Hmm I spent a good part of today going through Danbooru’s flash section. There are quite a lot of interesting stuff, such as the one below. This flash was obviously made by a support of the Oudou faction of School Rumble. Honestly, Oudou (Tenma x Harima) makes me cringe due to the complete lack of chemistry and obsession. But nevertheless, the flash is well done.

If you can’t load it here, go to Danbooru.

I also cleaned out my room. Not an easy task when a single room has more stuff than the rest of the house put together. Got rid of all the HLJ boxes (more than 10 lol) and packed (read: dumped) all the uglier trading figs into a single box and hid them away. If anyone wants tonnes of Gundam Seed gashapon and trading figures, I’ll be glad to sell them for a minimal amount or even give them away.

There was so much dust because I don’t open my windows at all. Cloud’s motorcycle Fenrir, was gray, like it had just gone through one season of Kanon.  It’s getting way too difficult to clean individual figurines so I keep everything but the latest two to three in their boxes.

Also did a quick count of my merchandise. Gundam Seed still holds the position of largest number, because of the model kits and gashapon back in the dark days of Seed fever. The second is actually Ichigo Mashimaro, with 7 large figures, 2 trading figure sets of 5 girls each, 3 limited ed figures and four keychains. Seed has 14 model kits, 3 trading figure sets, 2 gashapon sets and 1 keychain set.  School Rumble comes third, with three 1/8 figures, 2 gashapon, a few random trading figs, a ton of posters and pencil boards, manga and guidebooks. Plus the 2 pillow cases and more figures coming in the near future. The rest are more or less scattered, with Burst Angel, Galaxy Angel and Maihime having significant numbers as well. Back then I really couldn’t stop impulsive purchases but I’m rather more selective these days. I hope.

5 Responses to “School Rumble Flash, Spring Clean and Other News…”  

  1. 1 Waterfall

    Hi tj_han,

    RE: Spring Cleaning

    What a coincidence. I’m spring cleaning my room too. Dust is everywhere. I have to find a new spot for my Koike manga and somewhere to put my Eva figurines.


  2. 2 Tsubaki

    I’ve got some space on my display cabinet. Interesting in storing there? Won’t charge you.

  3. 3 RDrake

    If you’re willing to give me Gundam Seed gachapon on the cheap, I think I’ll go for it. Still have some more space on my shelf that has yet to be taken up by junk.

    In the meantime, I suppose I have to spring clean my notes up in time for November…

  4. 4 Salsashark

    Bleh cleaning sucks, I had to clean my place since the landlords decided to put the duplex i live in on the market and they were going to show it. I hadnt really cleaned in the 2 or so years Ive lived here….it wasnt pretty :(

  5. 5 shiachan

    i am spring cleaning too :) seems like its a great time to do it now :)

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