Eh I forgot to post the remainder of the FFX Playarts pictures. I did the review on Tidus quite some time back. Now these are rather sloppy pictures, I have to say.

There’s nothing much more I can add to what I already said for Tidus so I’ll keep this short.

Auron comes with an extra arm, that is all muscular and exposed. It looks gay so I keep his arm all sheathed up. His sword is pretty cool though I forgot the name of it. In terms of articulation, Auron is pretty poor thanks to his robes but his right arm can bend more than 90 degrees. About 220 degrees actually, so he can do his trademark sword-resting-on-back pose.

Auron has his wine bottle dangling out and his face is totally like in the game. Out of the three, he’s the best made.

Yuna, like all Playarts female figures, has a face that would fit better on a corpse. Her clothes are very detailed with flowery patterned decals all over. The thing about female action figures is that with the greater amount of skin these characters tend to show, their joints also get totally exposed and ugly. Her skin tone sucks too. Poseability wise, her arms can probably move the most out of the three and she comes with her staff.

As for upskirt, it’s all joints. Ugh. One unique feature of hers would be the long kimono-ish sleeves. Now these look alright but since they are all solid, affects the poseability of the figure. You can’t really have her do random poses because these sleeves would then defy physics. I never liked this butchered Japanese look of hers anyway.


4 Responses to “Figure Review: FFX Playarts Part II”  

  1. 1 Waterfall

    Auron is a better figure since his doll-joints aren;t as obvious. Unless it’s a mecha, I don;t want to see joints!

    Yuki! ->

  2. 2 Tsubaki

    Posable figures get no love.

  3. 3 Mark

    >>Posable figures get no love.

    As if they deserve it. ;P

  4. 4 LazyShinigami

    Auron is the best figure from this series cause you can’t see his ugly face ^^

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