First we talk about the popular stuff. Kaiyodo seems to be releasing only one figure for January - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu’s Asahina Mikuru. Maybe they intend to make a hell lot of stock for the hungry fanboys. Has the rage cooled already though? Since Kaiyodo does American versions, I may hold on this. It costs 4725 yen and is 1/8, standing at 23 cm. Mikuru is in her waitress outfit, which looks far better than the retarded bunny girl.

Then even better, we have Atelier Sai’s followup to their ugh bunnygirl Mikuru, with bunnygirl Haruhi in two colours - black and red. Warning: You can’t buy the Kaiyodo version and then match it with this as this Haruhi will be an absolute giant at 1/6 and 26 cm. She costs 7560 yen. Set for a tentative December release. She seems to come with a mic and guitar as accessories, which are detachable. Where’s my Yuki damn it. I may just get this as it seems to be the only guitar Haruhi in the near future. I hate the scale though.

Wave has also announced their set of School Rumble 1/10 figures. There is Eri and Tenma. Pity there aren’t any pictures yet, but pre-orders are up already. Eri will cost 3360 yen while Tenma is 3150 yen and be released in December. So where are my pictures?

Yamato has finally released concrete details and pictures of their January lineup. There are quite a few notable figurines, though I’m a bit apprehensive about purchasing them since the design isn’t that pretty and Yamato has bad worksmanship.

Among these are first ever Honey and Clover figurines in the market - Hanamoto Hagumi and Yamada Ayumi. But rather bizzarely designed, they are. Both are non-scaled but of a smallish size. Hagu is 15 cm tall while Ayu is 14 cm. Hagu and Ayu are both made of ATBC-PVC and sculpted by Kobayashi Shin aka the same guy who did the two Haibane Renmei figures.

Hagu’s figurine is butt ugly. She’s in her kid mode, with bunned up hair, riding an eerie pony monster with balloons attached. While the design is unique and I’m quite interested in the balloons which look all awesome, Hagu herself looks like a freakin’ toad. The good news is that her head is an interchangeable part - you can make her wear a smile instead of toadface.  Price is 5040 yen, January release.

Ayu takes the form of a mermaid for her maiden figure release. The design resembles Mermaid Rei, with a coral platform but the colour palette is very pastelish and soft much like the anime. The face looks a bit odd but I should be getting this one. Price is 5040 yen, January release.

And we have yet another Shana. Seriously, Shana is the Red Death plague. How many versions of her wearing the same uniform do we need? And this one is ugly too. With a constipated face, mediocre hair and an ugly Nietono no Shana all slimed up in "flames", nobody needs this one. But there are a few redeeming points - her katana is diecast, meaning it’s metal. 3990 yen and 14.5 cm tall.

You are NOT Saber

Yamato has this Creator’s Labo series of figures which are very wellmade. Next up to come from this line is the famously beautiful 1/6 Simca resin kit that was seen in Summer Wonderfest. This dumps Megahouse’s Simca into the trashcan. But of course, the catch is that the price is 20,790 yen. Yeah it’s five figures (pun intended). The reason being she’s polystone. This is a February release.

Possible one of the most awesome at Wonderfest

Funny how Yamato releases Ikkitousen figures by the busloads. They have lined up one Ryofu figure but now have announced the production of one more similar one. This version looks better actually, but it’s a bigger scale at 1/7 and her hair is a brilliant cyan. I’ve always wondered what is Ryofu’s true hair colour? Why does she oscillate between green, blue, cyan etc? This version, sculpted by Ishida Eiichi, is made of ATBC-PVC and will cost 7140 yen. And yeah this is so hot I may just get it. I’ve been waiting for one figure of each Ikkitousen girl and this may be it for Ryofu.

Then we have an unusual choice for a figurine - Kishimoto Kei of GANTZ. Man, Gantz is like one of my favourite manga ever but Kishimoto Kei is worthless. She’s in a string bikini which shows off her ample bosom and the Gantz suit boots and glove. This is very gross, if they wanted a Gantz figurine, shouldn’t they have included the full suit? At least Kei is holding the X-gun. But yeah the face is horrible and they got the eyes all wrong. 1/8 scale, 5040 yen. Btw this is the first ever Gantz figure.

And we have something not from Yamato. Maid Saber from clayz will be released at the end of this year and will cost 7140 yen. It’s 1/6 like most of Clayz’s stuff. She doesn’t look too bad and the dress is nice but I wouldn’t pay money for anymore Saber.

12 Responses to “Figure News: Hachikuro, Super Simca, Gantz and Haruhi + Mikuru!”  

  1. 1 Cpuke

    i might order the mikuru one. you think HLJ prices are reasonable enough?

  2. 2 sentinel011

    ayu looks nice, but at only 140mm (14cm) for 5040 yen?? that’s like, 1/10 or smaller, considering that yamada-san’s quite tall for a girl.

    I wish they had concrete details of releasing the other shana at wonderfest 2006 (the one with the cloak and drawn sword on her right hand)

  3. 3 LianYL

    Yamato’s Shana is Chucky’s Bride.

  4. 4 Hinano

    why pay so much money for saber when you can get that cheap $3 imitation instead!

  5. 5 super rats

    That Saber is pricey, but I’ll most likely get it. That Simca is nice too, but it doesn’t look like Simca to me. Not that I would have spent the money even if she did look like Simca.

  6. 6 Juice


  7. 7 icie

    That is a crazy price for that Simca.

  8. 8 Waterfall

    Maid Saber get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I await the Bubba version of Bunnygirl Haruhi to begin mass-production. ^^

  9. 9 omo

    That Ayu manages to be non-pandering and pandering at the same time! zomg.

  10. 10 Sasa

    ZOMFG, the Hagu figure was shocking. Even though Ayu looks better, it’s not *that* much better ^^;;; I mean, her boobs and face are just so off *ugh* But oh well… am I too picky? *hrr*

  11. 11 LazyShinigami

    That Simca is great…but i can’t resist to Saber-mania. Another for the collection >.

  12. 12 Crayotic Rockwell

    hmm Hagu always was that ugly in the anime from my recollection.. seems like a purist’s wet dream

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