EX Figure Review: Yurika Says I Can Go Work for Playboy Now

Could this be the bestest figure shoot ever? I jumped into the pool together with my subject, Misumaru Yurika, the genki and slightly retarded captain of the Nadeshiko and we had lotsa fun together. First, a scientific experiment on the buoyancy of sculpted PVC. Check the results of the experiment in this movie! (2 mb, so wait a bit if you’re streaming. If not, just download it)

I got this figurine last night from Urban Attic. Have been eyeing her for quite some time now, Yurika. There are two versions – the original white swimsuit and the Wonderfest limited edition variant that was also available via mail order. In other words, I got a rare item. The orange version is sooo much better than the boring old white one.

I’m not a big fan of swimsuit figures because I’ve always thought they were cheap gimmick, skimping on clothing design yet simulating primal urges of beasty fanboys. But in the end, I realised the truth – I am a beasty fanboy. While the actual price of the orange variant is the same as the white version, the rarity adds quite a bit to the price so I ended up paying about 30 bucks more for the colour change, which turned out to be a great move actually. This 1/8 figure is produced by Chara-ani and had an origninal price of 4800 yen (both orange and white versions).

The photoshoot turned out brilliantly. You know why a styrofoam board makes a good reflector? Cos it can also double up as a floating platform for Yurika! It was a bit hard trying not to get the camera swimming too. I think I should invest in an underwater casing lol. This time, the sun was just right, with a gentle warm light thanks to some rainfall earlier. As Siam Shade sang, "Kumori nochi Hare" (a good song too). The rain also drove away pesky children who’ll all the frequently come up and ask, "Why are you playing with dolls?" or "EEww nekkid dolls!"

The water also allowed for more creative angles and effects, plus acted as a natural reflector. Best of all, it was cooling so I didn’t have to sweat under the hot sun lol.

Check out the following three best pictures mini-gallery. I had a hard time picking out three best, because all of the ones here are good. So I went for three which have varied composition and angle. Btw I decided to stop using that Lightbox plugin java overlay thingy which blackens the screen and magnifies the pic. It was just too slow. If anyone thinks it’s good, just leave a comment.

This picture captures Yurika coming out of the pool, still soaking wet. She looks like she’s ruffling her hair to get rid of excess water, which makes for a very dynamic picture indeed.

This picture creates the illusionary effect of Yurika seemingly being life-sized. The water looks like it’s up to her waist. With the pool tile lines warping due to the macro mode, they lead into the background for some great sense of depth.

A reverse shot shows off Yurika’s sexy back and bum. This shot has her dry so it looks like she’s getting into the water. The cleanliness is a nice contrast with the first two pictures.

All three pictures make Yurika look lifesized actually. Who says swimming pools are for swimming only? Before I commenced this shoot, I checked up on the composition of swimming pool water to make sure there weren’t any compounds in it that would degrade PVC and paint. Beside water, which may rust the screw on her base, I doubt there are any dangers. I made sure to not submerge her more than a few seconds and to rinse off the poolwater with clean potable water straightaway, following up with pat and air drying with a soft towel.

And we have some swimming pictures.

The surface tension of water actually betrays the scale of this figure.

"Come on, Akito! Join me", Yurika says.

Lying back and relaxing

Treading into deeper water

I never really liked Yurika at all, I mean the character. In Nadesico, my favourite, one and only, was Hoshino Ruri (like so many other people) but I don’t own a single figurine of her. But this Yurika figurine was pretty nice, in the promo pics she didn’t look special at all but when I saw Dannychoo’s gallery with the orange version, I was interested. And Urban Attic happened to have it, so I got her. I didn’t loan this, this one is MINE MINE MINE.

The character designer for Nadesico was Gotou Keiji (and his wife), who also did my favourite Gatekeepers and other anime including Kiddy Grade, Real Bout High School and Utakata. He has a style that stressed roundedness, both in face shape and especially the eyes and pupils. His girls all have wonderful figures with long slim legs and supremely perfect proportions. Nothing’s too big or small. The eyes are the most prominent part of his style though and you can tell straightaway it’s his work thanks to the almost circular shape.

Wet and wild

This 19.5 cm tall figure has the usually conservatively-uniformed Yurika shedding her workclothes for a nice orange bikini. I’mno bikini expert, but this has ribbons on the side of her bottom and in between the cups, plus the Nadesico logo printed on her left cup. The logo is detailed and sharp and you can make out the words on it quite clearly. The orange is graduated with paler shades on protruding areas, such as the apex of the breasts and buttcheeks and this makes for a great sense of 3D quality. Her skintone is done just right. With ample toning on her cleavage, knees, torso and other areas, she looks alive. As for flaws, there are a couple of injection scars on her thighs and calves which are well-hidden but still visible if you really look hard. No issue. A bigger one would be a seamline running from her left armpit down the side of her breast. This one is slightly more prominent.

Look at the logo.


Hip parade.

The hair, a brilliant blue, is totally beautiful. It’s dynamic, flowing and swirling naturally with lots of line details and subtle white shading for a glowing look. The sculpt and mould is crisp and sharp for a high-quality appearance, unlike other figures with stumpy bangs that look like plasticine dolls. The blue goes very well with her orange bikini. While the original white bikini does match the blue as well, I much prefer the contrast of orange.


Recently, through examining garage kit parts pictures, I’ve come to understand the construction of figures better. Yurika is a 11-piece figure, 12 including the base – fringe, main hair piece, face, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, 3 x ribbons and base. A rather simple design but an effective one, with the connecting seams all lying on places where a line would be natural, such as her bikini strap. As usual, the head seam is inevitable. Most of the weight is supported by her standing leg and hence a screw keeps her straight and secured to the base. For additional support, her right foot is also pegged to the base.

The base has the logo embossed.

Yurika’s pose is very natural and fitting of a swimsuit-clad female. She’s standing straight, with back slightly arched and chest out, adding a slight emphasis on her nice mammaries. The leg crossing is an elegant female posture that says a lot about her good upbringing while her more open and raised arms are a great contrast, elaborating on her extra-verted personality. The arm posture also brings out the titties better and even shows the armpits, so often neglected. They also make for better sideboob shots.

Can Gotou Keiji’s fab face designs be brought to miniature life through PVC? Charani succeeded, that’s for sure. They stayed faithful to his eye designs, keeping them large and rounded. Her nose is prominently sharp and the mouth an open smile created by an incision deep enough to cast shadows. Normally large smiles are detesably ugly but Yurika’s looks so correct that you can’t imagine the figure with any other expression.

The butt and titties are hot. Completely pert, full and awesome. It’s sad but only the cream of the real-life women crop have these but they can be purchased for just 4800 yen. OMG. Figures 1: Women 0.

So this is quite the awesome figure. It’s quite back-to-basics stuff, with no gimmicks and shows just how solid basic design, great use of colour, good pick of posture and facial expression and good sculpting can go a long way to making a perfect figure.

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  • Fantastic.Kicks seven shades of poo out of my Misumaru Gallery.

  • Nice figure review for a nice show. Add ruri to your collection XD

  • Good thing you remembered your camera. When I saw you going to catch the figure and the view move closer to the water I was like, oh noes.

    Great shots. I love it.

  • You went swimming with your figurines?

    Erm, when are you going to take pictures of you screwing one? I’m looking forward to seeing those pictures.

  • I didn’t go to catch her. If you look closely, the board was flipped by me to test her buoyancy.

  • Great review. Now this is what I call an exclusive.

  • You know, when dannychoo steps in and comments it’s good on the first comment, you don’t really need any other comments from the rest. Lol.

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  • For those who can’t stream, just reload the page, right click and save the video. It’s just 2 mb. If not, press play a few times HARDER lol.

  • About the video… her chest flotation devices appeared to be not working. Haha.

  • If you happens to do a “out of pool” photo shoot for a PVC fig in future, you might seriously want to consider using a bottle sprayer and turn the spraying knob to 雾 or 霜.

    The water droplets on those pics are so big that they reminded me of one of the (de)movtivational posters in the Poll.

  • Whatever: Hey that is a great idea! I totally didn’t think of it. Will do that in future. This wont be the last swimsuit piece that’s for sure.


  • ack. i managed to shrug off temptations of her from dannychoo’s site but here she is again! nice shots but like whatever mentioned it would’ve been better if you used a bottle sprayer to “simulate” smaller droplets of water on her. it looks like she got “hailed” or like the water is too sticky/slimy or something. but i love the shots especially the first and second – they make the figure have a nice real nice “blend” with the background and water.

    anyways, wouldnt the chlorine content be bad for the fig?

  • Aye, I’ve thought about it. I guess the chlorine would be pretty bad but Im hoping these manufacturers add an extra coat of finish to protect the paint. Well, it’s down to the dedication and selflessness here.

  • The orange does look good! I ended up getting the white one (I wanted both though T_T)

    btw: I love the 3rd photo on this page! :D

  • Too bad I’m broke…

  • my name is raz an im asian an i can do all roles

  • Seriously tempted to buy her… though its the white version. Still looks brill.

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