Figure Review: BerserKAR!! KAR!! And Useless Friends

Imagine a bigger waste of money than even Paris Hilton. Inconceivable? You haven’t seen BerserKAR and his little band of passengers. Released as an event-only Limited Edition set of figures at the recent Wonderfest, this "rare" item was being touted at prices of up to 2 to 3 hundred. When teh Urban Attic had its previous sale, Umehiko, aka HyperActive Yaoi Fangirl with Shounen Inclinations (HAYFSI), inexplicably purchased this for a knockdown price of 100.

All pictures featured show property of Umehiko and were taken by the weak Tsubaki. But with my camera so I own. And this post is more for archival purposes, to boost my figure review page.

Turns out that this BerserKAR was a coin bank. Ironically, the HAYFSI had just broken her previous coin bank to get it. So from a full coin bank, she got an empty coin bank that looks like Berserker. Ooh, immense financial planning. Lol. Warren Buffett would be proud.

Anyway, this set consists of a Berserker-mobile and six trading figure-styled chibis of the FSN characters. Saber comes with an exchangeable head part. I would like to point out that the quality of these are inferior to even regular trading figures and only slightly above a good gashapon.

The characters are: Saber (BOOO), Rider (WOOO), Lancer (Zzzz), Archer (Poser), Iriya (weak), Caster (Mushroom). I never liked the chibi fuzzy-eyed type of figure and these are no exceptions. Besides, the white base isn’t even properly attached, they are just standing on their bases.

The BerserKAR is pretty cool but he’s still much crappier than even my own Pikachu coinbank. My Pikachu can tell me how much yen I put in, tell the time, date, act as a alarm clock, calculate the half-life of uranium and sing Raion. So seriously, what is the point of having 12 lives when a yellow furball can’t die? It "faints". One thing BerserKAR has an edge over is its ability to take on one passenger. How exciting. Now I can put one of the five ugly (Rider is WOOO) figgies onto a coin bank and pretend that it zooms around. The wheels are just ornaments and about as functional as a Shirou.

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