Figure Spotlight: The Volks Eva-01/Rei Hybrid Spotted in Singapore!

Yes, I saw her in the flesh – the 1/4 scale cover girl of the recent figurine convention (name forgotten). Sculpted by Volks and officially sold (out) at 49500 yen as a resin kit during the event, this hybrid of Eva-01 and Rei combined both beauty and creepiness in one huge package. Everyone was pretty impressed by the official pictures but I got the chance to see the real (sort of ) thing with my very own eyes.

Images colour corrected with PS CS.

Urban Attic (their website is currently under maintenance) is offering a special deal where you can place an order, wait just 1 week and get a well-painted recast of this figure. You can bring home your own completed figure at just S$450 or so. Considering the kit has 39 parts and weighs over 2.5 kg, I’m impressed with the recaster/painter’s tenacity and patience to do multiple copies. It’s a damn puzzle piece, such is the scale.

This is not something I can afford or even lug home for a photoshoot sadly, since I wouldn’t dare to even breathe on it. Here are a few pics of it in the store.

The paintwork (I’m referring to the guy’s work, not Volks) is pretty neat and meticulous. There is one major difference with the Volks original and that is the transparency of the plugsuit. The store’s display set has her showing her pink nipples, as UA store owner explains, "My clients prefer this." I wonder if purchasers can pick and choose what colours and nipples they want. The colour scheme is a bit odd though. While Eva-01 has always been gaudy and ugly, I found the dark-blue and brighter yellow used to be visually-jarring. The matte finish on the mecha parts also felt inappropriate because it’s the weathered war-ravaged mecha such as Gundams that have to be matte. Evas in general feel rather shiny and so should stay that way. But I guess this is yet another option. Anyway, for the amount of detail and sheer scale, you have to admire this figure. The menacing Lance of Longinus is way too cool.

Rei’s eyes are extremely doll-like. If I have this fig overlooking me in my bedroom, sleepless nights will surely follow. For those interested in lengthening their effective lifespan (through shorter sleeping hours), please head down to Funan Centre and place an order.

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