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I know this is a bit late (a week), but for those who have not heard, Suzuka, the female lead of the eponymous series, is being released as a PVC figurine by Popy.

Suzuka will be the first of a new line of figurines, called the B-club Pure, by Popy.  The figurine recreates in 3D, the pose Suzuka makes on the cover of the first volume of the Suzuka manga. Obviously, the manga character design is used here, rather than the anime one.

Differences are mainly the hair colour (blue instead of black) and facial proportions.

This figurine will not be produced in large numbers apparently, so those who want it had better order it quick. Personally, I’m still undecided. The truth is, I do not like blue hair AT ALL. The wind-blown uniform is a nice touch, as is the dynamic reaching out pose. I also like Suzuka as a character. But blue hair is just a tough barrier to break down. If it were the anime design, I probably would’ve pre-ordered straightaway. The scale sucks too, it’s about 1/10, though not stated explicitly.

For June, I’m already ordering Dark Saber, Eri and Primula.

Vital stats:

  • 150 mm talll
  • Retailing at 3360 yen
  • Released in June

Popularity: 4% [?]

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5 Responses to “Figurine News: Suzuka PVC Figurine Set for June Release”  

  1. 1 T_T||| 780 comments

    OMFG I can’t believe you actually posted this hideous figurine up… JH I thought you had better taste.

  2. 2 tj_han86 1440 comments

    If you can look past the poor resolution of the picture, it is actually a decent figurine.

  3. 3 Hopeless 18 comments

    I’ve ordered Eri too, I’m not sure if I’ll go for Dark Saber though since her normal form is so nice. As for Suzuka, I don’t think the figure looks terrible but I’m not tempted to order it. I must admit I prefer her anime design.

  4. 4 tj_han86 1440 comments

    I prefer Dark Saber to her normal form. Blue and gold colour schemes are just so common and boring. I actually sold my 1/6 Clayz Saber.

  5. 5 pimapen 1 comment

    That Swimsuit Maid Sasara is extremely hot! I really hope it comes out in PVC.

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