Figure Gallery: Sleepy Hollow Louise Version

This figurine by Kotobukiya is a tribute to the story Sleepy Hollow.

Or not. She’s a 1/8, released in October 2006 and has a price tag of 4800 yen.

Photos by Tsubaki (with my camera lol) and figure contributed by Umehiko. Location is the bushes outside Raffles City.

I don’t actually own this figure and am writing this with only photo and memory references, so I’ll keep this brief.

Louise comes with a few optional parts. Her wand, head and cloak are all optional. The design is like Burst Angel’s Jo by Alter, where you have to remove the head before slotting on the cloak.

This figure’s best points are the hair, face and cloak. The wind effect is strong here and there’s a lot of wind-swept detail on hair, clothes and cloak. The face is pretty cute too, but looks a bit too intelligent to be the dumbass Louise. She actually looks more like Tabitha here.

The book has a clear print on its pages. The wand is detailed enough too.

The pose is actually very good. It employs the "legs closed for lady elegance and upper body actiony for dynamicism" effect well. The skirt is suitably short. Exposed navel is also sexy.

Btw Kotobukiya is horrendously notorious for having their PVCS lean. 80% of the Galaxy Angels set they made lean. I don’t know about Louise but let’s hope she doesn’t become Zero-Angle no Louise. The base is nice, a translucent one with a pentagram design. I can’t remember if there are screws or just plain plugs.

I’m not a big fan of this girl so I didn’t get her. The promo pics actually look worse than the actual figurine for some reason. Eiji Usatsuka was the original character illustrator EDITED.

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