

    Yay! I got tj_han’s vote. I’m glad to be done with NS. Any more of those confounded 7 core values and I would have snapped. BTW, does your vote have to do with a certain “favour”? Heh.

  7. 7 ethreal

    Why is there no yaoi?

    I’ll got for Holiday’s.

  8. 8 tj_han

    Mr Mayat, lol. Actually no, I voted yours because my job has me spamming the words “transformation, integration” and other high and mighty sounding buzzwords.

  9. 9 mt-i

    Especially liked jpmeyer’s entry for the, erm, shock factor, and NeoHybrid_Kai’s for the visual impact (top-notch source material indeed), but ultimately settled for Zyl’s. It’s technically excellent, and the punchline is great.

  10. 10 nae

    Whee! Go, DarkMirage!

  11. 11 Burrowowl

    This was a tough call, as a lot of these are quite good. I had to go with MT-i’s “Gentlemanliness” because the text matched the picture so very well.

  12. 12 Seth

    It might have been better to preselect some finalists. Vote may be a bit spread out this way.

    I vote for Ashley, and her entertaingly venomous poster.

  13. 13 tj_han

    Seth: I thought of that but somehow didn’t feel qualified to cut anyone’s out. Well, I’ll see how it goes. May do a round 2 on Wednesday or something if the competition isn’t working. But for now, it seems to be going ok.

  14. 14 TedFox

    I vote for the friends one by NeoHybrid_Kai. Lovely picture of Air chosen

  15. 15 Kurogane

    Ah, damn, guess it’s too late for me to join in.

    I’m voting for DarkMirage’s one, the pic sold me in.

  16. 16 ubu

    Darkmirage, all the way. That would be pretty damn demotivational to hear!

  17. 17 Sasa

    I want Mr Mayat’s motivator picture in high resolution!!11oneoneone Seriously, that looks so hawt

    Actually I didn’t vote yet. My favourites so far are Alafista’s, Ashley’s (hey, that one deserves more appreciation!), Holiday’s, Mr Mayat’s and Tsubaki’s.

    I wonder which criteria are dominating for you guys - as for me, it’s nearly 100% the message.

  18. 18 mumu-monkey

    Lolikitsunes, it make my friend Amy spit pudding down her shirt. haha it was awsome

  19. 19 whazzup

    shamus’s for me.

    The linking of the punchline and otaku is really a unexpected combi, and yet, it looks as if they’re meant for each other all along, had me chuckling to myself…. the rest are interesting….but doesnt really provoke tat double-take…..my 2 cents…..

  20. 20 tj_han

    Anyone notice a trend? The people who are promoting their own entries on their blogs are leading the polls.

    CHEATING BASTARDS. They are getting their grandmothers, husbands and sons to call in! Just like in the stupid Idol competitions!

  21. 21 calaggie

    Dammit, I forgot to enter! Oh well…my entry would have sucked anyway.

    I voted for NeoHybrid_Kai’s Friends because it had the strongest message to me, i.e. made me a little depressed. Shamus’ Otaku, J Greely’s Dignity and Grey Duck’s Enthusiasm were my runners-up.

  22. 22 ubu

    Yeah tj, I noticed the same trend. Enh. Doesn’t bother me, because I just “mailed in” on this competition rather than create a serious effort. But it is a bit of a rip to those who are collecting “honest” votes. I have to say though, I might have voted for MT-i’s if I could have read the words on the screen. That one needs a link to a full size pic.

    Actually, after staring at Ayumi for several minutes, I wonder why the words “full-size” popped into my head. Wait, no I don’t.

  23. 23 Skane

    Since this is not a real election, I will refrain from voting for myself and vote for Holiday’s one, because that was the one that triggered my senses.


  24. 24 noodlesa

    is it too late to submit mine? i’m sure you’ll find this intriguing.


  25. 25 Shamus

    I got a vote! Glad I was able to make somebody smile. :)

    I gotta go with Fledgling’s Circle of Sin.

    Dignity and Gadgets made me happy as well.

  26. 26 jpmeyer

    I can’t believe that you put an NSFW warning on my picture!

  27. 27 lolikitsune

    >>Anyone notice a trend? The people who are promoting their own entries on their blogs are leading the polls.

    >>CHEATING BASTARDS. They are getting their grandmothers, husbands and sons to call in! Just like in the stupid Idol competitions!

    Hahaha! I might have gotten like, one vote from my post. Mainly I directed people towards the poll over IM and stuff. And a good number of the people I got to vote didn’t vote for me :)

  28. 28 Tsubaki

    We didn’t cheat. Even if we asked our readers to come here, we can’t force them to vote for us.
    They’re are pretty much open to vote for anyone else out there.

    It’s unlike the idol competition where i just give you a number, and you just keep calling that number, whether you like him/her or not.


  29. 29 tj_han

    Btw I mean the cheating thing in jest.

    Looks like as of now, it’s a tie between Alafista and Lolikit, with Ashley and Tsubaki coming in close and making use of their slipstream.

    And sorry Noodlesa, entries are closed. I did say the deadline was 12 midnight on Sunday (My time of course).

  30. 30 lolikitsune

    I bet Seth will feel like a right idiot when I win the contest. XD

  31. 31 MrMayat

    Since I couldn’t find your e-mail on your site,

    For Sasa: http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=motiem5.jpg

  32. 32 Alafista

    no no …. we are helping to “direct traffic” to ur site … LOL

  33. 33 Sasa

    @MrMayat: Yay, thanks!

    Well, Ashley and Darkmirage didn’t advertise for theirs, right? And Holiday and Shamus are getting a lot of votes too. But I do see the tendency that bloggers tend to get more votes… I guess you should not have let the creators be displayed so prominently *haha*

  34. 34 noodlesa

    its alright, you can enter me next time round. Whenever that may be… *rolls eyes*

  35. 35 ubu

    How long is voting going to stay open?

  36. 36 Akira

    I liked the Friends one. It’s simple and realistic. The others are stupid sarcasm.

  37. 37 Deathy

    I was almost going to vote for the Saber one, but them I saw the one about friends, and that’s just plain true.

  38. 38 lolikitsune

    I’m ashamed. I discovered today that a friend was trying (and failing) to stuff the ballot for me using a school computer lab. He only managed to get one vote in thanks to whatever anti-ballot-stuffing measures the polling system provides. Still, it’s shameful. Remove me from the poll, please.

  39. 39 ubu

    It’s ok, not like you’re winning. :-P hehehe!

    Seriously, I don’t think anyone’s upset — hey it’s getting people to come look at tj’s blog and maybe some of ours too.

  40. 40 Eleutheria

    This needs a tiered voting system where we can select up to three choices; 3 points for first choice, 2 points for second and so on.

  41. 41 tj_han

    Lolikit: I don’t care. But you’re in! It’s not like I don’t click on my own google ads with various computers.

    Ele: Actually, you are so right. But there’s no such thing in plugin form. Well, Wednesday is round two.

  42. 42 lolikitsune

    >>Seriously, I don’t think anyone’s upset — hey it’s getting people to come look at tj’s blog and maybe some of ours too.

    Call it useless pride. I feel like shit, even if my other 18 votes come from respectable sources.

  43. 43 Tsubaki

    >>Well, Wednesday is round two.

    So you’ll cut half out of the round? or what?

  44. 44 Eleutheria

    I forwarded this link to some of my anime-watching friends (read:otaku doushi). A pity I did not see JPMeyer’s entry before sending it to the womenfolk >.

  45. 45 omo

    SADER, easily. I’ve been kind of catching up on Zero no Tsukaima. And while I apperciate the simple humor I can’t see why it’s so funny. OTOH I highly commend the concept behind the FAILURE image.

  46. 46 Someone

    Lots of facts in those posters, but aren’t they supposed to be DE-motivation posters? Quite a few are off-topic…..

  47. 47 DarkMirage

    I am not self-delusional. People are only voting for my entry because Chikane is hawt. :(

  48. 48 shiachan

    anyway this is a (de)motivational , to me it means either motivates or demotivates you

  49. 49 introspect

    Dark’s combination of Chikane and punch line exceeds the hilarity of a groin kick. And groin kicks are pretty damn funny as long as you’re not on the receiving end of one.

  50. 50 waista

    No late entires so I can’t be bothered making this into an image:

    [ Haruka in her hospital bed ]
    ——– H O P E ——–
    When all hope seems lost,
    your dearest love and your bestest friend
    will still cheer you on!

    … for about a week.
    Then they’ll go fuck
    cos your causing them so much pain.

  51. 51 RDrake

    It was either Tsubaki or Alafista…
    Oh well…Tsubaki’s one kinda connected more…

  52. 52 LazyShinigami

    1 vote for Alafista

    and for god-sake i can’t see this frankenstein-saber anymore. It give me the creeps !

  53. 53 GreyDuck

    Er. You appear to have used the auto-scaled version that Gallery seems perversely intent upon producing, instead of the full-sized version that I was actually hoping you’d use. That, or you scaled it down using software unsuited to the task. Honestly, “Enthusiasm” shouldn’t be that jaggy-looking.

    But, no worries I suppose. There are several truly inspired entries here. Harem got my vote, but I also got a big kick out of CPR, Honesty and Eject. (Mind you, in CPR’s case, a screenie from the actual episode of Otome rather than the previous week’s preview clip would’ve worked better… less screen clutter, more “hawt yuri love” as it were!)

  54. 54 V2

    holiday gets my vote.

  55. 55 JKL


    That’s nasty! I love it!

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