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Delay upon delay, that’s what us figurine collectors have had to endure for Max Factory’s Ignis. She was supposed to be released in July but rescheduled to September and then to November. Apparently there were issues with the mirror-type base.

But now, she’s all ready and being shipped! But it’s seem almost a year since I pre-ordered it. I’m no longer sure which store I ordered her from :(. Oh well.

Hardworking dudes putting in guts and effort

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10 Responses to “Figure News: Max Fac’s Ignis is Finally Leaving China!”  

  1. 1 Tsubaki 466 comments

    Hoo-fucking-ray. Mine’s coming from La Tendo.

  2. 2 super rats 100 comments

    Hot damn! I was starting to think it would become like the RM Pinky’s. Man I’m so looking forward to it.

  3. 3 tj_han 1082 comments

    The Range Murata pinkys ARE out super rats. I just saw one. Man they sure are ugly.

  4. 4 super rats 100 comments

    Ugly? Good thing I cancelled them last year after getting pissed off with waiting for them. Decided to just wait till they actually, finally, eventually came out to see if I’d get them.

  5. 5 Erwin 23 comments

    1) Where did you get this picture
    but more importantly
    2) Who the **** took it? And why?

    Is it normal a photographer gets paid to take shots (or is bothered to take the photograph and post it somewhere) of a shipment of plastic toys? Suddenly I’m so fully aware of my otakuness.

  6. 6 bj0rN 140 comments

    Like finally? Time to look at upskirts without having to get low.

  7. 7 Juice 49 comments

    Yeah, finally !

  8. 8 Zero-Hour 5 comments

    Hahaha, finally. I haven’t bought any figures since I’m waiting out on this one.

  9. 9 lazyshinigami 48 comments

    At last…….

  10. 10 lazyshinigami 48 comments

    The photo of the box is from Max Factory blog. Also they confirmed that she is going for sale (at least, it’s what the google-translator says :P). Check it out


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