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Site Upgrade: New FAQ Page and Random NEWs

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It was about time to update that rotting About page. I decided to go with an FAQ format because it is more readable and I can just add stuff later on.

Click on the link to see the page. And you can submit questions too, just leave a comment.

And other random news:

Alafista is slaughtering the competition in the Anime (de)Motivation Poster Contest. Does that mean I get to save on shipping for the prize?

This is a funny post which is also rather tragic. I would like to point out that I am actually a monster-truck driving, musclebound, sunglass-wearing, three-peniled, tattoo-saturated man mountain in real life.

Tokimeki really rocks. As does Pumpkin Scissors, Megadere and basically almost ALL the new season’s shows with the exceptions of Lovedol and Galaxy Angels 2. Both of which I still watch.

A groundless source says that Bubba’s Haruhi (yes that fishnet shit) is going to get PVCed. Keep your hopes up, you fools! Yuki is superior.

I haven’t announced the prize for the competition have I? On top of the promised guts, honour, fame and passion that is the standard prize, if you happen to live within 40 km of me, I’ll throw in something extra. (yeah I’m just too lazy to ship overseas) The winner gets to pick an item out of a list of three.

How can the new rubbish Galaxy Angels be mentioned in the same breath as their almighty predecessors, especially Vanilla H?

Popularity: 6% [?]

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7 Responses to “Site Upgrade: New FAQ Page and Random NEWs”  

  1. 1 LianYL 780 comments

    Fame, Glory and Honour. Three prizes.

  2. 2 Hinano 112 comments

    Oh man the new galaxy angels is such trash. after like 10 min I deleted it last week E_E

    and lol @ “can i be your girlfriend” and ” get in line ho”

  3. 3 Tsubaki 518 comments


  4. 4 H2 1 comment

    From BUBBA’s blog “尚、ハルヒバニーPVC化は有りません”


  5. 5 Jesse 23 comments

    Tragic is so harsh, I prefer to call it “satire.”

  6. 6 Kyosuke 1 comment

    “I am actually a monster-truck driving, musclebound, sunglass-wearing, three-peniled, tattoo-saturated man mountain in real life.”- Thats what I call rather Tragic XP

  7. 7 tj_han 1440 comments

    Jesse: I can’t call something a satire when it’s based on me right? Haha. that would be pure arrogant. It’s up to others to call it a parody or satire or tribute.

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